GIFTORY: Frame-by-Frame Highlight Reel of Virginia Tech's 84-70 Senior Night Win over Miami

The Hokies won their 12th ACC game of the season.


Nifty pass too.

Wheel route.

TFW dad's happy.


Five approved.


The reverse angle of Bede's nifty pass shows just how much he looked the defender off to open up the passing lane

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That was really nice. I didn't notice it watching the game at all or even on the telecast replay.

That pass gave me hope that he can handle the role next year. Big shoes need filed.

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

It took him a while but I think he finally grew into the role this year. The last few games he's been far more decisive with the ball, willing to drive and kick after spending most of the season dribbling and passing behind the 3 point line.

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Definitely helped that Miami didn't seem inclined to guard him much at all. Nobody even got in his way on his layup. Whatever it takes to boost his confidence, I suppose.

I started to notice his willingness to attack during either the UVa or ND game, and there were a few times against Duke where he would do it and find the open guy. Just seems like something clicked in the last few weeks, and he's that much better for it.

Given the way we've played since the loss to Clemson, it definitely gave the team a needed boost.

This is my school
This is home

That is awesome, and I can't wait to try it.

I'll try to get my fail captured on video.

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Here's to hoping for a few more giftories this postseason