A comparison of rosters as Young comes in

Sorry everyone, my apologies, I had fat fingers earlier folks and in no way was comparing young to Johnson. I like the Young hire. At any rate, what I was trying to post was:

James Johnson left the following players with eligibility remaining when he was fired (not including walk on's):

Devin Wilson
Adam Smith
Van Zegeren
CJ Barksdale
Marshall Wood

Not terrible, at least in terms of numbers. Most went on to play for D1 schools- some like Thompson, Smith, Rankin did very well post VT. Now of course Buzz didn't want to keep any of these guys but Wilson, but that was the potential roster for him.

Buzz is leaving with eligibility:


Bede has entered the transfer market, and many speculate the best player here, Blackshear to do the same. You could argue James Johnson left Buzz a better roster than Young is getting. Let's give the guy some time, and if Johnson can recruit some of those guys above to VT, I think Young will do just fine recruiting.

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Young* not White, but this is a much better post. I would be supper bumbed if Blackshear leaves.

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Yep, that would ruin my meal for a fact.

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Who is White?

We put the K in Kwality


Welcome coach...White???

aka Coach Heisenberg

(shifts uneasily in his chair, avoids eye contact, clears throat incessantly)

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I'm rooting for Mike Young, but he's been a little more Hal Wilkerson than Mr. White so far.

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

Oh shit. Failed drug tests galore.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Does Clarke count?

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I left Clarke out because a Sauce I trust told me even if he was named player/coach, Clarke is not playing for VT again. So, no I didn't count him. I don't think Johnson's roster had anyone in that category left for Buzz, to be fair either.

This is correct, Clarke is not able to withdraw from the portal to return to Tech.

I saw that in another topic.

Why is that?

The doll's trying to kill me and the toaster's been laughing at me.

Probably the pot arrest from the other week was the last straw or whatever he did last year permanently soured the school on him.

Ran out of strikes.

We put the K in Kwality

I feel like so much hinges on Blackshear. If he leaves, we are going to bottom out next year and probably finish in last place. If he stays, we can bridge things a little bit until more reinforcements come. I'm also curious to see how we approach the transfer market, because we need bodies.

I feel like so much hinges on Blackshear. If he leaves, we are going to bottom out next year and probably finish in last place.

I'm not sure about that. It also depends on who might come in to VT via recruiting or grad transfer.

GT doesn't look like they're going to be much better than this year, Clemson loses a ton of production from a senior-heavy reoster, BC's best player Ky Bowman declared for the draft, and unless WF suddenly gets good with a really young roster, I'd expect those 4 teams to struggle.

One player I hope Young reaches out to is Kira Lewis, who is leaving Alabama, especially if Bede is not coming back. Ball handling is lacking amongst those returning outside of how Blackshear looked the second half and Bede.

Wilkins handled the ball some during the games. He might not be bad, but Bede definitely has experience on him.

Have to give Oates credit, that's two of the four that entered the transfer portal that he has brought back in then. He also convinced guard John Petty to come back to the fold. That still leaves two grad transfers in John Giddens and Dazon Ingram

Perhaps Coach Young can do the same....here's hoping.

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If Blackshear leaves, another Alabama option would be Daniel Giddens, who is graduate transfer eligible. Even if he doesn't leave, Giddens would not be a bad option off the bench behind Blackshear.

My recommendation would be to sort by height, and start at the top.

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Today I learned that there is a player on K State whose first name is Goodnews.

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Imagine if he had committed to the Hokies....what would your headline be?


Anything other than this is the incorrect answer.

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Beetle Bolden from WVU is someone Young should pursue heavily. High volume scorer with a good handle. He is being pursued by a lot of P5 schools and will be a grad transfer looking for the most playing time and best opportunity to prove himself.

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Dude can light it up - Huggins totally botched that one.

Grab him and Hoover from Wofford, and if Wilkins stays... If we have a guy who can drive and kick we might be alright on offense.

I'm having a harder and harder time understanding why players want to play for Bob Huggins. After watching his handling of this year's team and general attitude towards players in the past, it's a miracle he's able to bring kids to Morgantown of all places.

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Huggins definitely had a tough year this season, the move to the Big 12 has been a tough transition, requiring so much additional travel, impacting every aspect of the program, especially rest and recruiting. Huggins at his best is awesome to be around on a basketball court. He really does normally get the best out of his players and is great at identifying opponents weaknesses. It was tough to watch this season seeing him so downtrodden on the sideline, definitely not his normal self.

This year was WVU's 7th season in the Big 12... not like it's something new they're dealing with.

No, its not something new but its had a cumulative effect on the program. Huggins and his staff when they were in the Big East could make an easy sell of coming to WVU to kids on most of the East Coast that potentially wanted their families to see them play on a regular basis. Now that is a lot more difficult considering the rest of their conference are 2-5 states away to the west. This forces him to look more to the West, which takes longer and means more time on the road.

In the Big East, Huggins also enjoyed lesser competition than he does now considering he has to face Kansas, Texas, Texas Tech, Iowa State and Oklahoma every season as opposed to Villanova, Marquette, Seton Hall and Georgetown. His Big East recruiting classes were mostly top 30. His Big 12 recruiting classes have been all over the place but more have been in the fifties.

I went to high school in Morgantown and a couple of my classmates are big boosters for their program and have met with Huggins quite a few times over the last few years to try to help get them back in the groove. Another season like this last one though and I imagine it will be time to part ways in the best interest for both parties.

Beetle Bolden sounds like a Dr. Seuss book...

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If Fletcher Magee had eligibility left and followed Young to Blacksburg, I would be 100% behind this move.

Two scorers on the same team named Fletcher Magee and Beetle Bolden would be the stuff legends are made of.

Leonard. Duh.

Bolden is off the market as Oates strikes again. Headed to Alabama to finish his career.

I just hope Nolley, Wilkins and Kabongo stay and play well. Kabongo probably isn't starter-quality yet but he might be forced to be based on the numbers.

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If we can get all those guys back, notably Blackshear, Nolly, and Wilkins plus bring in a few new ones, we could maybe finish .500 ish in the league?

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And that's dancing... if Syracuse or Notre Dame was on the front of our jersey...

I agree. We'll likely take a step back, but maybe just a small one. We have no idea what Nolly can do, and he's had a year to progress against good talent in practice. Wilkins is a must keep, in my book, and Kabongo has something or he wouldn't have been on our bench. Removing some of the forest lets individual trees grow bigger, so I'm hoping these guys will see the value of playing time and proving themselves. Junior, in particular, would benefit by staying, I think, if he doesn't decide to go pro. He won't get more attention, or be more important, almost anywhere else, and he has a chance to absolutely shine next year.

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Well if we can get Anthony Harris to recommit we'll have 4 incoming freshman as well. Maybe add a transfer or two and we can have a roster looking like this:

PG: Bede, Harris
SG: Wilkins, Kabongo, Gordon
SF/PF: Nolley, Miller, Gultekin
C: Blackshear, Horne

Maybe add a guard and a frontcourt guy to let Blackshear to get a breather every now and i'd feel alright about the roster. It wouldn't be as good as last season but I think we could be competitive with it depending on how ready the incoming players are. But this is all incredibly optimistic and assumes Bede, Blackshear, Nolley and our incoming freshman (including the decommit) all end up sticking with VT.

Edit: no Nolley

well shoot

Harris is actively shopping and Nolley just entered the portal. those two wont be on the team next year. Bede is a stretch at this point, and I'm hearing Blackshear is leaving as well. It's a dumpster fire. Hope Coach can bring in 9 transfers ala Keatts did at NC State.

I'm aware. I implied (by saying getting him to recommit) that he was opening up his options. And I also said the idea of everyone being brought back into the fold is incredibly optimistic

Any word on our other 3 commits? Is Harris the only one looking around at this point?

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

Currently he is the only one that has been made public.

I hate to say it but if I am Blackshear and I have pro aspirations, I find whichever Blue Blood is lacking post talent and I go there to showcase my stuff on National television. I wont hold it against him one bit at this point. No use in costing him a shot at the pros to be part of a rebuild.

He could also go the Erik Green route be a dominant player on a bad team and get professional attention that way.

Eric Green had control of the ball from the backcourt. Blackshear would have to rely on teammates passing him the ball too much for this to be a guarantee. If I was Blackshear, I go somewhere they need a big and have a slick PG to get him the ball.

Hes been my favorite player since his freshman year and I'd hate to see him stay and waste a chance at the pros. He finally found the attack instinct needed to be in the NBA

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In hindsight I just hope anybody that does stick around has a better VT career than the vast majority of that first list. Yeesh.

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Nervous to see who stays dunno how much is reasonable to expect from Young at this stage coming in now. When does the cut off for players eligible for next season come? Is there a window where we should see some activity or is now kind of a dead time till after the tourney?

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Holy shit so if Blackshear enters the portal we only have 3 dudes. We're going to have to add transfers, most freshman have already chosen their schools. We might have to start taking what we can get.

I only know of a few guys out there that have shown intent to transfer. That Foster kid from ECU wouldn't be a bad pick up, I think he's from Va too. KJ Davis is another ECU transfer who improved a lot last season. Also one of the higher profile transfers is actually Khadim Sy. Maybe he's done with Blacksburg but it wouldn't be a bad add to get him back (for a 4th time lol). I'm sure the Tyree Jackson ship has sailed but he would be an incredible pick up at this stage.

But if we want to win any games next year we're probably going to have to start offering guys at smaller schools that haven't shown any intent to transfer.

Dont think theres gonna be any significant wins next year with how small our roster most likely will be unfortunately.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Khadim Sy and Tyrie Jackson are perfect examples of why the grass isn't always greener. Of course, maybe they just didn't like VT or something. But they both would play big minutes next year in the ACC and Tyrie Jackson will instead be at ECU after his JUCO year. Sy has already been at 2 JUCOs. Hopefully our current guys considering leaving like Bede understand that VT is probably their best opportunity...

Consider that list for a moment and add Hudson and Satchel Pierce to the list following that first season. Thats ELEVEN transfers in about 13 months.

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Well Four players recruited to Texas A&M asked for release from LOI when Buzz was hired. Young needs to talk to them.

Lets make a swap.

Wow, not a lot of upperclassmen. I guess you could say we'll have a "Young" team next year...

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I see a lot of love for Young and the hire from a lot of media, other coaches, etc.

However, does anyone have any input on what the players and upcoming players think? I have not seen anything other than from Wofford of a player saying this is a great pick up and he is a great coach.

Not a knock on coach or the hire, but just trying to understand what recruits and other players out there think of this move and the coach compared to everyone else.

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I'm thinking the staff needs to be solidified before some of them make their decisions. Seems this is starting to happen now. Also, he's out recruiting big time, so some feedback/progress there will go a long way as well.
Does anyone think the lack of info from some players or recruits means good news?

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Not particularly good news, as was seen when without prior posts, the majority of the signing class committed to Texas A&M. While it wasnt surprising to me that it happened, it showed how silent communication can be seen in many instances. Young and a couple of his assistants have been out recruiting since the moment the dead period ended but I do think not having them officially named by Tech does have an effect, even if its not a major one. It lends an air of uncertainty to what is going on with the program, which would make any player hesitate to commit.

Not a knock on coach or the hire, but just trying to understand what recruits and other players out there think of this move and the coach compared to everyone else.

I think Young is more of a "coach's coach" than anything. I think he's probably a solid hire but don't see him being a force on the recruiting trail.