2020 RB CJ Beasley commits to the Hokies.

The 2020 Recruiting Class grew by one today and it's a good one. 2020 RB CJ Beasley.

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Beasley and Scott would be pretty damn solid for a RB class.

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For plans C and D or D and E, it really doesn't get much better. Hope we can lock both

Would not at all consider Scott plan C. More like Plan B+. Similar level of target as Corum

Do we have enough space in this class for 2 running backs? It seems like we have plenty on the roster as is but I guess there's always attrition. How are Scott and Beasley different?

Not to mention the obvious reserved spot for Feaster should he decide to take his talents to Blacksburg

Recruit Prosim

Feaster would be in and out before these guys get to campus.

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Scholarship distribution and roster management are one of the few arguments against Fuente I can get behind. If we take 2 RBs and another 3 WRs in this class, and then we go and get any less than 2 DEs and 2 CBs, I will be livid.

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I'd also want to see 1 or 2 DT

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Didnt we just have a class of 5 DTs and some walk ons?

Do you want them to just take bodies or to actually try and get players Bud Foster thinks will be good fits? That's the issue who did they turn away the last two years they should have taken? Or is it just the players he wants don't want to come To Tech?

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At least take projects, yea. It's what we had to do last year with DT, but now with no time to develop them.

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With you on that. The roster management has been probably my biggest gripe. Most of everything else I can justify, but that one I can't.

I agree. Last class we loaded up on good offensive players. This year my biggest wants are 8 quality defensive players: 3 DB's, 2 LB's, 2 DE's, and at least 1 DT. Then take projects/in state guys on top of that. Those are where the roster holes will be starting 2021.

I'll also add in a high quality RB. We're loaded with bodies at the spot but we don't have that game changer yet.

I would add that Corum's recruiting plateaued a while ago while Scott's is exploding

Recruit Prosim

Ummm, after Galen you might not want to use "Scott", "recruiting", and "exploding" in the same sentence. Just saying.

Does it ever get old? Being so negative?

I legged this because it made me laugh. Never change, outoftowner. We need you around

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Hey whatever sunshine is there to pump out of this class, get after it, right?

That said, I do like this pickup.

Fuck it, leg. I like the darkside sometimes.

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Do we?

Yes. Let's not turn people away just because a different viewpoint

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I guess if we're settling for plans D or E POVs

He looks very fast. I like it.

I hate rude behavior in a man. Won't tolerate it.

I remember watching him play for Clemson, see him break a crazy long touchdown, and thinking "fuck I miss having that". And now we do. Honestly I had not clue he was even looking to transfer, was he really struggling to get playing time?

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This isn't Tavien Feaster

This is a Class of 2020 recruit. Feaster is the Clemson transfer. I think he is visiting VT soon.

I am definitely in the minority here, but I don't think Feaster is a game changer. He will out-combine any of the current backs, but when I watch film of him, I don't see a guy who is particularly elusive. He is a very similar runner stylistically to Jalen Holston, with better measurables. I think he would be good, but if VT faithful expect him to come in and deliver a Eddie George type season, it would be an unfair expectation.

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He's better than what we have and that's good enough for me

There are VT fans who think we're going to sign Feaster and he's going to win the Heisman?

Where have you seen anything even in that universe?

I have received some pretty overly enthusiastic comments. I think he is a decent back. But he wasn't anywhere near the class of Entiene and that is why he is available.

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He dominated in real deal 5A (highest in SC) football in the toughest conference in the state with regular state winning rivals Byrnes and Dorman. He led their team to a state title and definitely would have been a game changer for us out of HS. However, between a few injuries and all the weight Clemson put on him he stiffened up and lost some wiggle. Still think he's better than any of our current backs, but he's not the playmaker he was out of HS. He's still got the wheels to break a long one.

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Someone on Twitter said he didn't want this guy cause he was gonna bring the Recruiting average down. What a Fucktard. Some people look at Recruiting Stars way too serious

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Plenty of those folks out there who look at the recruiting rankings, which are largely compiled based on camp performances, instead of watching the player in game situations and applying those skills to the systems their team uses.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

I agree with you both. Feaster is an upgrade to the current roster and would fit nicely as an upperclassmen. He is not going to be some unstoppable force IMO. His athletic ability and experience might give Corny some game planning opportunities not available with the current roster.
* I don't understand the citing of recruiting rankings based on camp performances from 3-5 years ago. This argument is irrelevant and why not utilize recent game tape to understand a player's ability. Using camp rankings for a 4th year college player is like saying this guy should start HS varsity because he was good in junior high summer league.
* I do like this as a take as it gives our backs who are mostly not bruisers the ability to hopefully manage the beating/injury bug. It also gives our young guys (King) the ability to ease their way in if needed. Everyone can recite last year's issues when you have to play kids before they are ready.

That damn Kam Chancellor brought our recruiting score down like 15years ago, people forget that.

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and they were right, he never threw a single pass for us

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And somehow he still had multiple interceptions without a single touchdown. What an idiot!

Total recruiting bust

We put the K in Kwality

Beasley has better vision and cuts than King and more speed than Robinson.

I like Scott a lot; like Gary, he can be an every down back. If we are going to get him, it probably needs to happen soon.

Hope we wind up with both of them.

Beasley has better vision and cuts than King

I didn't see this on film at all.

Is coronavirus over yet?

My comments aren't meant as a slight to King. He's a local kid that I went to watch last year and I think he can be very good. And he's bigger and faster than Beasley.

I just really like the way Beasley is making his reads as he's getting the ball, the way he keeps his shoulders square to the line, and the almost complete absence of rounded cuts and extra steps. The questions I have for him are whether he can get strong enough to be more than a spot player and if not, can he catch passes.

To be sure, there are some highlights where King shows he can do those things; but he doesn't always do those things.

Junior Season https://www.hudl.com/video/3/5507433/59a42b90176351318831a200
Senior Season https://www.hudl.com/video/3/5507433/5be0f698b022950f707dbbf0

Junior Season https://247sports.com/Video/Junior-Season-9084605/

I agree . Beasley also gets small or runs tight through the hole and with a burst and power .
does not give defensive guy much time to grab him and being small hard to see . I guess the question
for me is how much weight can he carry while maintaining these qualities is he 5'9" or is he smaller
but he could be a steal and also could be very much in play as a slot guy . I like the way you describe his cutting
jumb cut staying square but not losing the north south speed . Like this pickup a lot

Coastal 1

Awesome. Very excited. Last tome we had a C Beasley it worked out pretty well.

We put the K in Kwality

Those Jr year clips are insane. Watched half the vid during which it seemed he had 15 TD's most over 50 yards.

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His highlights are incredible!! The only thing stopping this kid is the endzone.

When I watch highlights for a RB, I just count the TDs. Beasley's highlights are the best I've seen since Trey Edmunds!

Welcome to Hokie Nation Mr. Beasley!

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Well how did that turn out...

Always choose joy.

For fun, I looked up HUDL videos on some current backs. My conclusion, they all look great in highlight videos. Until proven otherwise, welcome to hokie nation future Heisman winner CJ Beasley.

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VERY pumped about Beasley! Going by his junior year highlight video, he has:
- Superior top end speed
- Great vision
- Sick cuts
- Ability to break free / keep going after first contact.
Which is all basically our RB wishlist since Ryan Williams departed. The Q is will he keep developing and translate all that to the D-1 P5 level....?

I love this take if he can gain enough weight while maintaining his quickness/acceleration. I believe he can and is definitely a kid that with his senior year and a year to develop in college can be 195-200 which elevates his ceiling.