Clemson spent 2.9 million on recruiting last year.

In the 2009-10 academic year, which included Dabo Swinney's first full season as head coach, Clemson spent $292,595 on recruiting. Last year, Clemson spent $2.9 million.

The amounts of money in this article are jaw dropping. I'd love to see what anOSU, Bama, UF etc spend and it breakdown.

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How much was spent on bag dropping?

$2.6 million

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Does that include what was funneled through NewSpring Church, or not?

Living in the Upstate, i just laughed out loud at work. That church is like a cult around here.

There are 19 P5 head coaches with salaries lower than Clemson's recruiting budget.

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And this isn't new. They poured money into recruiting when Dabo was hired, as it was his primary focus. It might not have been this much, but they've been spending heavily there for a while. And it's only going to grow more with ACCN money starting to flow.

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It actually is fairly new. Didn't get over 1 million till 2015.

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i'm not sure how "the tenfold spending increase after ten years was mirrored by a fivefold spending increase after five years" says that it's fairly new?????? the trajectory has been there since Dabo started, and has accelerated since they started winning national championships

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Yes when using percents it seems large but that's because it was fairly low to start. But the claim was "Clemson has been pouring money into recruiting since Dabo took over" it took them 5 years to just go up 600,000 in budget. Yes since 2015 they have poured money Into it jumping up over a million in less than 4 years.

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Whether it grows or not depends on who Clemson sees as the competition. They will spend what they think they have to spend to stay with/ahead of the pack. It might get ridiculous if Bama, OSU, or the Texas schools decide this is where they want to distinguish themselves.

VT could've followed this route too if they'd made it a priority but the current AD doesn't seem to want to go all in on football. And he may be betting football's popularity will drop off a cliff over the next decade. It may be a smart move. The window to elevate the program to national contender during the rise of peak football might've closed for VT, if it was ever open at all. Maybe it will be possible in a decade or so when football isn't the great revenue cyclone that it is now.


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The private jet travel is the killer. Super efficient for the coaches but over 10x the price of commercial flying.

Just as a general question: How much time/money would it cost for a coach to get a pilot license and buy a reasonably priced jet...seems like it would be a lower ROI than always flying private.

I don't think the University would be willing to take that chance of accident, or pay for that insurance policy.

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Private plane ownership is not cheap. Add in Crew Costs (watched an news article about a private plane flight attendant who made well over 100K yearly), op expenses, storage, depreciation, landing fees, etc, it can cost over $3000 per flight hour depending on plane size. Most private plane owners also charter or have fractional ownership to offset the costs. Best bet would be to get a wealthy alum to loan their plane and write off the cost as a donation. Ask an accounting Hokie about that tho.

Insurance is probably the least problematic cause its a fixed cost.

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Not insurance on the plane, but on the coach!
Schools don't want the state's highest paid employee up in the air with the controls at his own hands.

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That's lots of millions between Gulfstream and CJF! And trust me, CJF ain't piloting a state funded aircraft.

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More like AirWolf

An active coach wouldn't have the time to put in the hours of flying required and still do his job as a football coach.

So, what you're saying gotta spend money to win championships? What a novel idea.

Well if framed as the team with the most money wins it's actually a terrible idea

Some interesting notes about what Clemson was able to recruit even when they were spending $292,595 in 2009 and $315,610 in 2006:

2006 class (Dabo was WR coach, and an ace recruiter, only $315,610 spent on recruiting):
-14th ranked recruiting class, avg recruit ranking of .8750
-two 5* prospects, RB CJ Spiller and DE Ricky Sapp
-credited as a crucial year for both Dabo individually and Clemson building key relationships and perception in Florida talent hotbeds.

2008 class (Dabo was WR coach heading into season, coming off 9-4 2007):
-9th ranked recruiting class, avg recruit rating of .8954 (4* avg)
-one 5* prospect DE Daquan Bowers, eleven 4* prospects
-Dabo takes over as interim HC during this season after embarrassing loss to Wake

2009 class (Dabo's year zero recruiting class with only $292,595 spent on recruiting, had a midseason coaching change while recruiting this class):
-36th ranked recruiting class (mostly on size, 13 recruits), avg recruit rating of .8981 (4* avg)
-5* QB Tajh Boyd

What can we takeaway from this? Obviously elite recruiting requires elite money being spent, such as Clemson's recent spending ($2.9M) and likely some similar numbers of the last 5 years. However, what this shows us is that it's not all money. You still need actual human beings that are good at recruiting. You need guys who can actually pitch the program and convince a prospect that your school and your program is the best spot for them. So the money is not an all-encompassing excuse for all of our recruiting problems. The money is key to taking steps forward tier-wise in the recruiting world, but you can overachieve, or make the most of a smaller budget if you've got great recruiters.

It seems 100% accurate to say that individual coaches and the talent for recruiting is a difference maker regardless of budget. You have had this nailed for a while now, and more clearly than most.

You also need a charity (such as a church or other kind of non-profit) to launder NCAA violating (and IRS evading) benefits packages through. Because sometimes it comes down to liking two places/coaches equally and going with the one that can provide some support to a single mother or aging grandparent that raised the athlete. This is another rarely discussed element that is formulaically effective without being hooked up to a giant training room waterfall of money.

Is it possible the second paragraph is a significant portion of what makes an individual coach an ace recruiter?

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Empathy and emotional intelligence make a coach a good recruiter. Typically.

Didn't think this warranted a new thread, but it is still Clemson related. The article paints Dabo in a pretty bad light. I'm still on the "Bryant didn't deserve a ring" side, but the rest is not a great look.


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Read the article, very unimpressed by the author. A total hit piece with nothing but opinion. Dabo wouldn't give a ring to Bryant but because baseball hands them out like candy that makes Dabo evil. Not buying it. Dabo makes millions coaching but because he opposes paying college players a salary on top of the scholarships, benefits and stipends they receive, therefore he is evil. Again, not buying it. Dabo punishes players who violate team standards when they use abusive language at practice. Hmmm, maybe team discipline is an important component to team success? Seems to be working for CU football. And finally, Dabo is evil for taking most of the team to the White House and supposedly threatening them, even though that report is denied by multiple players. Author's political bias confirmed?

I am no fan of Dabo or CU, but that article was biased crap journalism.

TLDR: The author hates Dabo and has an agenda.

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What is our annual recruiting budget for football?

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That's like $10/person!

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No way. If it was that cheap, everyone would pay in. And then brag about paying $10 a year. Heck, they'd probably act like it was some kind of club.

Per staff member.

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