OT: Disney + Release

If you have Verizon wireless and unlimited data you get can get it through your account for free.

Side note on Marvel:

Pumped to get the original X-Men and Spiderman Cartoons back.

Interesting to see that the last 5 Spiderman episodes involving the secret war are missing.

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My kid gets Disney and I get original air, uncut episodes of The Simpsons? Yes, please.

I'm stoked to watch the mandalorian and eventually the next season of clone wars

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Does ESPN+ include ACCN?

No. ESPN+ is a separate, over-the-top streaming service that only includes games and shows that specifically state ESPN+.

Editing to add: don't be surprised if our game next season at MTSU or the one in 2021 at WVU end up being an ESPN+ exclusive. The Sun Belt, CUSA, MAC, and Big XII have all signed deals with ESPN allowing some games (only a few for the Big XII, and a lot more for the rest) to be shown only on ESPN+.

edit: just see above

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How does the VZW deal work? My wife and I share a VZW account with her parents and sister (can't beat $30/line for 5 lines of unlimited data), do we each get a Disney+ account or is it one shared Disney+ account for all 5 of us?

I'm pretty sure anyone on the plan will have access. Just whoever sets up the account make it a password you can share between everyone.


I just signed up through Verizon. It is a single Disney+ account that allows for 4 simultaneous streams that is linked to the your family's combined Verizon account. I am the owner of my Verizon account so I was able to sign up for it. The other lines on my account were not able to sign up for it.

I am an "account manager" and my FIL is the "account owner", so I think either of us could add it, but I'll probably discuss with the in-laws about what credentials to use (and share).

Thanks for the info!

just confirming that as an "account manager" and not "account owner", I was able to sign up for Disney+ with the Verizon offer with no issues. the account owner will get a text notifying of the sign-up.

Thanks for the heads up. Still gonna wait to talk to the FIL, though, in case they have any specific plans. Don't want to piss off the in-laws over one TV show that I don't mind waiting a bit to watch anyway.

Even as a non-Verizon customer the Disney+ price is pretty darn good considering the sheer amount of content. Obviously it skews for the younger consumer but even for me (no kids) I'm incredibly hyped for all the Star Wars, Marvel, the Jeff Goldblum show, the Nat Geo offerings, etc. And the other half is probably going to binge Disney movies for months.

Also might consider the bundle with ESPN+ and Hulu somewhere down the line. For now Disney+ standalone is enough for me on top of Amazon Prime.

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Surprised no one wants to talk about the secret wars thing uncovered.

Seeing that the next Marvel Phase is supposed to revolve around that, I find it odd that those Spiderman episodes are missing.


I just switched to FiOS for the ACC Network, but only new FiOS customers get the year of Disney+ for free. (Existing unlimited VZW customers get it, though)

Whatever, I'll make my OWN Mandalorian!

We signed up for the Disney fan club earlier this year plus being verizon customers we got three years for less than the price now for a single year.

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I have been reading that the service crashed right out of the gate (not surprising)

I don't have Verizon so I guess I will be signing up for full deal just to get the Mandalorian. I am not hearing that they will be only releasing 1 episode a week which is smart on their part since many (including me) customers might cancel it once they binge the series they want.

I will probably have to sign up for the CBS streaming service once Picard drops. I guess I can catch the new series as well, but really only going to pay to get Picard.

I have been reading that the service crashed right out of the gate (not surprising)

tinfoil hat time: I wonder if any of the competitors who will be gutted by this, but have ridiculous server resources would be benefited by DDoS-ing the service for, say, the first 3 months?

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Thank you VTFG, I was completely unaware that it was free for us unlimited data users!

I don't think I'll get too much use out of the service until some of the other shows start popping up (already own a lot of these marvel movies), but my kids will love this right away.

But now you can stream them anywhere!

Is this free for unlimited data for as long as the plan is active, or is it a 30-day trial period thing? Asking because my wife mentioned it to me last night like it was a trial period, but everyone on here seems to be saying otherwise. I also ask because I'll have to ask my boss about signing us up for it and I don't want him to get hit with a bill after the trial period is over.

You lazy SOB! Get off your ass and check yourself! It's free for the first year and then $6.99/ month after that. Took about 2 seconds to check! Damn!

Lol, damn. It's not that serious.

He replied to himself, look again.

Get off his back you butthole.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Damn dude. That was uncalled for. If I could, I'd downvote you.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Reading between the tea leaves, it's really genius how the MCU is using Disney Plus. They have so many popular characters, and it's going to be a hassle giving all of them respective screen time especially with a ton of new characters coming into the picture soon. That's why making TV shows for already popular characters and adding in other shows introducing new characters is incredibly smart when they know in the future they can just put them all together in a massive movie without having to introduce a ton of new characters all at once.

Knowing the MCU is always thinking long term, seeing all these installments for future movies and shows it really makes me think their ultimate endgame is to adopt the Secret Wars comic storyline on to the big screen. Very likely a long way off, but would make Endgame seem small in comparison if they can pull it off.

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I'm confused. Disney owns MCU. Disney is using MCU, not the other way around. They are tapping into the massive popularity and the fact that MCU fans will fall all over themselves to sign up for Disney+ so that they don't miss out on any plot lines that depend on the shows. They way you're talking about it, it's as if the tail is wagging the dog.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Why the confusion. Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International (owners of Disney+) are different entities under the Disney umbrella. Marvel Studios is using the Disney+ platform to expand their story lines and reach deeper. Likewise, WDDTCI is using the MCU to make their platform more popular. It's side-by-side complementary implementation.

so, in your scenario both Disney+ and MCU are tails, and it's Disney wagging them in synergy.

πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ

That makes more sense. I saw Disney plus as Disney, but I see my mistake now. Thanks.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Spider-Man's last 5 episodes in the Secret Wars are not listed for the original early 90s show. πŸ€”

The episodes are really out of order as well.


Some young whippersnapper on twitter tried to say Darkwing Duck wasn't a real show....

All my 80s and early 90s babies lit his mentions up....

coming together for a common goal..

... Not a real show? They're missing out on one of the best cartoon intro songs ever!!!

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So I got this almost entirely for The Mandalorian. After the first episode, I regret nothing. There's no spoiler tags here (that I know of) so I won't go into any detail other than to say it was a very intriguing first episode (especially the end) and I can't wait to see where it goes. They captured the vibe of Star Wars while also being its own thing.

Just a FYI - if you have a Vizio SmartTV and you use SmartCast - it will not let you cast from your Android device to the built in Chromecast of the TV - currently it's not supported and until Vizio corrects the problem (which it looks like they don't have any rush to do so) you will have to use something like a Roku to watch the content.

So far I've restarted The Simpson's l, X-men cartoon series and the New SW show. I'm impressed with the service, I've already canceled Netflix

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I don't know why people are canceling Netflix. It makes zero sense to me. I would have held off on getting Disney + if it wasn't for the free year.

Going through the content, and not having children, there only a handful of things I would be interested in watching in Disney +.

The more adult content can be found on Netflix and the UX on Netflix is superior.


I don't know why people are canceling Netflix. It makes zero sense to me.

because the content they want to watch is on disney+ and not on netflix, and if you're going to watch one and not the other, it doesn't make sense to pay for both.

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Ive been doing a 90's cartoon run. Gargoyles, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, Talespin and Recess.

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You might've just sold me on it. I saw the other names pop up, but I didn't realize that Chip and Dale, Talespin and someone else mentioned Darkwing Duck were going to be a part of it. I might have to sign up just because of those and the Star Wars content.

Welp, I guess now I guess I finally see the last two Avengers . No excuses.

Thanks for this post, I had no idea about this service or promotion.

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I have two kids in middle school and got the Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ bundle last night. We currently have Netflix and Amazon Prime but I think I'm going to drop the Netflix now. There are so many good shows on Hulu and Disney has all the content my kids will ever need. Plus, I think Amazon Prime has eclipsed Netflix. They have a ton of great original shows and way more movies than Netflix. Prime has The Expanse, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Boys, Jack Ryan, Man in the High Castle, Good Omens, Sneaky Pete, The Grand Tour (Top Gear), and all the other stuff I'm into right now.

The only thing on Netflix that has really done it for me over the last few years has been Stranger Things and to be honest, last season was kinda meh. I really don't see anything on Netflix that is making me want to pay them the same per month as what I can pay for Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+.

What are your thoughts? Netflix, Prime, and the Disney bundle are all about the same per month. If you had to rank the three, how would you do it? Personally, with kids in school, I'd go

Amazon Prime

If I didn't have kids then I would swap Disney and Prime. Either way though, I don't see Netflix competing with either of the other two right now.

I agree with you regarding Netflix for now. The Witcher and Altered Carbon season 2 will tempt me back at some point though.

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So pro tip for anyone who already has Hulu's no commercials subscription: If you sign up for Disney+'s bundle with Disney+, Hulu (with ads), and ESPN+ with the same email address as your existing Hulu no commercials subscription, they will deduct the cost of Hulu (like $5.99) from your Disney+ bundle as long as you keep both memberships active.

Just wanted to let you know that I upvoted you for your username alone. I'll go back and read your comment next.

This also works if you have Hulu with adsβ€”they'll still credit you the $5.99/mo you're already paying for Hulu

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I'm holding off until the end of the month. I do however have PS Vue and they are cancelling the service permanently at the first of the year. Makes my decision much much easier. I'm currently Netflix, PS Vue, Amazon, Hulu, Raspberry Pi. My $65 PS Vue subscription will now go to Disney+ and Hulu+. Anyone have any insight on the DVR capabilities of Hulu+? That is the main thing that has kept me from signing up earlier.


50 hours of DVR with ability to pay for an additional 200 hours.

I recommend YoutubeTV 100% but have not used Hulu TV so I cannot tell you which one is better. YouTube does have unlimited DVR and a decent selection of movies in the "on demand area" of the subscription.

Having used Hulu Live free trials on occasion, I can confirm that YTTV is far superior if it has all the channels you want. The UX is vastly superior, as you can browse by category or by channel, and you have the option to sort your channel list however you like, including removing channels you're never going to watch from the list. My (admittedly limited) time with Hulu Live was mostly spent watching specific events, but I did take the time to test out the service in case I wanted to keep it and decided it wasn't for me. Finding content wasn't nearly as easy as it was on YTTV, as I'm pretty sure the only way to browse live TV was by channel, but then again it's possible that I just missed a menu option somewhere. Also, "unlimited DVR" actually means "unlimited DVR", though recordings supposedly only last for ~9 months. As an example of what I mean, I set mine up to record every (and I mean every) televised NCAA football game, and I can now go back and watch any of probably 300-400 games at this point, without having to track down a pirated Youtube upload or whatever. That's probably almost 1500 hours worth of recordings that I can pull up on a whim.

I actually hadn't even checked out the On-Demand section, I'll have to give that a go sometime this week.

Depends on if you want access to the Hulu library.

We went with Hulu because we were already watching some shows in their library, and we'll keep it until we get through those.

Just signed up for the Disney+ Hulu ESPN+ bundle. Good lord how is all that content only $13/mo.??

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