OT: How Did The 2019 ACC Preseason Poll Measure Up?

Now that the regular season is complete, let's take a look back to see how the 2019 ACC Football Preseason Poll measured up. The Coastal was pretty close to predicted, with no team being more than a spot away from their preseason prediction; The Atlantic was a little more stormy

Preseason Poll

Final Results
1) Virginia - Finished 1st

2) Miami - Finished 3rd

3) Virginia Tech - Finished 2nd

4) Pittsburgh - Finished 4th

5) Duke - Finished 6th

6) North Carolina - Finished 5th

7) Georgia Tech - Finished 7th

1) Clemson - Finished 1st

2) Syracuse - Finished 6th

3) Florida State - Finished 4th

4) N.C. State - Finished 7th

5) Boston College - Finished 5th

6) Wake Forest - Finished 3rd

7) Louisville - Finished 2nd

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they got pretty close in the Coastal. Completely missed on Louisville (a lot of people did) and Wake Forest in the Atlantic

Kind of crazy to see how high people were on Syracuse to start the year. They even got two first place votes.

They predicted Coastal Chaos reasonably accurately.

Maybe UVA being number 7 in 7 years really did fulfill the prophecy

Only part of the prophecy... the other part is the 7 way tie at 4-4

I'd argue Miami had a worse overall season than Pitt (7 total wins vs 6) and UNC (fewer embarrassing losses), but overall yeah pretty close in the coastal.

I think if the tiebreakers were applied, 3rd-5th would be a different order. ESPN has them listed Miami-Pitt-UNC, but theacc.com lists them Pitt-Miami-UNC, and I'm pretty sure that any reasonable interpretation of the tiebreaker rules would result something different from either. They each went 1-1 within the group, and the next step is division record, where Pitt and UNC were 3-3 and Miami was 2-4, and then Pitt beat UNC H2H so Pitt should be 3rd. The question, then, would be if UNC would automatically be 4th at that point, or if the NFL style would be used where after setting a spot the tiebreakers are reapplied to the rest of the tied teams, but the answer in either case would be UNC due to their win over Miami, so with tiebreakers it seems your order would be the correct one.