Justin Hamilton Promoted to Virginia Tech Defensive Coordinator

Hamilton to lead Hokies defense. Burden and Mitchell are no longer part of coaching staff.

Virginia Tech and Justin Fuente announced Justin Hamilton is the Hokies' new defensive coordinator.

"Justin has earned this opportunity to lead our defense and our football team," said Fuente per a release. "Everyone in our program has a great deal of respect for him and his abilities. Coach Foster has reiterated to me on several occasions that Justin is ready for this next step in his coaching career. I feel the same way and am convinced he's exactly the right fit for this role at Virginia Tech. Coach Hamilton is a talented coach and recruiter with a deep passion for both the game and Virginia Tech. He possesses a great knack for connecting with our players. His voice carries tremendous weight on the field and in the locker room because he's worn that helmet and experienced many of the same things the young men in our program are going through."

Moreover, Fuente confirmed Virginia Tech has parted ways with assistant coaches Zohn Burden and Brian Mitchell.



"Take care of the little things and the big things will come."

Wiles will be a big help for him. Also i bet Foster is still around a ton to help him gameplan. I like the hire. Young, energetic guy that has stock in the Tech program with experienced guys around him to provide guidance.

Very interested to see who they bring in to replace Burden and Mitchell. We need recruiters.

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Wiles will be gone after the bowl

I heard the same thing

Is this speculation or is there smoke to this? It would be weird that he's getting no recognition after all his years with Tech.

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Well that Beamer statue has a lot of room on the bench...

Sounds like they want to honor Wiles separately since he's going out on his own terms, unlike zohn and Mitchell

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Wonder if Wiles with coach the bowl game.

wonder if we are going to have enough coaches left to coach the bowl game


Congrats Coach JHam. I think his recruiting game just got ratcheted up another notch. Great person and he'll work his ass off.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Does anyone know just how many positions he played for us? IIRC he moved several times unselfishly to be whatever we needed at the time....

My wife takes the kids and leaves the house while I watch my Hokie games.........nuff said

HS RB (perhaps the best 276 RB not named Jones or Clark ever), and was versatile enough to start at WR and safety.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Ed Clark?๐Ÿค”


Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Travis Clark?

#TeamPeanutButter - because your cakes, pies, cookies, and ice creams are better with it!

Travis was good but Ed Clark was on a different level. Stonega Stallion.

I played against Jham, a Clark, and with a Jones. Great RBs indeed.

I know many will be underwhelmed by the hire but Jham is a great guy and fierce competitor. It brings continuity to our D and I feel really boosts recruiting potential. I'm excited and wish him the best.

I watched JHam play against JJ Kelly his senior year. Absolute man among boys!

#TeamPeanutButter - because your cakes, pies, cookies, and ice creams are better with it!

Tailback, WR, and Safety.

Edit: I'll grab my drink in a bit, it's only 9am here.

Thanks guys...i thought it was a bunch....

My wife takes the kids and leaves the house while I watch my Hokie games.........nuff said

So, when the defense takes the field, let them go Ham!

Congratulations to coach J. Ham.

So do we pack a ham sandwich in the lunchpail?

Overheard as Duke assistant coaches took elevator down from press box: โ€œGuys, they stopped the run with a three-man front.โ€ - David Teel Tweet 2018

Not sure what to think of this now:

Justin Turkilton

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

Plaid, plaid, plaid!

Yes and since Bud will be around to mentor Hamilton as well, we get a version of what one could call the Bud Light defense. Stick one of those in there too.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

I recommend we name the stud defense end position The Baconator.


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Posted scrolled down and then saw your comment. Lol. Legged.

Overheard as Duke assistant coaches took elevator down from press box: โ€œGuys, they stopped the run with a three-man front.โ€ - David Teel Tweet 2018

Wifey is Indian and, let me tell you, tandoori turkey legs give smoked legs a run for their money.

I been here since day 0.

Yes, and we add the Turnover Ham!

Rum Ham isn't going to fly in Blacksburg. That aint our style.

Bourbon Ham, however....

I think after Odom came into play at Memphis this is a "trust your guys" move. Obviously the players love him, hes a great hire for the university, and will maintain continuity for the D.

People might ask about Zohn departing, but not everyone is going to stay at one school forever. He might be angling for a higher position for his own development, etc. Wish him the best. Might be in play for ODU

Not sure Mitchell was ever a longterm fit after our tumultuous offseasons. I'd take any former DB with legit coaching experience to fill the role.

VB born, class of '14

I'd take any former DB with legit coaching experience to fill the role.

Brandon Flowers to DB coach confirmed

I can't seriously be the only person miffed that we went from "almost hiring Odom" to "promoting a barely-qualified, inexperienced position coach", can I?

Nah. It's a bold strategy to take at a weird time. I hope it works out.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Not necessarily miffed as I think this was the hire before the Odom news.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

I think you can read it as "Odom is getting a head coaching job, so he isn't available".

Odom obviously entertained the idea, as did Fuente, but JHam has been the plan all along.

Only if you were following Bill Lawson! ๐Ÿคฃ

"Take care of the little things and the big things will come."

I'm a wet blanket too...Hope it works out but J Ham was responsible for the weakest position group on the D this year (safeties), so I'm not sure what makes him qualified to become DC other than he's an alum? Also letting go of Mitchell after the work he did with Farley and Waller is confusing to me unless Mitchell wanted out. Burden was obvious, he's a WR coach coaching RB's...

I'm hoping that JHam's skill set is better suited to game planning and strategy and less suited to one specific position group. Taking advantage of that skill set and putting it in the leadership role could work out quite well, especially if we can back fill the DB coach role with someone who is proven to be great at it.

The safeties improved a lot since last year. Some of that is better CB play but some of it is coaching.

I agree. This feels exactly like a James Johnson kind of hire. Someone who is young, on staff already, has a relationship to the current players, and you don't have to break the bank for.

I just hope this works out better.

I found TKP after two rails from TOTS then walking back to my apartment and re-watching the 2012 Sugar Bowl. I woke up the next day with this username.

Not even close to JJ.....terrible analogy

And why is it terrible? If JH really, truly, honest to God, was our number 1 guy all along then why didn't we promote him earlier in the season?

I like Hamilton. I really do. I think he's a high risk, but really high reward candidate that we should be getting on the cheap. But to me it feels really strange to have flirted with so many other people just to eventually shrug your shoulders and say "yeah this guy we've had all along is good enough."

I found TKP after two rails from TOTS then walking back to my apartment and re-watching the 2012 Sugar Bowl. I woke up the next day with this username.

Who said we flirted with many other people?That was just speculation by media and fans. I said months ago that it would be someone from inside and everyone expecting some big name hire was going to severely disappointed.

It's a bad analogy because JJ actually had more than 10 months of experience coaching at a P5 level. Ham does not.

This is worthless. Different sport, someone who played at VT, played in the NFL, coached all over, is a young up and comer with ties to VT. JJ was just the guy down the hall.

Coached all over what, the New River Valley? Give me a break. He left VMI to come here, and was at UVA-Wise before that.

The difference is that Greenberg was fired, Bud is retiring. And if you want to discuss those two and their accomplishments, we can do that too.

I understand both sides of the coin, and I'm on the fence about this hire at the moment. But it is nothing like JJ - hiring a guy who was part of the problem a failing system (who wanted to leave VT anyways) compared to hiring a guy who might have helped the turnaround this year (Bud even names Nix in how much JHam turned it around, which was a little shocking).

Yeah, unlike JHam. I'm pretty sure on his way out the door, Greenberg didn't advocate for JJ to get the gig, and if he had, pretty sure VT would not have listened

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

There's a night-and-day difference between coordinator and head coach.

He's Bud's hand-picked successor, with Fuente's approval.

Should be interesting.

Agreed. Fuente knows that if the defense falls off a cliff and costs him games, then it's his head on the chopping block too. Fuente has to be very sure about the moves he's making with this choice, with the other factors such as budget and coaching market. Foster will probably be much more willing to chip in to help with JHam to make sure that he is in the best position to succeed.

And I suppose JHam is going to be more receptive to Bud's help when offered. I still just think this was the easy way out, and not really Whit's style or ideology, which I figured would trickle down even for a coordinator hire, given how high-profile this one is.

Good strategy announcing pretty much right as the selection show was about to start, really takes national attention off of it.

Good strategy announcing pretty much right as the selection show was about to start, really takes national attention off of it.

Yeah, that is also kind of true. Not sure if this is a standard press conference time for VT or not, but it's like releasing something serious in the Friday afternoon cycle. By Monday a lot of people will have forgotten what happened.

I hope to be proven wrong but I am not excited about this promotion. It Does not feel like big boy football.

Folks forget that Tech was Bud's first DC experience also.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

He had also coached for 14 years prior to being promoted to DC

We may find that to be the exception rather than the rule.

Clemson promoted their receiver's coach to head coach and won a few national titles.

"I'll put a quote here to distract you from my inane comment."-Me

That same receivers coach had 11 full seasons of assistant coaching experience at the P5 level. JHam has almost one.

Wisconsin's DC was an alumni with only one year of experience to his name as a DB coach.

Who is this? Not familiar with Wisconsin's coaching history...

Tu-rod did it Mikey! Tu-rod did it!

Jim Leonhard. Played Safety with the Jets for a good stretch. I think maybe the Ravens too?

Part of me wonders if he hasn't secretly been doing play calls or been taking over certain DC responsibilities over the season as a sort of trial run. I know Bud has coyly mentioned that he was recommending someone internal to the program for the job, so this has probably been discussed behind the scenes for a while now.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Jet Sweep

I'm not sure how I feel about this hire yet, but I think Ham taking over play calling during the year may be the case. This gives me pause, however, because Bud left the game at half-time and Ham wasn't able to adjust to UVA's changes in the 2nd half.

From what I remember, Bud didn't leave at halftime. He was informed at halftime of his mother's turn. He left immediately after the game, from what I heard.

Correct, Bud definitely didn't leave at halftime because there's that video on twitter of the asshole uva fan harassing him on the field post game

Good catch, my bad. I was thinking about this comment from LAhokie and must have misunderstood.

The lunch pail should now have a ham sandwich in it.

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Love it.

I like it. Everyone could tell JHam was an up and comer, excited to see him hey his opportunity. I think he'll do wonders for recruiting also.

It was posted on here that someone talked to Bud, and Bud said he recommended someone "younger and already on staff". I think Fuente would be wise to heed Bud's recommendation considering his track record.

I get that some might look at it and say safeties were our weakness this season and corners our strength, so we're promoting the safeties coach and firing the CB coach? I get that perspective, but knowing what we know about JHam as a young up and comer and knowing Bud recommended him, I'm excited about this.

And I hate to pull a Dabo reference but ... Dabo had no previous HC experience and the Clemson athletic staff saw something in him, and now here we are

I agree I think this will be good. I honestly don't thinkl JHam can fail I only say that because he has way too many support lines around him - Bud in the background, Wiles. Which is good and bad I want to see him be his own, and hopefully he has the confidence to speak out over Bud about throwing some of his own wrinkles into the defense.

I know you said you hate to use the Dabo reference, and I see it being thrown out a lot in regards to TG and Jham. Dabo was in a meeting to basically get fired after the 2010 season. He had to guarantee a Natty to keep his job basically (im paraphrasing the article). Yes, it worked out but with a veteran HC and offensive staff the defense can't fall off a cliff. Which again I don't think it will with Bud and Wiles still there.

My FIL said it was Tommy Bowden who recommended Dabo to the AD when he was fired.

The mystery box is always more intriguing than the thing you already have, that's just human nature. So I get that some people feel let down.

But I think JHam is going to do a fantastic job. Very pleased.

If anyone is let down, they will be pleasantly surprised!

"Take care of the little things and the big things will come."

You are now the best for setting up one of my favorite Family Guy scenes.


This but J Ham IS the mystery box

Stoked, Hamilton is one of my all-time favorite Hokies, he was always a team-first guy...excited with this move.

From the now unofficial thread...

"Really happy for Hamilton and the LPD!

Sucks we couldn't get Odom, but I'm excited to see what a young, energetic, and completely healthy Foster disciple can do with his defense!

And I think Bud will do more behind the scenes stuff then he would've done with an outside hire."

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

And I think Bud will do more behind the scenes stuff then he would've done with an outside hire.

This is a great point - since JHam is already familiar with Bud and trusts him wholly, he'll be able to lean on that experience any time he wants. If an outside guy were brought in, I would expect that Bud would probably give him a lot more space and the outside guy might not be as opportunistic with Bud as a resource.

I'm feeling eh about the hire..Maybe I have been burned too many times with the Weaver style "down the hall hire" and that's what this feels like.

But these feelings also probably coming from hearing these "sauces" we were getting Odom or other good recruiting DCs... Prove me wrong JHam

If you want level-headed opinions, don't go on a message board or sports forums

Hammer got Bud's seal of approval through which is worth its weight in gold.

This doesnt do it for me. I'm always cautious of a proven coach choosing/sticking with someone cause they have a familiar connection i.e. Frank and Shane Beamer or Meyer and Smith.

But I do understands that the great ones' opinions should matter. They've proved it

If you want level-headed opinions, don't go on a message board or sports forums

I think he's been running a good bit of the defense already this year.

The Pitt and GT games looked pretty good, even if the UVa game without Farley stung a bit.

With Beamer I always felt like it was more of a "aww shucks let's give this guy a chance". For some reason I feel like Bud wasn't willing to hand the reigns to the defense to a young gun unless he had complete confidence he was ready for it.

I don't see Bud taking his legacy lightly.

If he has Bud's confidence, he should have ours.

Keys have been handed before to both the positive and negative, two of the more recent of this magnitude are going to be in the playoff this year. Cautious optimism is okay and we don't have to love or hate the move until we see it play out.


And all 4 head coaches in the playoff were inside promotions. Only Coach O had previous head coaching experience.

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

Any word on who will take over linebackers? I'd be perfectly fine with Jack Tyler sliding into that spot.

Gobble Till You Wobble

Corn to running backs coach and Kill new OC??

Corn to cafeteria worker, Kill the new OC, and Sam Rogers to RB coach.

Corn to cafeteria worker

D2 please, not West End

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

That would cause the D2 Dash...

Reach for Excellence!

VT Football: It'll get after ya!

Proud Hokie since 2004.

At least he'd finally be able to get something running...

That's harsh. Don't even know the OC's name yet.


I like Justin Hamilton but he is not ready for a coordinator position. This is a clown show

Recruit Prosim

I'm not as excited as some/most seem to be, mostly because I'm not sure what to expect, not because I don't think JHam can or will be successful. However, I am curious about how you can go from not excited to this is a "clown show". Statements like that, I feel, give the whole "we expected more" crowd a bad name.

he is not ready for a coordinator position

Why exactly? Too young? Poor position coach? Simpy not the guy you wanted?

Bud Foster disagrees with you. Maybe you know better though?

Bud coached him as a player and worked with him as an assistant every day for 2 years, hes obviously too close to the situation, I think we gotta go with TJB on this one

Lol since Bud's "too close" we have to go with the message board guy... (fyi no real offense to TJB as a fellow message board guy)

None taken

Recruit Prosim

Maybe not clown show level, but this is not Big Dog Football. Not at all.

I feel like we wasted a big opportunity to bring in a proven coach and upgrade our recruiting abilities.

Clemson promoted a WR coach to head coach and proceeded to win 6 conference championships (5 straight), make 4 playoff trips, and win 2 National Championships.

Nobody would have said that was a big dog move, but they identified a guy they wanted to keep and made the move nobody believed would work.

I'm not saying this is going to work out that well, but lets not pretend there isn't precedent to this kind of move already from actual big dog schools.

"I have a PLAN. You just need to have a little goddamn faith, Whit. I just need. more. MONEY." - Justin van der Linde

To be fair, Clemson was far from "big dog status" in 2009. They hadn't won the Atlantic Division in its 4 years of existence, though they finished exactly one game behind the champions each time. They hadn't won an ACC championship since 1991, before FSU was added. They hadn't even won ten games in a season since 1990, and their only previous AP Top 5 finish was their sole national championship in 1981, a season where 10-1-1 Texas was the only blue blood with fewer than 2 losses.

Yea, prior to Dabo, we used to take Klempson to the woodshed.

Ahhhh those were the days.

I liked Clemson a lot better back then

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

I can read this as:
"Clemson 2009 = VT 2019"
Clearly there is no guarantee that our trajectory matches Clemson's from 10 years ago, but I see some parallels. Let's see this bloom. Yes, high risk, high reward move, I think it has a chance to work.
The other interesting thing to me is the other VT alumni players out there coaching who know this system also getting excited, escalating the buzz on social media, and maneuvering. Yes, they see a job opportunity but also their involvement might be the best way for the VT defense to progress and maintain its brand - which has clearly been really good for 20+ years.

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It is actually a fair comparison. Replace "1991, before FSU was added" with "2010, before Clemson started running the show", change "ten" to "eleven" and "1990" to "2011", and change "sole national championship in 1981" to "sole national championship appearance in 1999" and it's pretty damn close to the same story. Hopefully we can get the ball rolling a bit, build some buzz around the program, capitalize on it with increased fundraising, and be contending for national championships within a decade. Still not likely, but hey, there's precedence.

Clemson was far from "big dog status" in 2009

I think that was kinda his point, unless I'm taking it wrong.

We are pretty far from "big dog status" in 2019, as much as it might hurt some people here to hear.

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

It wasn't a big dog move. It was a Hail Mary and was never supposed to be permanent

Recruit Prosim

I don't think it can be understated how difficult it was to do what Hamilton did at Tech. He was on the offensive side of the ball his first three years of eligibility then moved to safety his senior year and was a starter on the #1 defense in the country statistically.

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Hate to be that guy....but that was as a player.

I'm cautiously optimistic about the hire but playing and transitioning well as a player to both sides doesn't translate to great coach.

Overheard as Duke assistant coaches took elevator down from press box: โ€œGuys, they stopped the run with a three-man front.โ€ - David Teel Tweet 2018

You need a great mental understanding of the game to do what he did. He played offense for his whole career then switched to safety his last. He wasn't an athletic freak which means he needed pure football knowledge to do what he did. Name one player that did what he did. Hopefully he can communicate his knowledge effectively.

Marshall University graduate.
Virginia Tech fanatic.
Formerly known as JWillHokieAlum.

Nick Sorensen has entered the chat...

Let's Go


Deion sanders has also entered the chat

Overheard as Duke assistant coaches took elevator down from press box: โ€œGuys, they stopped the run with a three-man front.โ€ - David Teel Tweet 2018

Deion Sanders was a generationally gifted athlete. He thought the game fairly well and he got better at the mental aspect of football as he progressed in his career... but dude was an absolute freak of a physical specimen and that's what made him outstanding.

Justin Hamilton was a good athlete but he succeed by seeing the game 2 moves ahead of everyone else on the field.

You failed to mention he was drafted as a safety after only playing it a single year.

Glad its not a retread coach. It is always a risk hiring a first time coordinator. This hire just seems the right fit.

Wow. I'm real happy with this. Go Hokies!

Now we need a Justin OC and it could be the 3 headed Justin dragon

Hokie Club member since 2017

Justin "Brad" Cornelson

what about Justin Credible?

Nice, now to sign those contracts for Brandon Flowers, Macho Harris, and everyone else who applied via twitter to join the staff! /s

Seriously though, I'm looking forward to seeing the new defense. Although he won't be on the sidelines, I hope Foster has a similar role that Kill also provides for the team.


I been here since day 0.

I am curious as to what Bud's role, if any at all, will be. We seem to assume that he'll be around, door open for advice, hanging around the Merriman Center, but I haven't read anything about his plans. He might move to a bigger lake in Arizona or something. Has anyone heard anything definitive?

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Other than that he has accepted a role with a title that sounds very similar to Beamer's? Nothing, but I can't imagine anything is gonna tear him away from Claytor Lake.

I certainly hope so. As for Claytor, it's a big wide wonderful world out there and I've seen a lot of really cool lakes. Claytor isn't very high on the list. Bud is well situated there, and it's just far enough away from the 'Burg to be able to get away from things, but it's really not that great of a lake, as lakes go.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

I have a group of friends that are considering investing in a lake house, but it's tough to try to narrow down the right lake. We're looking around general Appalachia - any recommendations on which are the greatest lakes?

I would also like a river to be involved somehow but let's stick with lakes if that's too much to ask.

As a former resident of northeast Ohio, I have a recommendation:

If you're willing to expand your search radius, Lake Erie is objectively a Great Lake. And the Cuyahoga River is straight fire ๐Ÿ’ฏ

The first thing you need to consider is how busy do you want it to be, particularly on summer weekends? Place like Lake Anna is downright crowded on summer weekends. Smith Mountain Lake has a lot of houses around it to but is pretty darn nice.

I like Claytor because it's kind of middle of nowhere and not a ton built up around it. It's formed by a dam in the New so, you've got the New River right there and you won't find a better river on the East Coast.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Smith Mountain Lake is also a zoo on weekends, but it's got more room for spreading the crowd out than Claytor, which also becomes crowded on a summer weekend, especially since the narrow nature doesn't allow for a lot of dispersal from the ski boats and jet skis, etc. Claytor is indeed, in the middle of nowhere, almost, and the eastern side of the lake is difficult to get to even with 81, Radford, Christiansburg, Dublin etc., right there. The lake is also silting in some places to problematic levels making some lakeside homes less desirable. It also gets muddy pretty easily in the spring rains, and because of its narrow nature, large drainage and stout river flow, takes a long time to clear up.
You are right about the New being a great river, at least from the dam to the WVA line. Upstream of Claytor doesn't do it for me, but that tailrace water and the beauty of the river, especially the 27 miles or so in Giles County, is tough to match, at least on the East Coast.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

Lake Chatuge, Hayesville NC/Hiawasee GA

We have a house at Lake Norman. It's 3 hours from Roanoke, but only 30ish minutes from Charlotte. Pretty nice lake with a lot of development happening around it.

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Horse, there are so many factors that go into buying a lake house, and sometimes the lake turns out not to be as important as the other factors. How easy is it to get to, how expensive to buy on, what kind of lake activities are you interested in? Major metropolitan area within reasonable drive? Southern like SC and GA, or more northern like NC and VA. My favorite lakes are western lakes, but I've never been to so many lakes I've read about that I'd hesitate to recommend one over the other for your purposes, especially since I'm not sure what those purposes are.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

So let me clarify a few things, since your post brought up many good questions.

This group has historically been going to Avon, NC to a beach house owned by one of the families for a bit of R&R. That house has been recently sold, so we're looking at a place that is less likely to wash out to sea, and now we're old enough that if we pool our money together we could have a joint house.

None of us are big on anything lake-related, like boating, water skiing, fishing, or anything else. We're looking primarily for a place that we could use a few times a year and rent out other times. I could imagine wanting a small dock and maybe a pontoon boat so we could chill on the water, but we're mostly looking for a chill place to relax and unwind with some really nice scenery. I could dig doing a little fishing too, but I could throw a line into any body of water and grab a beer and be happy.

Since we were in Avon, which, if you're familiar with the area, is a sparsely-populated beach in even the busiest of times, we're likely to be looking for a place that is not very busy. Though we enjoyed having Food Lion near the Avon house, we are also totally willing to bring our own supplies, or, maybe even better, visit the local farm meat markets and produce stands.

Our group hails from northern Virginia, but we've looked places as far north as New York and the Poconos but haven't generally looked anywhere more south of the Shenandoah Valley (which, to be honest, is probably my preferred area, though this isn't a hard-and-fast rule, and there are many voices that I'm not representing here). Front Royal was the first area we discussed.

I am probably a bigger fan of rivers than I am of lakes, but since the two may be compatible, then the combination would be ideal, if possible.

As far as travel distance, Avon was about 6 hours from NoVa so that's a decent radius to consider, though I am thinking that it would be nice to be able to take a long weekend at the house so less than 3 hours from DC is probably a better guess, and this is probably why we discussed Front Royal to begin with. But if there are great places farther south, then let's also consider that the place could be used to escape the winter. Though being on a lake while its snowing could be nice too.

As far as expensive, I'll tell ya that some of the houses one of our folks has been looking for have been ... ritzier ... than what I'm looking for. Since we're trying to find a place where multiple families could stay, I'm thinking at least 4-5 bedrooms and it looks like $400k isn't out of the realm of possibilities but $500k is too high.

Personally, I'd love public water/sewer, high speed internet, cell coverage, and the ability to mount a massive antennae on the roof to get the local metro area channels.

Every single one of the things I outlined here are negotiable. Getting a piece of land and building might be the best option too.

Does that help?

Thanks for the curiosity and the advice!

Print it out and send it to a few real estate agents. You summed up things quite well. Waterfront anywhere is expensive, if the water's worth a hoot. Let me study on it some.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

Slightly unrelated question. How big does a lake/river have to be to feel and/or see the lake affect the weather? I love being near the water when a storm is rolling in, but I don't want to deal with hurricanes and salt corrosion.

Wait, what?

Not sure if you were directing this to me, because I don't know in the slightest. As far as the req's for the place I'm looking for, I'd want a lake that is too small to affect the weather. Preferably, I'd like to be able to count the deer on the opposite side of the lake with a pair of standard binoculars.

Yeah, I replied to the wrong post, but it's open to anyone that wants to answer, regardless of whether they know anything about the subject or not.

Wait, what?

I moved from the mountains to the Bay. I like it here, and while you are right about salt corrosion, the hurricanes haven't been an issue for us, nor have they historically impacted our home which was built in the 50s. We weren't able to afford waterfront, which takes most of that kind of trouble away, but we're so close to the water that the salt does get its due. Our friends who live on the water fare according to their location. Too close to the big water, like the Deltaville side of the Rappahannock, and you'll be dealing with annual repairs, but there are a ton of homes on the Piankatank and the Rapp further up river with no real issues.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

I have family that retired to a house near the mouth of the Rappahanock on a creek feeding into the Rappahanock. You don't get as much wind, there's fishing, and if you want big open water it's only a couple minute boat ride away. Their able to kayak off their dock as well which is awesome in the morning or evening.

I have friends on the Rapp, almost at the point, and they aren't sheltered from the big wind. Their view is impressive, but the amount of money they've spent, in addition to the fortune they spent buying and then rebuilding, makes me question the investment. They once told me they tried to budget 5-7,000 per year for maintenance/recovery, and while they don't need it every year, they do often enough. Too exposed. I like the creeks as well. You get that protection and you get that kayaking availability as well as the proximity to miles and miles of miles and miles of water just around the corner. My MIL/FIL had a house on a creek near the mouth of the Potomac that was like that. Too shallow to bring a decent boat in except at high tide, but so well protected and very close to the big water. They did have to keep their boat at a local marina, but it was just a couple of miles away. They never had any problems with big blows or high water. Nice place, wish we could've bought it from them.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

Find a place along the Shenandoah River out of the flood plain, kayak, fish, swim, mostly rural, not far away, should make a decent rental to other Nova people.

My grandparents have had a similar situation with several family friends since I have been alive. Their house is on Buggs Island Lake on the VA/NC border. Pretty place and not very busy. The Army Corp of Engineers protects the waterline somewhat so it is awfully secluded. It does mean that a typical lot has a bit of a walk from the house to the waterline.

On the other end of the spectrum but in the same reservoir (different side of the dam) is Lake Gaston. Much more going on and much more of a vacation spot. Would be easier to rent when you're not there and there are way more properties to choose from. My In-laws just bought a place down there. They looked at a couple houses that check a lot of the boxes you describe as well and all were under $500k. I'd look there for sure.

It seems like a lot of people I've met in Richmond have homes on the Rappahannock River, which would be quite a bit closer than Avon.

My boss has a home in Matthews, VA which is partly on the river and partly on the Bay. He loves it, and rarely has to worry about it during hurricane season.

I also went to a baby shower this summer in York, VA on the York River / Bay and it was awesome. I would consider looking there as well.

I agree with a lot of what you say. The lakes you mentioned are good lakes, and the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula are also great places with multitudes of waterways and shorelines. I moved to Mathews 7+ years ago and love it. I'm not on the water, but Mathews alone sports 211+ miles of shoreline, and it's one of the smallest counties in VA. The Rappahannock is a great river with miles of shoreline and still a mostly rural feel. Mathews is flat out distinctly rural, and while waterfront here can be as pricey as you'd like to go, a good search and some patience should produce possible homes.
I understand Avon, having been spending time on the Outer Banks since the 50s, back when there were no Food Lions, you bought groceries in Great Bridge and hit the two lane with the next provisions being the tiny market in Hatteras village, White's I think it was, and they didn't have much to offer. Times have changed, but with the demise of we boomers as we become too pooped to participate, there will be many offerings to come as we age out of the vacation house mode. I can't help but think that where you are located, either the Shenandoah, Smith Mountain Lake, the two lakes you mentioned in NC are all worth investigation, but your best bet for rental and retail may very well be the Bay area and the coastal rivers involved.

EDIT: This meant to answer both Lifetime and Horse's posts.

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Bug Island Lake is secluded. My high school GF family had a place there, we were tubing and I fell off and then her uncle got thrown from the other tube and then back of his head hit me just above the eye. Knocked me unconscious for at least ten minutes with a massive open cut through my eyebrow and forehead. Between the boat ride to the dock and car ride to the rural hospital where they put stitches in that didn't fully close the wound was not quite the "adventure" I was looking forward to that weekend.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Buggs Island or Kerr Lake if you're form NC is the Corp of Engineers flood control lake. So, if you're into huge fluctuations of water level, that's your lake. If you do look for a lot on this lake, you need to pay attention to what the water level is around the property. Anything below 295 and you'll have limited water access when the Corp drains the lake for flood control.

However, it's amazingly secluded, you can still get some pretty decent land deals with frontage (especially on the NC side near Bullock or off of 39 around Townsville. Most of the cabins/homes will need to have major updates done to them as well if you decide to buy a house.

I live near one of the busier lakes in Virginia, which is Lake Gaston, most of which is in North Carolina. Everything you described kind of firs this place but cell coverage can get spotty on big weekends like the 4th and labor day. We've had a house on the lake since 2007 and have loved every minute of it, but we also live ~12 minutes away, and my parents are probably selling the house since my sister is married with children now and I'm not as interested in wakeboarding at 30 as I was at 20. If you want any info on the lake, hit me up on Twitter with a dm and I'll get you my phone number. A good friend of ours is a real estate agent from way out of town that did a lot of research before they bought their house and got it very reasonable. Most houses on this lake tend to start around $250,000 but 4-5 bedrooms and probably at least 3 bathrooms is going to run near $400,000 if not over it depending on location, unless you would want a remodeling project. My Twitter is @GingeVT

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If I'm you, I also look at spots along the Chesapeake Bay, what's called the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula. Sparsely populated, lots water for plenty of boating. For someone who may want to get into fishing, it is a great spot.

If I was going to get property down there I'd look around Gloucester or somewhere along Mobjack Bay. Homes will probably be a bit pricier on the Northern Neck, Kilmarnock, White Stone area.

It's not too far of a drive from DC. It's also built on solid ground and isn't going to get washed into the ocean like the OBX anytime soon.

There's also a certain TKPer who lives out in the that area who could probably tell you all you need to know...

EDIT: looks like he responded to you above

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Have you checked out Deep Creek Lake in Western MD? 3 hour drive from NOVA, great rentals, summer and winter.

With the bonus of snow oriented sports in the winter, skiing and snowboarding local.

This is going to be great for the ACC.

*Cracks the knuckles*

I assume you want something closer to home otherwise I know someone trying to sell a house on Ocracoke.

That said my family lives in Mathews now on the East River and personally we all love it, its a little country for some people but most find it out of the way and relaxing and thankfully not as busy or packed as most bay areas. That all said were on the water where we dont have high speed internet and the only modern amenities are local TV stations from the HD antenna so I'm not sure how important that priority is but its worth researching into. Land in Mathews and Gloucester can be high and low it all depends on the water frontage and access and docks etc, but for the stated budget you can probably find what youre looking for and even a bit more if your willing to give up high speed internet for a nicer waterfront house on a creek or one of the side rivers on the Mobjack bay. My family has lived on the water for the last 40 years and as long as you have some elevation youll be okay even during Isabell the house never got touched. Any questions feel free to ask if youre looking for high end stuff whitestone and places more towards northern nexk have been more modernized. Another interesting place to look would be Gwynns Island as well. We have neighbors who have a rental property on the water on the East river and they keep it rented most of the time and its nothing amazing just a simple river house with a decent little beach and some kayaks but its enough to unplug and relax a weekend and keep rented to be worth it.

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I'm going to reply to myself to thank all of the above posters for all the great information. I'm going to link this discussion to the group so they can all take a look at the recommendations.

And if they can't read them then they'll have to join the key players club. Extra bonus.

TKP, where news of a new Defensive Coordinator sparks thorough discussion about waterfront or water-adjacent homes!

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Claytor Lake may not be the greatest lake in any category that lakes may be ranked by, but it's Bud's lake. I wouldn't be surprised if he already knows some of the best fishing spots, especially ones that nobody else really knows about, and the fact that he's already settled there means he would have to pack up and move everything, which I highly doubt he wants to do.

I've spent more time actually on the water in Claytor than Bud has, and I know a couple of people who live there. They love it for many reasons, and I loved it for walleye fishing. There are some really pretty stretches where the cliffs and bluffs formed by the New River overhang and outline the narrow waterway. Having spent what I'm sure would add up to months of my life there, I have respect for it and my point wasn't actually to put Claytor down, just saying that since I don't know Bud, don't know his plans or his dreams for the rest of his life, I don't know whether Claytor is that big of an anchor for him, since he's likely got the money to go whither he desires. A lot of folks move after retiring, for many different reasons.
Also, not trying to argue with you either, just got to wondering what Bud's plans might be for the future. Like most of us here, I'm hoping he sticks around to help Justin get things rolling his way, but haven't heard of any real info on his future plans.

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Leave it to Ifish to derail a football thread into a lake popularity contest, my votes on Lake Douthat not much more than a pond to some but its nice there.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Hey now, I didn't start it. Sorta. Douthat is a puddle, but it is very pretty.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

I sure am glad Beamer didn't hire a D-Coordinator from within who didn't have any coordinator experience...


Is coronavirus over yet?

This was the guy Bud was pushing for to take over. That's all you need to know about this hire.

So when are they announcing the new OC hire? ๐Ÿค—

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Outside of Torian gray (who may not have interest I the job) I think this is the best hire we could have hoped for. Retain the scheme but inject some young blood and energy into the system. Unlikely we would pull a big name and changing schemes would mean a few years of recruiting players to fit the scheme.

Tyrodโ€™s Tailor

Would love to get the insiders take on how / what went down.

A search was conducted. The best candidate was hired. The end. /s

"Take care of the little things and the big things will come."

Do we need a "Defensive Coordinator Meh Thread" to give people a safe space to be "meh" about this hire?

Too many unknowns at this point, I am just amazed Fuente hired a beamer guy since he seems more interested in burning bridges that building them. I was actually kind of hoping for a new scheme since this one gets murdered by running qbs and there are lots of those in the league now...

I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction:
โ€œI served in the United States Navy"


Not sure I see the logic or facts on burning bridges comment. Being the head whistle (or head of any organization) brings the responsibility of making decisions that have multiple sides. To fairly evaluate those decisions you have to be willing to see all sides and arguments.

I have criticisms as well, but burning bridges isn't one for JF. He managed the Bud retention plan masterfully, has worked well with HS coaches who had previous relationships, brought in guys like Tyler, Pierson P., JHAM and other former alumni with no ties to him. As far as the TG situation he was simply caught in the situation where JF made the move to give all non-coordinator assistants equal pay - I liked this move. The sign was earn your pay based on performance not tenure - sorely needed at a time of mediocrity. The #25 deal was instituted on his watch. Most importantly, he has never said anything critical of Frank and always been respectful.

There are criticisms, but burning bridges is unjustified and without merit.

I wish I had enough legs to give you an upvote for this comment. I agree completely with everything you said.

Coaches know who can coach. We as fans have nothing to criticize here until there is a product to be critical of. I am excited for JHam. I hope this means Bud stays more involved than Beamer did. It also feels a little bit like Fuente is showing some humility after not going with JHam when Nix was hired. Like he is giving a nod to Bud and saying I trust your judgment. Lets Go Hokies.

For anybody underwhelmed, consider that Clemson is the model in the ACC right now. They promoted Dabo when nobody thought it was a good idea and hired Morris out of high school. Give it a chance.

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I'm genuinely confused by folks that are underwhelmed / disappointed by this.

We as a fan base:
- pride ourselves on "substance" hires over the "splash" hires that we frequently see Miami / UNC / etc make
- consider Bud to be the best that's ever done it
- know that JHam is an up and comer

So, when Fuente identifies JHam as an up and comer, talks it over with the best DC in the history of college football who agrees with him, and then promotes a young, energetic, intelligent guy to run the D...we are underwhelmed by it because it's not "splashy" enough?

He may not have a ton of previous experience but that didn't stop Bud from being a great DC. JHam will do great in this role, and he'll be a lot more loyal than someone like Odom would have been.

And let's not just assume that JHam will simply try his best to maintain the status quo. Not only has JHam learned from Bud and gotten his blessing, but maybe he's also got some of his own ideas on things like scrambling QBs etc. If he's as smart as everyone says, he has the chance to be special.

In Bud (and Justin, and Justin) we trust. This is a great move for the program.

Well stated.

My perspective is that I could care less about a splash hire, but it does concern me that the position group he coached was the unquestioned weak point of the defense this year. That coupled with his lack of experience gives me pause. Not angry about it, but not excited either...time will tell and hopefully I'll eat my own words this time next year.

Fair point, but 2 of the 3 players he coached (Conner and Deablo) had pretty good seasons. I don't mean to call out individual players or anything, but the third position did have its issues at times this year and while that's a fair point - you'd have to think it might be more a talent limitation or something like that. And Bud would obviously be in the know - there's no way he thinks JH is struggling as a position coach and recommends him as DC. Bud does know a thing or 2 after all.

And, all 3 of those guys played at a high level for the ND - Pitt stretch. Yeah, maybe a relapse happened vs UVA, but we should also give JH credit for how much Floyd and the others improved over the course of the season.

I don't agree with this logic but you know it's possible that you're right. The funny thing is though there's a precedent on TKP for people saying things like this to be the first ones gunning for J Ham when something goes wrong.

Well that won't be me. I've taken on enough new roles in my own career to know there's a learning curve. I'll be patient, but I do believe on the whole this will be a very good move for the program.

For those thinking the scheme won't change at all, it definitely will. Not a complete change, but it will definitely not be identical to Bud's

And you know this how?

Because. Haven't you heard? Fans are more in the know and know better than the HC and other coaches in the program.

I guess from just talking directly to him

Asked and answered.๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ Savage

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

Personally, I don't care if he brings back the 5-2 front as long as we keep opponents off the board.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

He's going to save money by removing the Dline and go with 6 LBs and 5 DBs. So no need for a DLine coach ....

Think about the situation.
1) lots of returning talent. Fuente knows that and wants to evolve the program without derailing progress. This raises expectations for 2020.
2) j ham has won the hearts and minds of older more experienced supporters. Most people who are successful have older mentors pulling them along because they are respected AND well-likes.
3) after the roster changes last year and establishing some positive culture this year, this move reiterates that to the current players and recruits.
4) recruiting - this is a platform to make some other changes to bolster recruiting. This is JHam's chance. Bud was a legend, but I bet JHAM puts way more energy into the recruiting game. That's just how it is with young coaches.
5) JHAM loves VT - see point 4. VT is a unique place to recruit to and I think JF is seeing that. Having ties to the area, school and alumni helps. Not everyone has to have that, but when a significant portion does it's a positive.

For scheme, recruiting and still evolving this checks the box for me. I'm also interested to see how JHAM and JF set-up the staff as there is opportunity to further enhance our position.

If we can start grabbing blue chip DTs, I really like our chances

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A lot of comments here both fav and unfav. I have hired and fired a lot in my career. So a few comments. First I guarantee they were looking at 2-4 candidates. That is a must do to benchmark and to have options in case the top one falls through. With Odom, there will be back channel communications as he is looking. No doubt a HC position is going to be preferred and that's what he got. So even if Fuente wanted him he not coming. As it relates to Ham, this position is a promotion. It's a different job and skill set compared to what he was doing. So to express concern based on his previous job is a bit apples and oranges. The question is: does he have the skill set to succeed at the new position? The answer: none of us have any idea since we have not worked with him. Obviously Fuente says yes or he would not have done it. The other benefit of hiring on the inside is the devil you know vs the devil you don't. It is always riskier hiring from the outside. There can be chemistry and personality issues independent of competence. When you promote from within, that is covered. You know the guy will fit.

Overall I like it. Sure there is some risk, but there are risks in alternatives as well. And it's always better to go with the devil you know.

Let's ham it up!

The great thing about the timing here is that JHam likely gets a ton of ownership of the defense between now and New Years Eve. I suspect we'll see the JHam defense at the Belk Bowl.

Is coronavirus over yet?

Count me in as cautiously optimistic. I like that he's young and if he has success then he is likely not going anywhere. I also like that.

Interested in who he's going to hire to replace Mitchell, LB and DL if Wiles does go. Maybe more Hokies on staff.

Congratulations Coach Hamilton! I am so happy for you and I wish you much success as the new defensive coordinator at Virginia Tech!

Very surprising, although it was a poorly kept secret that Hamilton is highly regarded. These hires are going to be really interesting.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Apparently he's been calling the defense since the Duke game. I got an inside #sauce.



Nope. It makes sense too. Buds an excellent teacher.


I find that hard to believe since in post game interviews Bud would talk about the calls that he made and a lot of the time point out bad calls

Hokie Club member since 2017

Really? The idea of running cover for a guy you're mentoring is a mental leap? Taking the heat for your subordinate's mistakes when everyone knows you're leaving anyway and you're bulletproof?

If true I think it's an outstanding leadership example. I mean literally textbook out of the Situational Leadership model. And I wish more people developed and groomed people this way.

It's how I trained some of my predecessors replacements at previous jobs who all went on to be better then me.

You train them to a point where you think they can be successful on their own, let them start calling the shots with a watchful eye and correct mistakes in real time and show them why you did it. Eventually it gets to a point where everything clicks and your good to walk away confident they don't need your guidance anymore.

It's a great way to groom someone.


It's how I trained some of my predecessors at previous jobs who all went on to be better then me

Of course your predecessors would be better than you... since they had the job before you did.

Someone's getting a dictionary for Christmas.

Leonard. Duh.

Got like an hour of sleep last night. Nice catch!


Because if it gets out that j.ham was calling the plays then Bud is on record as saying some of j.ham's play calls were bad.

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Well, that matches the teacher - student dynamic during the mentoring phase. Seems legit.

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Rumors, and this is just a rumor, Hamilton had options elsewhere, so I'm glad we were able to hold onto him.

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That's not a good reason

Recruit Prosim

The better reason is that he's the right guy for the job.

And I can't imagine that Fuente would have retained him for any other reason.

I'm having a truly hard time deciding what I think about this one. Easy to trust a Foster-endorsed successor who knows VT and knows the program.

On the other hand I'm worried that we're still trying to be the little ol' SWVA VT and they spent about 5 minutes on this hire. Was there a national search after Odom supposedly fell through? Are we doing things the way the elite programs do? Are we simply out of the money race and can't compete at that level anyway?

None of this stuff will ever be made public so I'm just sitting here waiting until game and recruiting results come in. I can get behind a high risk/high reward hire. I just hope it works.

Lincoln Riley was promoted from within, same with Ryan Day at Ohio State. A better example would be Jim Leonhard at Wisconsin, who was DB coach for one year and then got promoted to DC the very next year.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

Oklahoma and Ohio State seem like....bad examples. If we had blue blood resources I'd be more comfortable with intentionally risky hires. I'm sure Riley and Day especially have more 5 star athletes on their teams team right now than we have ever recruited.

Hamilton will have Bud Foster in the building. That certainly counts for something.

Recruiting and resources are a huge part of a programs success but aren't mutually exclusive from coaching. Talent alone isn't going to win you games against quality opponents which is why guys like Riley have been successful - he has great talent around him and he also has a great mind for the game. Mike London recruited very well at UVA but did jack with that talent because he's arguably not a great coach. People say JHam is an intelligent guy with good (maybe great) football IQ. If he combines that with solid talent evaluation and recruiting I think a lot of people will be eating crow.

Huh? You literally said,

Are we doing things the way the elite programs do?

So why would Oklahoma and Ohio State be bad examples then?

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

Agree. Let's not over-analyze this. If what you are doing works, you hire from within. If not, you make a change. I'd like to think Bud's system has worked, so why not hire from within?

In Bud we trust

I mean, it seems like a decent portion of Bama's coordinators have been internal promotions. Looking at their DCs over the years, when Kirby Smart was poached away by Georgia after the 2015 season they promoted Jeremy Pruitt to replace him. The following season, they promoted Tosh Lupoi to be his Co-DC (with Pruitt still listed as just "DC"), and then promoted Lupoi to DC when Pruitt was hired by Tennessee after 2017 and hired Pete Golding from UTSA to be his Co-DC. Then, when Lupoi was hired by the Browns, Golding was handed the DC reins and Charles Kelly was hired from Tennessee to be "ADC".

On the offensive side, after Lane Kiffin (an external hire) left to become FAU's head coach after 2016, Brian Daboll was hired from the Patriots and named OC with Mike Locksley promoted to be his Co-OC. After one year, Daboll was hired by the Bills, Locksley was promoted to OC, and Josh Gattis was hired from PSU to be Co-OC. Another year later, Locksley was hired to be Maryland's head coach and Gattis was hired to be Michigan's OC, and Sarkisian was brought in from the Falcons to be the sole OC.

tl;dr: Bama, the elite-est of elite programs in the modern day, has taken a number of strategies when filling coordinator positions: internal promotions, G5 coordinators, P5 position coaches and coordinators, and NFL position coaches and coordinators, and practically all of them have worked to some extent.

Put it this way - why does Dabo have J Ham at the top of his wish list of coaches (not a well kept secret)? It isn't because he is low potential.

Was it to replace Venables?

Recruit Prosim

Clemson clearly wants a DC in waiting as Venables will leave eventually - so in part - yes l.

Living in upstate SC, I hear way more about clemson than I like. Last Spring, Dabo was interviewed on a local radio station, and was specifically asked about assistant coaches leaving, and plans for replacing them. He said he already knows Venables' replacement, and he is already on staff. Most coaches are like that, and we need to get to that point. Like Galen Scott, he was clearly going to be Bud's replacement, as his title was changed to Co-DC.

The reason I say we need to get to that point, is because there is no clear successor right now to Hamilton or Cornelson. We need to have good in-house candidates for both coordinator positions, and hopefully we get there soon with Jafar or any of the coaches we hire in the next couple weeks. All indications are we will have a very young staff (if Tyler and Prioleau are promoted), so it may take some time.

Like Galen Scott, he was clearly going to be Bud's replacement, as his title was changed to Co-DC.

I completely forgot about that, but you are right. If he had not gone beyond a mere, "Hello, mom," he would have been here, and maybe had been a shoo-in to replace Bud Foster. Alas, history is already written so nothing we can do about it.

Last Spring, Dabo was interviewed on a local radio station, and was specifically asked about assistant coaches leaving, and plans for replacing them. He said he already knows Venables' replacement, and he is already on staff.

It reminds me of something my employer's District Manager (or whatever his title is) said when he realized he had the daunting task of replacing three crucial managers who were instrumental in making my employer a force in the international market, but at the same time, he was also assured that their replacements were just as competent to fill the big shoes. It was because of how comfortable the DM was and the reputations of the replacements, the transition went smoothly.

So, perhaps the same will apply here with J. Ham taking over for Foster, and finding someone who will execute his ideal defensive line strategy to recruit and coach, as well as finding someone who will cover Mitchell and his spots on the back end.

This would be interesting but I haven't seen this be brought up yet would be interesting if this has any legs

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

would be interesting if this has any legs

The OP has four and I just gave you one

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

So I've scrolled through both New DC threads, but haven't seen any twitter posts of current player reactions......I'm hoping you Twitter gurus following our guys can post some. Possibly recruit reactions too. Thanks in advance.

This ones from Tre:

EDIT: I'll ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ

Let's Go


Not directly related to JHam, but Armani Chatman (@iamarmani9) tweeted this morning regarding Burden and Mitchell not returning. Can't link directly at the moment because twitter is blocked at work.

Really can't believe burden gone man. I know his next move finna be crazy

B Mitch just had two all ACC corners and all American ::facepalm emoji::

Here is a story from TechLunchPail site. All positive.
Recruit reactions

#Let's Go - Hokies

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Read most, not all. At first was a little underwhelmed with the hire, however I believe that's because Odom seemed all but a lock and would have have been that "splash" hire that people would have liked.

With JHam I have no issues after thinking about it.

Bud recommended him and I'm sure it's been in the making most of the year. I'm sure Bud has been mentoring him the whole season on being a DC. Even if they didn't go with JHam in the end it was teaching JHam for future job growth.

As everyone knows, he's young and I think gives VT that spark on the recruiting trail as well as potential long term stability at the DC position again. Will be 20+ years? Probably not, but I don't think we have to worry about JHam jumping ship after 4 years as much as we would if Odom was brought in. We knew Odom wanted a HC gig and after 2-3 years of decent DC would likely leave. JHam might leave for a HC position in a few years, but I still think there is more long term stability than with someone else.

It will be interesting to see who he brings in as position coaches. I think he will have a great ability to bring in exciting recruiters as well due to his youth and NFL experience.

I'm excited going forward.

If you don't want to recruit clowns, don't run a clown show.

"I want to punch people from UVA right in the neck." - Colin Cowherd

I'm happy with us being a program that lives and dies by its own.

Tech is a family, and I'm happy to keep it that way.

Hell yes.

I am going to be positive about this. Somebody had to give every great coach that first chance. I know a lot of people wanted Barry Odom, but he has been a head coach. That isn't a long term prospect for us. Two years of Hamilton vs. two years of Odom (could be longer or shorter before another HC job comes along) easily gives Hamilton the advantage because of continuity.

The hiring of Hamilton also suggests that Fuente is truly committed to being a Hokie. He understands that for our program to succeed we need the right talent in the right place for an extended period of time.

Lastly, I hope that everyone that wanted Torian Gray finds Hamilton as satisfying a hire. I was at Tech when Gray was a player and there is no doubt he was one of the best to play his position. I wouldn't be disappointed with either guy.

I at least hoped Gray was contacted about interest. I just hate to think a Hokie with the VT coaching experience he has wasn't even given consideration. He very well may have. I'm just one of those people that doesn't like anyone like Gray to not have a good relationship with VT and its coaching staff. I'm excited about JHam though.

Everyone has been super impressed with JHam and I'm excited to see where it goes. The trepidation is fair though. He's a new DC who is going to be learning how to call a game and make adjustments on the fly for the first time. But, as others have pointed out, we won't know until we see the product on the field. Remember how justified we were about feeling meh about CMY? Oh right, totally unjustified

I think JHam could be a great decision. Bud apparently advocated for him. I think Bud cares enough for the program that he'll put its best interest over friends. If the greatest DC of all time sees that JHam has got what it takes, I trust his judgement.

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I trust Bud's judgement. Anyone he endorses would have been OK with me.

If Fuente asked Bud for his opinion on this promotion to confirm what he believed he wanted to do then I think we have the right guy.

I'm excited to see who JHam fills the CB's and LB position coaches. Jack Tyler would be a natural slide to LB's. Pierson Prioleau would have to have a shot at cb's also. I like getting young energetic guys for defense. Guys the kids will connect with. If Wiles is leaving then this will truly be JHams defense.

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Hiring from the Lunchpail Coaching tree makes sense, given our roster and system of defense.

Give 'em hell, Coach Hamilton!

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Virginia Tech has arguably had the best and most consistent defense over the last 20 years. Only logical to hire someone born and molded by that system.


If you believe that Virginia Tech is different, better than other Universities. If VT is a place to settle down with your family, build roots. If we have the best fans. If this is home. Then this is the only hire for VT to make.

Odom is a good DC, but he'd have a foot out the door to become a HC. That's not a criticism, he should be that way. Odom for two years means Bud's pretty much out of the picture coaching, he'd just be glad handing donors for his 5 years as assistant to the AD. Now he gets to take a step back, mentor a protege, a hokie through and through.

Thia is the best choice because this is fucking home!

I'm actually ok with this hire. I've always respected programs that spread the money around the assistants to make the program as a whole better. If a cheaper DC from the godking of DCs coaching tree with readily available mentoring + bigger assistant coach purse is the direction we're going, I'm comfortable with that experiment.

Love this and called it a month ago. The only decision to make.

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anyone on the tweeters: feel free to drop this in JHam's feed.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

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Just want to point out, this man was taught the defenses of Bill Belichick, Nick Saban, and Bud Foster

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What is his connection to Bill Belichick and Nick Saban?

Ah I was wrong about Saban, but Hamilton played for Crennel, who was Belichick's DC prior to become HC of the Browns in 2006.

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Thanks for the clarification

Kyshoen PLS

VB born, class of '14

I could see this as a Defensive QC/Analyst. Taking over Jack Tyler's spot. While I was back in Blacksburg for a quick semester, Before Hamilton was on staff, Jack was Foster's sidekick. He was with him everywhere, studying film at least 12 hours a day. If Jack is still on staff I could see them making the transition to LB coach, especially if Lechtenberg (spelling?) was promoted.

Even thought this is possible, I don't think I would love having both Jack and Kyshoen on staff as neither have recruited at all and I really want some great recruiters to help with Hamilton.

Minor correction- Jack Tyler actually has recruited for us as he was permitted to fill in when Bud was not traveling due to health issues over the past year.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

I bet this would help with the PSU pipeline into VA with his PA roots...can't hurt, am I right?

"Take care of the little things and the big things will come."

In additon to being a swiss army knife NFL player during his brief time, he has been working/coaching with the Redskins organization since his unfortunate injury. Jarrett having a very bright future in coaching down the line is not something that would surprise me at all.

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OK, so who will be calling the plays during the bowl game? Will we see Bud's last hurray or the start of the Hamilton era? Has JHam really been calling the plays since Duke? Was the season essentially viewed as over by the coaching staff AD, so they might as well let Hamilton get a head start and essentially interview for the job by performing the job?

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Too late now but it seems this thread should have been titled "Just In: Justin promotes Justin."

Now on HokieSports TV...From Justin 2 Justin

This Just in.


I guess he wanted too much money? Would have been too perfect if he'd come to VT, but I guess we'd have lost JHam.

LOLWUUUUUT? Did we just get big dogged again?

Paging Jugs....

According to USA Today, Arkansas spends about $40m per year more than us on athletics, and about $10m on coaching.

Granted, this is in the aggregate, but that still might explain Odom's decision. Even their last DC was making about $600k more than Bud.