Stinespring lands in the First State

University of Delaware now has a new Associate Head Coach and Offensive Line Coach. Stinespring joins the Blue Hen coaching staff.

It's been a few years...but UD has played in a couple FCS championship games, winning the title in 2003, just before North Dakota State started their run of dominance.

As a Delaware resident and the father of a UD this a blessing or curse for faithful Blue Hen fans?

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as long as hes not calling plays... should be a good thing I would think.

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Honestly, I think it's clear that this was the main thing holding him back in his career. He seemed to know how to recruit and "coach" players up, which I think was the behind-the-scenes stuff that Beamer saw and allowed him to stick around for.

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I'm of the camp that he was calling plays that Beamer wanted - that is, conservative, run run run-type of plays as much as possible, and rely on Defense to keep you in the game.

Beams wanted to win with defense and special teams and have an offense that didn't mess it up. Control the clock with the ground game and don't turn it over. Definitely lived by the theory of "if they score zero points, we only have to score 3".

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Definitely agree with this and have watched Hokie football since 1990. Other than when we had electric QBs, our offenses were typically bland-we were the last program outside of the service academies to have a 1000 yard receiver in a season. Sometimes, I wondered why we didn't just punt the ball on first down.

ive been a part of a staff like this and while that could very well have been the case no where does that dictate that it has to be the same 3 run plays up the middle into the teeth of the defense. there is still room to be creative with in the scheme and not predictable. everyone knew GT was going to run, run, run but they had multiple options with how to do it. if GT had bud foster they would have won 10 national championships.

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it has to be the same 3 run plays up the middle into the teeth of the defense

I think that's too much hyperbole. Wasn't the case.

I think it was a bit of both. Beamer's philosophy was clearly based around winning the field position battle.

But there were better ways to implement the offensive side of that philosophy than Stiney's.

Perhaps. I don't have insight enough to contradict you.

However, If Beamer ran anything like other teams do, though, then the gameplan for that specific team (based on opposition research, tendencies, and weaknesses) are vetted and approved by the HC. That is, he knew the run / pass plays we were going to install on each type of down for that game. So I would argue that Stiney did run the type of plays / philosophy that Beamer wanted and could probably have opened it up more if he was asked to.

I didn't say Stiney didn't try to execute the offensive philosophy Beamer wanted. But the entire game isn't scripted and Beamer wasn't calling the plays...Stiney was. And he generally took the somewhat limited hand Beamer gave and then didn't play it particularly well.

It's not as though Stiney didn't ever go away from conservative. He just didn't necessarily do it at the right time.

ut the entire game isn't scripted and Beamer wasn't calling the plays...Stiney was. And he generally took the somewhat limited hand Beamer gave and then didn't play it particularly well.

Again, if Beamer ran his coaches / team like most other teams, then he knew quite a bit and had to stamp off on it first. So I would say yes it is highly scripted in that Beamer didn't know what play was going to be run in the third quarter, but he had to approve the types of play that were in the playbook that particular week.

Regarding if Stiney "didn't play it particularly well" - that's just your personal opinion. The games changed so much since when he was an OC that comparing then to now wouldn't hold water; too many holes to pick. Sure he could've done better, but if his goal was to be conservative for Beamer then I'm not sure how much more he could've done with his hands tied.

*Interesting* that his position as OC with VT was the highest he ever got, everything else has been at least one step below that...

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LOL...when it comes to Stinespring - fans either love him or hate him - and Fuente is rapidly on that list.

However, if we look at his body of works, it is impressive, despite his penchant for run, run, pass, and punt predictability. He had players that were able to make him look a genius (see Ryan Williams' masterful dominance over Tennessee where Stinespring smartly called to VT's strength) and downright buffoon (see his abandonment of the run game against Kansas and Georgia).

I think he excel at position coaching more than coordinating a game.

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I really think it hurt VT when he stopped coaching Oline. The lines under him just seemed better.

I've been around a lot of coaches and Stiney was a good one.....but had no business calling plays.

With that said, out of all my years hearing coaches say shit, one of my favorites came out of Stiney's mouth. It was fall before season started and the big boys were going full speed and hitting. Stiney comes in after one play and says, "come on guys, hit em, it sounds like two mice pissin on cotton"

completely agree, I fully believe Beamer when he defended Stiney by saying he was great at Xs and Os. But play calling goes well beyond Xs and Os. Our first drives look great, because Xs and Os, but once you get into the game you have to adjust, and that's tough.

Knowing his penchant for trying to do things that the opponent wouldn't expect, at some point I was expecting a series where we'd punt on third down. The opponent would never expect it!

No joke, our JV coach did that once. He was an old timer and I think he was just confused what down it was. When we confronted him about it, he played it off like "you sorry sons of bitches wouldn't have gotten the first down if we had run a play!"

My kid's youth team punted on first down once. We had reached the sportsmanship score limit in first half and backups were literally scoring on safe run plays. We worked it out with the opposing coaches at halftime so we would have a better plan. It was a very odd situation.

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UD needs to nut up and join FBS. They have been a program for forever, and are one of only two schools to have 3 straight coaches elected to the College Football Hall of Fame (GT is the other). They also average the most fans per home game in the FCS by a big margin. They have a bunch of wins over FBS teams too, I think maybe the most of any FCS team.

I say this as the son of a UD grad, lived for 20+ years within 15 minutes of their campus, and got accepted there (applied so my mom would be happy)

Unfortunately, UD no longer has the highest attendance in FCS. I teach accounting at UD. We are still top 10, but for various reasons, one of which has been recent performance, attendance is not what it once was. In 2018, the average was 16,299, good for 9th.

As a Delaware resident

Hey - me too!

Yo! Moved north of the Mason-Dixon Line in July, from Wicomico to Sussex. Work in Seaford, but do a lot of work in Lewes and Millville.

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Good bass and crappie fishing not far from you in Concord Pond and Trussum Pond. Head up the creek in Concord Pond (upstream). Trussum has beautiful bald cypress trees growing from the floor of the pond. Trussum is a little smaller than Trap...and not fished as much.


Good advice. I've hit Records in downtown Laurel a few times, just to get out and throw a line out. Was a crazy summer last year...moved, switched jobs, had a baby, and it was 173 degrees for over a month.

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Welcome to the neighborhood! My office is in Millville and we live in Bethany. What kind of work do you do?

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Isn't this a step down to some degree from his last two stints as well? I feel like he continues to trend downwards since leaving VT...

I think he's a great coach, and I could even see him as a head coach one day. I just think he has no business as a play caller.

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I agree. I always thought he had the tools to be a head whistle at a smaller school. Maybe that is his angle here.

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This has to be a joke, no way there are enough people in Delaware to have an actual college ;)

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There's 2 even! Delaware State is also an FCS school. Guessing that's all of the state colleges though. No way they could fill 3.

Wesley College (private) also fields a D3 team. UD has a huge population of out of state students. Tons of students from Jersey. Delaware needs kids from out of state to fill incoming freshman classes, otherwise the admission standards would be significantly lower.


Yep, over 60% of our students at UD are out-of-state.

Glad to hear it. I always think he was a great position coach, just not a great OC.

Lots of debate going on about Stinespring's OC days. When he had a talented offense, he could put some yards and points up. 2003, 2005, and 2010 come to mind. Other years, it took him awhile to figure out what worked and what didn't. For example, in 2006, he figured out that the only way for the offense to succeed was to run Branden Ore into the ground. Same with Darren Evans in 2008. 2007, he figured out that we needed to rotate quarterbacks (not sure how much that had to do with Stinespring, though). Still, though, I think I'd take him over Loeffler but not Corn.

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I don't know.

I was a lot dumber back then, but I don't remember often looking at a replay and thinking, dang, it really was execution that doomed that play call.

That happened a lot with corn and loeffler though.

I thought stiney was a hell of a position coach and recruiter. And he's a hell of a man by all accounts.

But he just stunk as an OC.

Loeffler arrived too late to help Beamer out. If he had arrived during Tyrod's era, I think the narrative may have been different. For one thing, Logan Thomas would have stayed tight end and Loeffler would have gone after actual quarterback not named Mark Leal.

Oh well...history is done.

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IIRC, Loeffler was the leader in Ford and Phillips' recruitment because he recognized we needed receivers.

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Don't remember who was the lead recruiter for Ford and Philip but yeah, we needed receivers to replace Boykin and Coale.

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If he was the only one that recognized that then we had bigger issues. Our receivers in 2013 were... something.

Yeah, Josh Stanford was our best receiver, and he was immediately passed by Isaiah Ford and Cam Phillips the next season when they were true freshmen. If Loeffler had gotten there in 2009, Logan Thomas would have been a tight end, and we would have been much better on offense in 2012 and 13.

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Marcus Davis was the best reciever.

I dont know what happened in 2009 but we just stopped recruit recievers for a few years.

Marcus Davis was #1 in 2012. Believe it or not, despite that offense being way worse, the 2012 receiving corps of Davis, Dyrell Roberts, and Corey Fuller was better than the 2013 of Stanford, Knowles, and Byrn.

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Logan was a damn good quarterback regardless of what folks want to believe. His impact as a somewhat limited but absolute bulldozer of a qb was way ahead of what he could have ever impacted as a tight end. He was pretty much the whole offense. So it is a pretty big leap to assume another qb would have immediately sent Logan to the tight end room.

"You don't stare into a rearview mirror"

I think Logan was a victim of horrible circumstances in 2012 and 2013. He was very good in 2011 when he had Danny Coale and Jarrett Boykin. Those two ran crisp routes, caught everything, and did the little things right. He went from throwing to that to throwing to guys who weren't even receivers until college, not to mention the offensive line took a big dip as did the running back position with the loss of David Wilson.

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I went back a couple years ago and looked at every INT he threw. I couldn't find film of the FCS game, but with the other 12 INTs, I took away the INTs that hit recievers in the hands, it only left like 5. One very obviously looked like a WR quite on the route. Another 2-3 looked like the recievers ran the wrong route (but could have been Logan's fault). And there was 1-2 actual Logan screwed up INTs. He mad a lot of good decisions as a senior.

I mean good decisions of where the ball should go, if he was making overall good decisions he would have just ran it every time cause the reciever Corp was the worst I can ever remember at VT.

That 2013 team was so disappointing. They were rolling until that loss to Duke where Logan was picked off 4 times and Cody Journell missed a barrage of field goals. The team mailed it in after that.

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