Orange Bowl Helmets?

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Via anonymous email (ohhhhhh) comes a tip that these are the helmets we'll be wearing against Stanford in the Orange Bowl. They're bold, but the color is appropriate for the bowl. I think if we pair them with the white uniforms they'll look pretty sharp.

It would be the first time we wear orange helmets.

And here's the reverse angle from @edubrew's Yfrog.

Although it hasn't been made official by the athletic department, I think it's safe to say this is the hat we'll be sporting in Miami.




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Those are hideously ugly. I thought orange was banned as a dominant color in any uniform part?

wear them with the orange unis for the ultimate in fashion disaster

I been here since day 0.

Stupid decision....

I think they look sorta OK... but considering our luck with orange as the main part of our uni's they shouldn't be worn... I think somebody (Beams or Lester Karlin) is picking the wrong time/game to "break the orange uni curse". F*cking 'tards... why can't the powers that be leave well enough alone. They may as well give the guys orange ballet shoes or orange work boots as the only option to wear at the game too, just to make sure we fail.

Not too bad

The white helmets have grown on me...
And the orange hats with maroon jersey/white pants or white and white could be decent, but alas, I doubt that will be the final result. Prob looking orange uni with white pants and some sort of hideous orange or maroon socks.

But strictly the helmet, I like it.

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If we wear any sort of Orange with them then it's going to bad.

If we go with the all whites with a maroon stripe on the pants then they will look hot, infinitely better than the all black.

The only two things that matter is if we win and the players like them.

all white?

Haven't seen the uni's yet, but Oregon and Florida are going all white unis this year.
That leads me to believe that we might be too.

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I'm pro orange.
of course, I wear orange oxford button down shirts to work with maroon ties. so there.

Like the idea of maroon jersey/white pants or white and white.
Though, I'm with you joe on any other major part of orange will be some serious Orangeness.

But really, it seems we are Eugene-east for Nike.
Why should it distract us any more than the Ducks?
Plus, is the Cardinal used to Orange of any kind?

Fun to debate, but I'm so fired up for this game.
Too bad I am coming back to Europe on the morning of the 3rd and will have to wait till the evening of the 4th to watch the game! Media blackout at my desk! Either that or sick day on the 4th :) orrrrrr stay up and watch, which I've done twice this season to painful results, but always a good game.


doesn't matter what we think

As one commenter noted previously - what matters is whether the team likes them. If they like it i like it :)

(but in all honestly i kind of think they're awesome. it will depend on what the rest of the uni is)



Tech needs to quit making jersey decisions between the 10th and 11th drink.

Unlike orange helmet

Can't remember if we are home or away team for the OB, but here would be my preferences:

Home Uniform Preference #1: All maroon. Think 2003 game vs Miami or others like that.

Home Uniform Preference #2: 2007(?) uniform with maroon jerseys with thin white stripe on top, white pants, maroon helmets (

Home Uniform Preference #3: 2008(?) uniform with maroon jerseys with thick orange stripe up the side (, maroon helmet

Home #4: Current maroon with white and orange stripes on shoulders, white pants, maroon helmet.

Key: Do not wear Boise State black and orange unis. They were a novelty.

Away Uniform Preference #1: (, maroon helmet.

Away Uniform Pref #2: Classic white uniforms (circa 1999-2000), maroon pants, maroon helmets

Away Uniform Preference #3: NIke Pro Combat 2009 uniform, white Pro Combat Helmet

2003 All Maroon Are By Far the Best

But our "regular" uniforms this season are my second favorite. I think they have a nice old school retro look to them but come across tough.


Agree on both counts there.

Why I bought my first jersey, finally.

I wish we'd wear

the maroon jerseys with the striped pants.

A bullhorn, a bottle of whiskey and a dream.

TROOF that picture of


that picture of nathaniel adibi hyping the crowd during the hurricane gave vs aTm is an example of the excellence of the 03 all maroons

I been here since day 0.


It was done by someone with much better Photoshop skills than me.

maroon faceguard is cool...

I didn't really notice it until I saw this mockup, but I think it's neato with the orange.


I Don't Like

Looks too much like Clemson or Cleveland Browns. Ugh.

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Or even worse...


Uni blog

The uni blog. They have mock ups of ALL teams in the SEC, only wishing now, not reality. (The white Flo-rida helmet with the Gator is BA!)
But, int he body, they are talking about 4 Nike teams with new unis for the bowls, and Tech isn't one of them. That means that we are wearing some sort of basic uni from this year, nothing special and new.

Still rooting for the all-whites like the mock-up above...

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Kinda like this...

Courtesy of "The Helmet Project".
Not too shabby.

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Oh, now those are sexy. How awesome would be topping the '03 all maroons?

It's Official

BLACKSBURG - The Virginia Tech football squad will don new burnt orange helmets for the Discover Orange Bowl, as announced Sunday. The Hokies will begin wearing them in practice to break them in and get them adjusted properly.

The look was selected by the Virginia Tech team captains and it’s believed to be the first time in the history of Virginia Tech football that orange helmets will be worn.

The captains were presented with numerous uniform combinations, but settled on the orange helmets with maroon facemasks. The players will be in their white jerseys to go along with their new lids.

Tech will have practice Monday and Tuesday before breaking for the Holidays. The team has to report back to Blacksburg on Dec. 27 before departing for Miami on Dec. 28.

The Hokies will hold practices Dec. 29-Jan. 1 at Nova Southeastern University, the same place they practiced in preparation for the 2009 Orange Bowl, a win over Cincinnati.

The captains

selected the unis so I stand behind them. I wonder what their other choices were? It doesn't say what pants they are wearing. I assume white?

#Let's Go - Hokies

I think it's almost certainly going to be white, maroon or orange would be a faux pas.