I Don't Fear the Spear

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I became a temporary Terrapins fan when I found out Florida State would advance to the ACC Championship Game if NC State lost to Maryland. Yes, I felt dirty supporting those bozos, but I wanted us to play the 'Noles. When it came to fruition I popped off my Grandma's couch, swigged a mouthful of Maker's, pumped my fist, let out a hardy, "Woo!", then showered. For me it's not about redemption of championships lost five and ten years ago, and I do realize that of the two, the Wolfpack would provide the least amount of resistance on route to the Orange Bowl.

I think these Hokies are good. In fact, right now, as of December 3rd I think this team is unstoppable. Actions speak louder than words, so I want this team to be challenged and pushed, not merrily skip to the trophy. The Wolfpack already gave us a run for our money; I'm certain we'd run them out of the stadium in a second go around. I want and got the only marquee matchup available; bring on the 'Noles.

On this team there are ten other guys on offense, eleven on defense, Chris Hazley and Brian Saunders, but all of them have taken a backseat to Tyrod Taylor this season. Tyrod went Godzilla on the ACC this year, annihilating all challengers with a ground and air game that I don't believe we will see slash and pass through Blacksburg for quite sometime. He's done it with class and a quiet confidence that's taken hold of the team and guided this team through adversity and carried them gracefully to success. Point blank, with number five leading the way, I don't fear the spear.

Once again magduffs makes the magic happen, we're not worthy and are eternally grateful for your efforts.

...or anyone else for that matter.

Let's go!


cannot wait to see tyrod DESTROY fsu.


Good work

oh stop it

i'm blushing ;)

It's over.

There's no point in anyone ever creating another VT-related photoshop ever again. Everyone else is just fighting for second place.

A bullhorn, a bottle of whiskey and a dream.

it's over

this probably takes places 1 through 3


That would make

a great movie-looking poster in a VT themed man cave.

So awesome

So, so freaking awesome.

"It's a miracle in Blacksburg! Tyrod did it, Mikey! Tyrod did it!"


Love it love it. Well done.

can't wait to see him run around and through.

NOT excited to listen to the stupid CHOP all game though. UGH.
every. play.

more incentive to win, i guess!


wins everything

lol #newhoos


This is just pure awesomeness!



i want this as a poster



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