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"At 211 degrees, water is hot. At 212 degrees, it boils. And with boiling water, comes steam. And with steam, you can power a train. Just one extra degree can make all the difference."
From givemore.com

These are the Hokies beginning to bubble at 211°, I can't wait to see them heat up just one degree more.

H/T justparker.com

First seen on the backs of the helmets at the ACC Championship game and then later on t-shirts on the worn by the players themselves a couple nights later in Cassell Coliseum, the 212° is the slogan the Hokies are using for motivation at the end of the season.
From Mark Giannotto

(Andre) Smith explained Monday it came from a story team chaplain Johnny Shelton told during the season about water going from cold to boiling -- if you remember sixth-grade science class, water boils at 212 degrees. ...According to Smith, the Hokies began the year "moderately cold" but that by the ACC championship game, they were "boiling over" for a title.

That sticker is going to carry over to their new their lids for the Orange bowl. It not only signifies the temperature of boiling water, but also nicely aligns to 2 losses and then 12 wins, potentially. This would be the marquee win for this senior class, so you get the feeling this isn't one of those "bowl is a reward" game. A win here would give this group another first as the only VT team to win 12 games, which would be quite the achievement. In order to get that number they have to beat a worthy opponent, all the while being the underdog. Stanford will either be the best or second best team our Hokies will play all year. No need in delving too deep into stats, the eyeball test says the Cardinal is legit. It will take the Hokies best game of the year to win this game. Simply put they will have to raise the temperature up one more degree.

Going against Virginia Tech's history in big games, I am going to believe in the seniors who rallied the Hokies after the 0-2 start and reeled off 11 straight wins. Their goal is to knock the "they lost to James Madison" look right off the faces of the doubters. Tyrod Taylor, John Graves, Andre Smith, Beau Warren, Rock Carmichael, Davon Morgan and Beau Warren have been instrumental in going to three Orange Bowls in their four seasons. This group knows what it takes to win and there is no reason not expect them to reach 212°. What this team deserves is to reach a rolling boil in the second half, where each Stanford mistake is compounded and turned into Hokie points. A recipe for success that we've seen prepared so very well over the years. Be forewarned Stanford fans, there is a steam fueled Hokie locomotive smashing their way through South Beach looking to railroad the Cardinal. Don't stand on the tracks when the train is coming through.



Excellent article, BCO. can't wait to see my hokies bring the heat in a few days.

Well that got me fired up.

Happy New Year everyone, enjoy the games today!