What Will You Consider a Successful Season?

In sixty days (Yes! Only sixty more days. OK, excitement contained.) Virginia Tech will kickoff its season against Boise State in The Clash in the Capital. Some Hokies will say that it's a make or break game for the 2010 season. Others will argue that the outcomes of Georgia Tech, at North Carolina and at Miami will define the season. And some will go home happy if we just beat UVa. So let's break it down.

The Hoos, and only the Hoos matter.

These Hokies are fine with going 1-11 as long as the one win is against UVa. Other wins are just gravy poured on top of the Commonwealth Cup. Mmm Gravy. This has always been a minority opinion and now that we've beaten UVa 10 of the last 11 years it is almost non-existent. By my best guess, this thinking was popular back in day when beating UVa was really the only thing we were capable of doing.

If you subscribe to this theory, consider this, UVa is now beating UVa. Also, it never gets old.


6-6, 8-4, 7-5 it really doesn't matter to these guys. Why? Because they're going on VAY-CAY-TION! There's only a few things to do in Southwest Virginia during December: drink, watch football and be cold. So why not drink, watch live football AND take in some local cuisine and attractions all while being warm. They justify the on the field performance by the logic of, "we've won at least as many as we've lost."

10 Wins

Since 2004 we've won at least ten games year, the only other team to do so is Texas. You've heard this all before, but the gist of it is overlooked. The streak exemplifies our consistent excellence at winning each season. However, it has become something of a consolation prize, like in '05 and '06 when we seemed capable of something more.

Coastal Kings

First things first, if we want to win the ACC we have to win the Coastal. It's an accomplishment to beat out Miami, Georgia Tech and UNC, especially in a year like 2010 when all three will be ranked in the top 25. But does anyone really set their sights on being the bridesmaid and coming up short in Charlotte?

ACC Champions

No they don't, no sane person does anyways. Laying claim to conference bragging rights is a big deal. Most Hokies realize this. 'Nuff said.

Win a BCS Bowl

Only four, five if you count the MNC Game, out of 120 teams win BCS Bowl games. To do so places a team among the Nation's elite for that season. Hokie Nation craves the opportunity to notch big wins against tough competition and there's no bigger stage than the BCS. Also, those old school trophies look so sexy in the case back in Blacksburg.

Raise the Crystal

We've done it all, but...


My Take

I'll consider 2010 a successful season if the Hokies win a BCS Bowl. This team is far too talented to do anything short of that, but there are too many holes on defense to expect a National Championship. Optimally, we'd get there by winning the ACC, which will be a tall order. But, even if the Hokies don't win the ACC they should be able to get the conference's first at-large birth by earning ten wins.

Furthermore, if each game was considered independent of each other this is my order of most desired wins:

  1. Virginia
  2. Boise State
  3. Georgia Tech
  4. Miami
  5. North Carolina
  6. Boston College
  7. East Carolina
  8. NC State
  9. Duke
  10. Wake Forest
  11. Central Michigan
  12. James Madison

So, what will you consider a successful two-thousand-and-ten season? And once you're done making your opinion heard in the comments check out OBNUG's stance on Boise State's season (their post inspired this one).


10 wins and a Bowl Game

I think a successful season for the Hokies this year would be another consecutive 10-win season along with a BCS bowl game appearance. We are quickly shaping up to be a powerhouse in NCAA football and if those two things happen, it will shut all the disbelievers up and prove to them that we consistently belong at least in the top 25.

10 wins and a BCS Bowl Game

And I think we really can win the ACC... but I also think the ACC gets two BCS bids this year.

I expect a special year from RMFW... a Heisman year.

Raise the Crystal

For years we've bitched what we could do with an offense that was merely better than average combined with Bud Foster. Careful what you wish for...here's how I see it:

1) As in years past, our defense will progress as the season goes on to be dominant, the talent is there once some experience is mixed in.
2) Our defense, inexperienced as it is, is still good enough to get past Boise State. Maybe not with our past offenses, but this year is different. With Tyrod + RMFW + Darren + Boykin et all we can score enough points to keep up. Stated another way, I like this matchup because I feel our defense can slow down their offense more than theirs can slow down ours.
3) If we get past the Smurfs, why WOULDN'T we be the favorites for the remainder of the season?

10 wins is the just the norm around here, it's time we raise the bar as we "Raise the Crystal"!

I love my hokies, and as long as we crush somebody in an upper-tier bowl I'm happy and will still talk some smack, but I don't think that quite defines success given the opportunity that I outlined in 1-3 above.

The offense is as talented as it's been since Vick.

But I'm still a little skeptical that we can put together a solid game plan that will optimally make use of that talent. The offensive explosion to end 2009 did wash away most of those concerns, but the only legit defense we beat up on was Tennessee's.

I do respect your all in mentality. If we beat Boise soundly then I'll push in all my chips too.

Ok Joe- I'm going to hold you to that!


you know every team that takes the practice field is playing to win. they all want to win every game.

only a few legitimately have the horses, coaching and schedule to even think of this. to do it ... needs luck. i like a lot of vt's young players but not sure they are ready or matured enough to be elite. i like the raise the bar sentiment but if you don't have the players, not going to happen.

going to be honest, gonna take a whole lot of luck to play for the NC. not only are their so many new starters on D to replace but the DL isn't good by VT standards. it might even be below avg. there will be games they look bad, likely costing the Hokies a win or 2.

10 win season is a success. games of question, boise, unc, gt, miami and bc. going 2-3 or worse against that 5 is not good.

ACC champ with 1-2 losses is a very successful season.


"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily."-John Blutarsky

10 wins plus ACCC

As much as I would like to see Frank raise the crystal trophy in 186 days, I think that the bar for a successful season remains 10 wins...and hopefully an ACC Championship game bid will follow. That said, we should know the fate soon enough enough (59 days) once we play the smurfs at FedEx. However, I do not like how the Hokies have been unable to win big season opening games (@LSU, USC, Bama, hell ECU!).

This is truly a unique year for the Hokies as the offense might be better than the defense (as long as Stiney uses half his brain). I am praying that Foster is working his magic again and we will have a balanced team for once. I am imagining a repeat of the 2004 season (without the NCSU loss) with one big loss (BSU, GT, BC, Miami). We will win the Coastal and then return to the Orange Bowl.

I think we're arguing semantics here...

I see 10 wins and/or an ACCCG as our quality standard; we either achieve it or we don't...we're field tested so to speak and have come to expect this based on past performance, and we sell it to the media as well.

It sounds like Hokie Nation has set this as an achievable goal, so therefore we are "successful" when we meet it.

I think Tony Robbins would NOT approve of this however, and I seriously doubt Frank & Co. got to where they are by being realistic either. That trophy case is open for a reason and the goal is there whether it's spoken or not. We're just not publically as a University setting ourselves up for failure like Ohio St, Notre Dame, Texas, and others every year.