Hokies Discussed on College Football Live

The talking heads do their thing.

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3 starters lost on the offensive line...next thing Lou Holtz'll be critiquing the QB play of Tyrone Tyler...attaway ESPN

Mayday is just as bad.

From the above video, "When you look at Daryll Evans two seasons ago."

Even when they talk about us

They fail at it.

We need to hurry up and win a national championship, and maybe then they will know the names of our players.

Thankfully Lou Holtz won't be calling the ECU game this fall.

North Carolina Raised, Hokie Bred

They should have looked closer at the highlight they showed before condemning Tyrone...he threw those strikes with his jersey in the grasp of superfreak Ndamukong Suh. I believe that's called an "intangible". Guess it's easier to look at %completions and TDs though.