If Kyle Tucker is Right, That Worries Me a Bit.

Only four starters – LB Lyndell Gibson, CB Rashad Carmichael, SS Davon Morgan and DT John Graves – are back from last year. Gibson and Morgan only started for half the season.

If that all sounds scary, ominous, especially considering an opening game against Boise State (with everybody back from an unbeaten season and a potent offense) ... well, it kind of is.

BUT ... Foster and the Hokies have been here before. Not so long ago.

Remember 2008? Heading into that season, Tech’s defense had to replace seven starters. It’s eerily similar to this year. They were breaking in three new starting defensive linemen, two linebackers, a corner and a free safety.


So with all that gone ... Foster’s defense finished 2008 ranked No. 7 nationally in yards allowed and No. 9 in points allowed. Tech won the ACC and the Orange Bowl. New names? No problem.

Kyle is right we did end up finishing strong, but we were a one legged man out of the blocks.

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I fully expect Boise to gouge us for 30+. But thankfully our offense is beyond tiz-ight.


Please don't Stinespring the offense Stinespring.