What's the 2003 Miami Victory Worth to You?

As VTPhreak4evr's 130 Games in 130 Days marches on he prepared his followers via Twitter that it was time to view footage of the 2003 debacle.

Tomorrow we start the dreaded, forgettable and arguably one of the most disappointing seasons in VT history: 2003. Sorry.

The '03 season is buried away, in deepest cavity of each one of our brains beside the time you first wet the bed and underneath the first funeral you attended. It doesn't surface until some asshole like me brings it up, or you recall the, one, beaming bright spot: the Miami game. I've already stated that game is my fondest moment and most of you agreed. The question is was all the pain to end the regular season worth that victory, or in other words would you trade the win against Miami for wins against: Pittsburgh, Boston College and Virginia?

Before answering consider this, we would have finished the regular season 10-2 (5-2) 2nd in the Big East and most likely would've played Maryland in the Gator Bowl. Also, our 10 wins a season streak would span from 2002–current. Furthermore, we would had continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup for 3,883 days (today is the 2,000th day).

So what's y'alls answers? Leave 'em in the comments (register here first if you haven't).

As for me...

I can't quit you.


At the risk of making myself sound really dorky, this game was during my final performance in high school marching band. We were at championships in Newport News and we literally performed during D-Hall's fumble/touchdown play. Being in the 757, they actually had a live scoreboard for the VT/Miami game while we performed. I'm proud to say that I sneaked a peek while in the middle of our performance and had a freak-out moment at the score. I also cannot quit this game...

No pressure, no diamonds.