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Diddy says Press Play:

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For starters, maybe it's because I'm a logically thinking engineer, but there's only one best and worst case scenario for any ACC school.

  • Best Case: 14-0 ACC and Media National Champions.
  • Worst Case: 0-12 (currently known as being Duke'd after '10 will be known as being UVa'ed)

But I'll play along and give some quick thoughts about our biggest competition.

Boise State

I mean no disrespect to the blue turf warriors who have built one monster program over the last 8 years. But, am I the person who flat out expects us to win this game? Maybe I believe in the magic of Hokie Nation too much. Personally, I cannot fathom the Broncos coming across the country and beating us in our backyard in which some will call a more ruckus environment then Lane.

North Carolina

Since joining the ACC Virginia Tech has only lost to UNC once, in last year's down to the wire donnybrook. The Heels defense will probably be the best in the conference, but they have a battery without a charge powering the offense. To put it bluntly, T.J. Yates is UNC's answer to Grant Noel. There's young talent in running back Giovanni Bernard and quarterback Bryn Renner, but it's raw and unproven and I'm not buying into them until they prove it on the field. As Hokies know you need both an offense and defense to win games.

Georgia Tech

The consensus among sportswriters going into the summer is they're down on The Bees. I'm not. Yes, there will be a transition switching from a 4-3 to Al Groh's 3-4, but I still think they'll be able to get a couple of important stops over the course of 60 minutes. And when Paul John's spread option, still led by Josh Nesbitt, is controlling the tempo of the game by sustaining drives and scoring points, that's really all the defense has to do.


In my opinion, this will be our most dicey game on the schedule. Miami has the talent (and supposedly the offensive system), but over the last two seasons they've tanked down the stretch. Jacory Harris went from Heisman hopeful in week 3 to forgotten at the end of the year. Their success prior to this game will dictate whether or not they're going to give us 100%.

Boston College

Not mentioned by HD, but if any team has been a thorn in our ass these last few years (except the last muahaha) it's been BC. We play in Chestnut Hill where we are known to lay eggs. The Eagles will be solid across the lines and, be able to do as we do, grind out games on the ground.

NC State & Wake Forest

Also not mentioned by HD. Of the Coastal teams mentioned above we have the easiest cross division schedule. NC State and Wake should be at the bottom of the Atlantic, and as I said above BC will be good, but I don't think as good as Florida State or even Clemson. In a competitive conference, like ours, this will turn out to be a huge deal.

In conclusion, we have major holes to fill and a tough schedule to play against. However, so does every other team in the Coastal. By Heather's standards, to say our ceiling is only another 10 win season and not at least an ACC Championship Game appearance, to me, is ludicrous.

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