100 Days Until The Clash in the Capital

Or that's what we're calling it at least. Feel free to leave comments, or way too early predictions in the comments. Have a good Memorial Day Weekend Everyone.

Go Hokies!


could be another epic tailgating


hope not as hot as usc in '04.

no predictions ... yet.


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the big game

I really hate to say this, but we lose this game. Here is why. I call it the Hokie NFL stadium curse. I was present when my Hokies lost to USC in 04 in FedEx, 04 in the Super Dome, 05 in Altell stadium, 07 in the Georgia dome, 08 in Bank of America stadium, and 09 in the Georgia Dome yet again. The Hokies do not fare well in NFL stadiums...yes we have won a select few against non elite programs, but the overall record speaks for itself. We lose against top 5 opponents....in NFL stadiums. With the exception of Miami 03, who was the last top 5 program we beat? On paper, we win this game. Because everyone in America will be watching VA Tech play a top 5 team in an NFL stadium---we will lose. It hurts me dearly to say it. I won't be at the game, so I consider that a positive sign for the cosmic football gods. If we do win, I will attribute it 100% to my non attendance. I'm sorry this entry provided no substance or analysis other than this garbage, but sometimes you cannot turn a blind eye to these erie truths. We will go on to have an amazing season, losing only to Miami, and win the ACC title and then play in a BCS bowl. A 12 win season---amazing! Defense wins championships, folks. Not that we will have a weak defense, but it just won't be good enough to get us our national title.

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The Defense

We definitely haven't done well in NFL stadiums, but as you pointed out they are all independent events and don't correlate. The defense will be the weak spot going into the game, but that can change as quickly as the first snap. It's all going to depend on how hard the players work during the summer and how productive of an August camp they have. Right now their an unknown entity with tremendous upside.

I do expect Boise to get their points though and for there to be a couple of big gadget plays. But I think the game will end up being a shootout, so as long as we keep them below ~30 points we'll have a chance to win.

You will receive much credit on this blog if we end up winning because you didn't attend.

Overconfident? nah...

I am trying not to sound overconfident or enamored with the Hokies, but can anyone honestly refute this statement:

If Virginia Tech played Boise State's schedule year-in and year out, all meaningful stats/rankings in just about every category would be ridiculously higher.

I'll take our six 10-win seasons in a row, against the level of competition we have played, ANYDAY over beating up second rate WAC teams every week. It is true that we have choked in the past and nobody wants to go out on a limb here, but I will: Give our defense the first half to warm up, and then we'll own the second half of a blow-out win much like the CFA bowl.

No they can't.

It's the truth, and I think Boise State knows it's the truth too. That's why they try and schedule tough non-conference teams every year, so I don't really fault them for it is just the nature of the beast. They are good though, because it just so happens that they win all of those non-conference games and bowl games. This year will be different though.

I'm feeling you on the defense, I think we can man up and stop their base offense but what really worries me are the trick plays.

anything IS possible

As a follow up, my pick that we lose this game got me thinking about games I "knew" we would lose but ended up winning. I'm gonna go backwards here: on the trip to Blacksburg for the Miami game last year, the topic of discussion was Miami's hype. Everyone was talking about Harris's amazing passing game and the speed of the defense. Everyone agreed we would lose this game, but would enjoy the ambiance in the rain anyway. The result was a 31-7 humping by VATECH. The other game last year I "knew" we would lose was Bama. That feeling turned out to be correct. So many people were talking about the O-line of Bama and how we would strike fear in McElroy...so much for that. Going back to two years ago, at Bank of AMerica stadium, I "knew" we would lose to ECU. Friday night in Charlotte was a lot of fun, but I had this weird feeling and every fan of ECU knew it was their year too. They had a good team that was overlooked and well coached, gained momentum by beating WVU and I thought they would remain a top 10 team through the season until they became the definition of "choke" in October. I think most of us thought LSU would hand it to us when we traveled down to Baton Rouge 3 years ago, but I actually thought we would win that game. But I degress...the topic was supposed to be "games i thought we'd lose but ending up winning". I started freewriting this entry and I'm coming up shy with another game that I thought we'd lose. I rarely think that. Probably 95% of our opponents I truly believe we will beat, no matter who they are or where we play. I can't seem to get rid of this feeling that this will be a loss. I'm completely aware of the WAC's weakness and even the "quality" wins against Oregon and TCU last year are nothing compared to the gauntlets that we go through. I'm not scared of UNC this year....I don't think I have the capacity inside to be scared of UNC at all...whether they have the best defense in the history of college football or not, I truly believe we will hand it to them this year. But Boise...I just can't kick this feeling, man. Tyrod and Williams need to have a great day, the defense needs to be sharp...it can't be a game where have poor tackling...we're gonna have to really come together. We don't seem to do that against top 5 teams, for whatever reason that team is top 5, it just doesn't happen.

I don't know what a hokie is, but God is one of them."
-Lee Corso

true, but...

Yes, BS beat TCU and Oregon, and TCU did beat UVA and Clemson, so one is tempted to draw conclusions there. But come on, if that was our resume we would barely be in the top 25. It's very en vogue to rank these guys high, but I'm not buying the hype, and #2-3 pre-season is completely outrageous.