"Sorry y'all, I was runnin' late." – '10 Offense

Yesterday our much ballyhooed offense, that we all expected to show up in the District, finally made good on the preseason hype.

  • 605 yards of total offense
  • 35 1st Downs (12 of 17 on 3rd downs)
  • 7.2 yards per play
  • Possessed the ball for 69% of the game.

We're slowly evolving into the most conservative spread offense in the country. Each week Stinepring seems to put his foot farther into the pool and realizes that it's not too bad in there. Our philosophy and play calling over the last few games reminds me Ohio State circa 2007. We're spreading the field and getting the ball to our playmakers in space, but then lining up tight and grinding out yards with a powerful rushing attack. It works. We aren't perfect though. David Wilson carrying the ball on a failed 4th and 1 conversion could have been more costly in a bigger spot. Why wasn't Evans carry the rock? Tyrod needs to throw the ball away instead of losing yards running out of bounds with it. CAN WE WORK ON THAT PLEASE O'CAIN?

The positives overshadow the negatives and no one can argue against that. Logan Thomas' touchdown catch was a thing of beauty. I'd like to take him apple picking with me. Watching the STRAIGHT BURNER go ham was way overdue. The roar in the bar after Danny Coale knocked that defender on his ass captured the spirit of Lane. I don't know how it holds up statistically, but I'll say that was Tyrod's best game throwing the ball. He was surgically accurate and decisive. He progressed through his reads and used his legs as a last resort. A dominating performance by the offensive line afforded him the time to do so.

Let's splash some cold water on our face. Wake's defense is awful. They've allowed an average of 37.7 points a game (111th). Only after we play Georgia Tech, North Carolina and Miami will we know how much our offense has improved since the beginning of the season.

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