The Touchdowns

The last couple of weeks the film study has focused on things we did wrong. Enough of that bunk, let's take an in depth look at our five touchdowns.

1st and Goal at the Duke 14

This is a simple four man pattern off of the play-action fake. Boykin runs a 5-yard in, Dyrell streaks down the middle of the field to the end zone, Andre Smith runs a post to the corner of the end zone and with no one to block Kenny Younger is going to leak out of the backfield into the flats.

The first thing I noticed about this play was the great protection. The offensive line nailed their blocks and Darren Evans chopped down the blitzing linebacker.

Duke man covered Andre Smith with a safety. Smith ran a fantastic post route and split the safety and corner helping over the top. It was an all too easy touchdown.

4th and Goal at the Duke 1

The Frankinator used to be content with settling for field goals, now the older, feistier Beamer is impatient and wants touchdowns. I can get on board with that. On 4th down and 1 the give is to Ryan Williams who got lit up on 2nd down.

Duke defenders make RMFW disappear. It's magic!

Normally I'd expect Williams to follow behind Younger, but he blocks backside. At first it looked like Williams was going to stretch the run wide right, but he cut it back inside.

Andrew Lanier actually blocked not one, but two guys on the play, including the seal that paved the way for Williams score.

3rd and Goal at the Duke 2

This touchdown was brought to you by determination. The play call might have well just been "run it through their teeth for six". It was man blocking up front and the offensive line didn't get much of a push. Evans was hit as he hurdled into defense at the line of scrimmage, but he kept his balance and trucked on into the end zone.

2nd and 4 at the Duke 43

Duke sent a safety on the blitz, Matt Daniels got past Lanier, but took an angle that left him too far up field to make a play. Tyrod moved through the empty space to his left and directed THE STRAIGHT BURNER on an improvised touchdown.

It looked liked Dyrell was originally running a curl, but broke the route off when he turned around and saw Tyrod signaling him toward the end zone. Tyrod under threw THE BURNER, but Dyrell did a great job to turn around, locate and secure the ball, then backpedal for six.

2nd and 6 at the VT 35

Pre-snap, David Wilson motioned out of the backfield to off the line of scrimmage at the top of the formation. Wilson streaks down the field and gets a good 10 yards past corner Ross Cockrell. Josh Oglesby did a great job and picked up the delayed linebacker blitz, Tyrod stood in the pocket, loaded his cannon, fired down field and Wilson ran in the catch for the touchdown.

Now that's a pocket.


Everything about the play was beautifully executed.

Tyrod was "dead on balls accurate" with the football (13/17 280 yards 3 TDs) against Duke. He read the defense well and only threw one bad ball (Andre Smith trailing in the back of the end zone on 3rd and Goal). I really believe that it takes the passing game a longer time to gel than the rest of the offense. It looks like we are hitting our stride at just the right time.

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