Bring on the Slop

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The first bit of knowledge imparted to me by my first professor at Tech was, "If you don't like the weather in Blacksburg, just wait five minutes." That turned out to be sage advice.

It's supposed to be cold and rainy in Blacksburg on Thursday night. On Thursday night we play Georgia Tech, but you already knew that. I don't know if it will end up raining any more than I know if we'll win, but I want it to rain, buckets, and I want us to win.

Georgia Tech's option offense heavily involves pitching the ball around. They gain a lot of yards on the ground, but they don't execute flawlessly. They fumble a lot.

Fumbles Lost Since '08

Year Hokies Bees
2010 6 (42nd) 10 (110th)
2009 10 (49th) 12 (79th)
2008* 8 (28th) 20 (118th)
*Paul Johnson's first year at GT.

Rain means a slicker ball and a greater chance for Georgia Tech fumbles and turnovers.

A soaked Worsham Field will make for a slower game physically, but mentally the players won't be impeded. As a defender it is much more difficult to key, and read and react to Georgia Tech's defense than our own. Characteristics and traits of our offensive scheme are run by many other teams in the ACC and nationally, therefore they are more familiar, whereas Georgia Tech's spread (triple) option is unique to only a couple of schools. The extra couple of microseconds our young defense has to figure out their assignments as a play unfolds could be huge in shutting the Reck down.

Rain or not, the atmosphere in the Thunderdome will be just short of anarchy, the noise deafening. Think back to Miami last year, BC in '07 or Texas A&M in '03, the rain will sustain and intensify the environment.

I hope to leave Lane soaked on Thursday night.


I remember that A&M game. I was in shorts and a t-shirt while the idiots around me were soaked in pants and wet jackets. My skin dried during the 5 brief minutes of relief, while everyone else caught pneumonia. Probably didn't hurt that I had an aura surrounding me consisting of Jack Daniels and Beast Heavy.

Bring on the rain.


What type of weather was the JMU-VT game played in?