VPI WR corp

What an exciting offseason to be a Virginia Tech football fan! But before we can discuss the future, we must recall the past.

After a brutal finish to a great comeback season, large question marks developed about the state of the program. Walking out of Sun Life Stadium last January I couldn't help but think how embarrasing it is to continually lose on the stage of national spotlight (Kansas OB '08, LSU, Alabama, Boise, and now Standford!?). As I drove back to the hotel, instantly sobered by the dismal 4th quarter, I prayed that changes would be made. I am grateful for the continuity of the program, but when are we going to take the next step??

As if Beamer heard my prayers, big changes shook the coaching staff. Shane and Cornell were brought in. Then, after a poor recruiting class last year, our 2012 recruiting class exploded. 23 recruits, stud OT transfer, and in the running for 2 5star prospects and several quality 4stars..... Simply incredible!

With all the news around coaches, recruiting, Logan Thomas being the next "Scam Newton", David Wilson doing backflips - running up various buildings in Blacksburg - and eating Chic-fil-A on Sunday's, it has been easy to overlook our WR Corp.

We all know their productivity, so I'm not going to list their career stats. What I want to point out is their collective experience and ability to help Logan develop. Experience might be one of the most underrated things that is evaluated when looking at CFB teams. Our WR Corp has played in HUGE games, and has experienced what it takes to win. In pressure situations it is very easy to make mistakes on route running or blocking assignments, but I feel confident that our group will have an edge in these departments. That is invaluable, especially with a team as young as ours! This experience among the WR, and an experienced OL should make the transition for Logan Thomas (twitter: @El_Tee_3 , note The Extra Point pic!!) smooth. That combined with the slow start to our schedule makes the potential for success this year ENORMUS!

Hopefully I have done my bit to add to the Logan Thomas Hype-o-Meter, and possible create a Hokies WR Undervalued-o-meter!

Stay thirsty fellow Hokies, Cheers.

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