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Notre Dame. Swofford negotiating the re-up with the Orange Bowl despite a terrible showing by the conference was a power move. One of the few big plays left is for the league to wrangle in the Irish. Bart Wright speculates a prime time game in Charlotte against an ACC opponent might be enough  groundwork for such a move to happen in the near future. The ACC will need more than an annual kickoff game to sell the Irish, but it would be a great way to continue a strong relationship between the league and most coveted program in the nation.

 Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. Kendall Fuller named Clemson and Virginia Tech as his top two schools. Michigan is trailing at third. He'll visit Tech on July 14th and Clemson on July 20th. He's previously said he'll announce his decision at the Army All-American game, but maybe a stellar visit at one of his favorites hurries the process along. Running back Derrick Green, who Rivals now ranks as the top player in Virginia, cut his list of offers to 13. Tech is among the bunch.  Shane has his work cut out for him With Alabama, Michigan, and Ohio State in the mix. Expect Green to take his time and make his decision towards the end of the cycle. Kyle Chung was in Blacksburg this weekend. I think Chung would transition very well from TE to OL (guard or frontside tackle). By all accounts Tech commit Holland Fisher got after it at "The Open".

 All your preseason magazine covers are belong to Logan Thomas.

 Tech Hoops will play in something called the Continental Tire Las Vegas Classic this December.

The Hokies will open play in the event with a pair of home games, Dec. 10 against Mississippi Valley State and Dec. 15 against Georgia Southern. The Hokies will then travel to Las Vegas and play in the evening sessions on Dec. 22 and 23. The three other teams competing in the evening sessions will be Colorado State, Bradley and Portland. Along with MVSU and Georgia Southern, Cal. State Bakersfield and North Florida will participate in the afternoon sessions.

The field is weak, but it's winnable and provides good experience in a tournament atmosphere.

Remember that one time Virginia Tech was going to begrudgingly join Conference USA? Mr. CFB's realignment piece from 1998 probably sounded convincing enough at the time. He even pegged the demise of the Big East (though he didn't foresee the cause). Today, its real merit is a caution to take any realignment speculation, no matter how logical it sounds, with a grain of salt.


Pretty impressive for something written on a smartphone. GO HOKIES

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Kind of worried about all of the LT hype

Don't get me wrong Logan Thomas is great, but he had NFL quality receivers, an above average OL, and a first round NFL draft pick named David Wilson. He doesn't have all of that next year. LT is going have to make better reads, pass in smaller windows, and do all of this with less time to be successful. Can he do this? I think he can, but I see crazy talk like LT will be a first round draft pick next year. I think everyone needs to get their expectations straight. LT is going to have a bad game or two next year and it could cost us.

Hype is always just that: hype. Davis and Coles could well be NFL caliber, Holmes will be solid but Wilson was a special talent that only comes around so often, and then there's the oline. Dont get me wrong, I'm optimistic about the talent but lets face it Newsome aint got the best track record. I think they'll come together but it'll be a work in progress.

All that being said I think Logan wants to be great and he's got a good head on his shoulders. He works hard and he's humble, he's got all the tools he needs to be that first round pick. There's no doubt in my mind he'll realize his potential, and if that oline does gel and we can get a solid ground game from our young backs. . . who knows what the ceiling will be this fall.

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

LT3 is humble

I agree little risk of it going to his head...so the extra hype will actually be helpful imo, as I think it will allow us to climb the polls faster once we start winning. Don't forget we are entering the pre-season poll near the bottom of the top-25 this year.

We can certainly debate the possibility of a championship run for this season, especially if Holmes works out and the o-line gels, but we need some star-power to get noticed and talked about if it is ever going to happen.

Plus it will get in the opponents head, making the trucking they get when he lowers his shoulder all the more sweet.

I'm not worried

Thomas still has plenty of weapons. He's pretty comfortable with Davis and Coles already, and Roberts coming back will give him a more experienced option as well. Plus, he can implement the Denard strategy and let those guys make plays if he can't find anywhere to go with the ball. More often than not, Coles and especially Davis, can make a play over a DB.
Yes Wilson is gone, and thus the big play capability is down, but I expect those running backs, whether it be Holmes, Coleman (?), or Scales to move the ball more efficiently. Wilson had incredible balance, but Holmes and Scales seem to be able to run people over to get an extra yard or two.
O-Line will be the biggest focal point coming into the fall in my mind. Can we get consistent, quality play across the O-Line. Hopefully David Wang can stay healthy, Vinston Painter can improve on a good spring practice. My biggest question mark is with LG, whether Benedict can hold up and keep up with guys he will face.
Of course this is all based on what I watched in spring scrimmages. BUT, I think Logan Thomas has developed really well so far, and I expect steady improvement from him again. Maybe not the same stats, but a more mature quarterback. I think Thomas is going to be really good, again.

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