NCAA 2013

If you're like me, you love getting the newest game every season to see how the Hokies stack up with the best.

Well having downloaded NCAA '13 through EA's Season Ticket this weekend, I can tell the Hokies have a defense that can keep them in any game against any opponent. LT3 is much better on the long ball, and the trio of Roberts, Davis, and Coles are sure-handed. The HB (presumably Holmes) runs just like RMFW34. FYI, VT is ranked at #15 in this year's game. All and all, A+ job by EA Sports.

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To buy, or not to buy

I've bought this game every year since 2001. I thought last year's edition was a rushed, buggy, piece of of crap. The custom playbook feature crashed the game, and when it didn't all the plays showed up as a mess of question marks. I thought the gameplay was terrible, and choppy. I vowed not to buy this year's, but not I'll probably end up trying to demo to see if I like it.

I think there was talk of this before, but we could probably get a league going.

I can see how you would think that.

However, I've seen very few notable glitches in '13. At the end of the day, however, Madden is EA Sports' flagship franchise. Thus, it will likely always be a step above NCAA in quality. But I do believe this version is of pretty good quality. You'll love playing as the Hokies, given their well-balanced team and the improved abilities of LT3. In fact, I burned WVU online with a zone-read option from the VT 40, going to the 3rd yardline on setting up a TD.

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I've had it with this game

I'm never buying another one of these again. There was no improvement at all from last year. They advertised that the passing game is new and improved. You still can't throw to guys in man coverage who have a step on the DB because he will make a no look superman style interception out of nowhere. You can't throw within 50 feet of a linebacker in zone coverage or they will do the same. It's just ridiculous. And the blocking has always been atrocious. You think you have a lead blocker and you just need to follow him past the safety and you're home free? Wrong, because the guy will turn around and block a linebacker who has no chance of catching up to you. Don't bother blocking the fullback, because he's not even going to touch the defenders. That all seems like it should be a pretty simple fix. But they don't, and now they're not getting my money anymore.

I also can't stand the nerds who play online.

The orange jerseys for the Hokies have a severe glitch in that the sleeve numbers are on the upper arm AND the tops of the shoulders (on my PS3 at least). Poor QC.

However, that's a small flaw, and while I agree with hokienomics that the guys who play online are complete chodes, I do think it's a pretty solid game overall.

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It's the same on the 360 also