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I never thought I'd enjoy a soap opera, but Florida State is quite entertaining. Today, former FSU linebacker and trustee (right now that's the more important part), Derrick Brooks said the Big 12 approached FSU, and not the other way around Here's the audio from the Tim Brando show. So a former trustee has confirmed there is actual interest from the Big 12, while a BOT member thinks it's in FSU's best interest to listen to what the Big 12 has to say, meanwhile the president has reaffirmed FSU's commitment to the ACC. Not everyone at FSU is on the same page, or so it seems.

This is for the DMV readers, or those who don't mind driving. Verizon Center will host the 2013 Men's Basketball East Regional on March 28 and 30. Beers on BCO at Iron Horse.

Greg Gilmore, a 4-star defensive end from Carolina Tweeted this on Saturday, "#vt coach wiles stopped by to see me. I have one of the best relationship with that dude." Hell, I bought $100 of acai berries because Wiles endorsed it, sadly I have not lost 20 lbs.

I only linked to ESPN's ACC blog because Heather Dinich didn't write the post. Virginia has filed the paperwork for Phillip Sims' hardship waiver, and is waiting to hear back from the NCAA. But Mike Rocco is still UVa's starting QB.

"Mike is our starting quarterback, and I've said that time and time again and I think hopefully we're at a point in the program where players who come in, not only Phillip Sims, but the incoming freshmen class want to compete for opportunities," London said. "When you have players who want to compete for opportunities, then everybody gets better at that position. The quarterback is a high profile position. We don't talk about the defensive ends or the corners coming in that are going to be competing for playing time as well. But that's the mind-set you want to set for the team.

*wink, wink*
*nod, nod*

The Big Ten ceded the idea of on-campus semifinal playoff games for the Rose Bowl. Sigh. The Rose Bowl is college football's worst girlfriend. Speaking of playoffs, here's a breakdown of which teams would have made the field in 1998-2011 according to the four most popular scenarios. The ACC only accounts for 16 of 224 possibilities, Virginia Tech in '07 (4), FSU '99 (4), and FSU '98 (4). ACC commissioner John Swofford says the league prefers the bowls hosting the semifinals, and the conference championship model (a flip-flop from a few weeks ago when he said he support 1-4, 2-3).

Clemson isn't the only ACC school with a Toy Story cameo, Virginia Tech is all up in it too.



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