2013 TE / DE Kalvin Cline Committed to VT

His commitment was reported by 247Sports. I'm hard pressed to dig up any football articles on him, but he was recruited to play hoops by Florida Dunk Coast, Bucknell, and Richmond. Kline is 6-5, 206 and is from Fort Lauderdale, FL (Pine Crest School).

Welcome to HokieNation Kalvin!

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Calvin Klein.

Well. He's already a brand name.

We could definitely use a tall tight end with ups and good hands!
Welcome to Hokie Nation!


He was going to wlak on at Miami. Wonder if Miami saw him as another Jimmy Graham.


Another recruit, another "Virginia Tech University." It has to stop

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Can I go ahead and pick my sleeper for the recruiting class?

My favorite position in football are the "new" hybrid TE/WR players (Tony Gonzalez, Aaron Hernandez), and this kid fits that description. He's tall at 6-5, but he can definitely move. He's got good body position awareness too, looks good coming out of his cuts and puts himself in a good spot to box out the defender. Put some meat on his bones, and he could probably be a decent blocker against a LB or Safety.

Loeffler likes to show a five-wide formation, then motion into a power formation (like the I) if he doesn't like the match-ups. Having a versatile TE like Cline could be a real problem for defenses matching up. Do you bring in a LB to stop the run, or a nickelback to defend the pass?

If Cline pans out, he could be a real asset in Loeffler's scheme.

His film looks great. Very, very impressive at TE and DE.

His DE footage is impressive in the fact that he blows by virtually every LT in his highlight reel and gets the sack. The pursuit looks great, but when you look a bit closer, almost all of the LT's are slow, lock up their feet, and fail to truly engage Cline. Plus, while he "gets after ya" in true Beamer fashion, you don't see a lot of power - he's extremely upright in his rush, so I'd tend to agree that he looks like a safer projection on the Offensive side of the ball.

Now lets Gentrify this kid and get him in the dining halls...excited to see how he pans out. Certainly intriguing.

In Andy Bitter's blog post about him, his HS coach says that last April he "fell in love with the weight room" and is up to 6'5" 240lbs, after starting at 6'4", 215.

Yes! Why is this the first thing I thought of too? I hope he comes out of the tunnel for every game in a DeLorean.

Personally, I like the Basketball/Football crossover athletes. Especially for your WR/TE. His height is a huge asset and his experience playing basketball should help improve his hands. I can see him being thrown jump balls on a fade route in the back of the endzone and catching them, landing one foot in while falling out of bounds. That's the way we need to utilize his height. Having a guy like him is huge because few DBs will match his height. I don't see him being put at DE though. Most of his tape shows him being fast, but lacking in tackling form. Many of his plays are assisted tackles which is effective, but he had trouble taking down a RB by himself. Welcome to Hokie Nation Mr. Cline!

Anyone know who recruited him? I wonder if it was Lefty himself? If it WAS Lefty then I am very intrigued...

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Is Grimey trying to pull a Newsome and recruit TEs to play OL? Either way, this kid looks to be a sleeper. He's only played football for a year, so he's raw, but we can develop players. Nice pull.

"We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behavior" Stephen M.R. Covey

“When life knocks you down plan to land on your back, because if you can look up, you can get up, if you fall flat on your face it can kill your spirit” David Wilson

Also, according to Bitter he is now 240 not 206

for the non-twitterers:

He's already 240???

Yeah, this kid is definitely my sleeper pick. I was a little worried at his weight, but if he's already up to 240 he's got the body of a TE. He's ready to go. Can't wait, this might be a really good pickup

I think my favorite punt return that I've seen was a couple years ago when one of the OL/DT/occasional full back on my High School's team came right up the middle and blocked a punt, but instead of the ball bouncing off of him, he somehow caught the ball when it hit him and ran it back for a TD. A great example of Beamerball in a HS win: A Punt Block returned for a TD and an INT returned for a TD in a 14-6 game.

I think Klavin Cline is the next Jimmy Graham. Graham was a basketball player who also played football for the Hurricanes, and if I recall, he had a pretty miserable afternoon in Blacksburg.

Glad that Cline is a Hokies. Y-stretch, Y-trips!

I support Logan Thomas and make no apologies for it.

Yep, 2009. Graham had two big drops in Blacksburg in the 3rd quarter, down 21-7. Finished with zero catches that game.

I remember that game very well. I was at my daughter's house babysitting the kiddies and watched the Hokies spank the Hurricanes. It was also Randy Shannon's farewell tour, IIRC.

What I am trying to say in my previous post - the comparison is due to Graham playing basketball before switching to football, and Graham is doing just fine in the Saints' offense.

Maybe Cline would makes DC lose their lunches when they see him lined up on offense. I quiver with excitement!

I support Logan Thomas and make no apologies for it.

Well, I took a long look at the film. I think he is the kind of kid that you can take a shot on because you have depth at the positions where he could contribute.

The positives
*As a receiver, he has a very sharp release from the line of scrimage and gets off of press coverage. For a big man, he runs sharp routes and gets into position quickly, and catches the ball at it's highest point.

* As a defensive end, he has an excellent second step and closing speed, and appears to be tremendously productive.

* You can tell he is brand new to football. His stance at DE is awkward, and he overextends on his first step, almost to the point where he looked like he was falling down on a couple of plays. He is 100% allergic to contact, and in almost all these plays, he takes the route around blockers instead of taking on the block and beating it. He also turns his pads into the chest of a pulling guard, which we called "making yourself a big target." Someone with experience would squeeze the guard, taking on the block with the inside shoulder and maintaining outside leverage.

Watching this film, Cline could become the player that we hoped Randall Dunn would become. His hands and speed are identical, and he is physically much larger. He could factor in quickly at hBack (assuming he learns how to block.) He also looks very similar to Jayln Holmes in skill set. Both were used as wide receivers on offense, and both were explosive defensive ends on defense. Holmes is clearly more accustomed to contact at this point, but Cline might be quicker at the same size. Still, I would have loved to see VT make Holmes top 3.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Seems like he has more upside at TE


How about we start referring to ourselves as Virgina Tech: The Real University of Virginia

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For a while, our PA announcer would say, "Virginia Tech: THE University of Virginia" during football games.

So, 3:1 on a move to O-Line within 2 years and 5:1 on the move to QB. Any takers? ;)

Ill pass but I do love that picture. She is just amazing haha

It's that smirk

Well considering both Bucknell and Florida Gulf Coast are better bball schools than VT (maybe Richmond as well...), if he doesn't work out at TE, they should move him over to PF and play for JJ.

🦃 🦃 🦃

is anyone else excited to make calvin cline jokes?

Taylor, looking desperately throws it deep..HAS A MAN OPEN DANNY COALE WITH A CATCH ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FIVE!!!!....hes still open

I seriously hope he doesn't go the Macho Harris route and start modeling. Hokie fans would likely never hear the end of it...

I'm more excited about the "Hand" jokes...

"We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behavior" Stephen M.R. Covey

“When life knocks you down plan to land on your back, because if you can look up, you can get up, if you fall flat on your face it can kill your spirit” David Wilson

This guy is special. Glad he's a Hokie. To have that kind of game with only 1 year of high school experience and 1 month of college practice it awesome.