OT: FBS Home Game Attendance in 2014

CBS had a rather detailed article on trends in the attendance this year. Many have spoken of the recent downturn in attendance, but this puts some figures to this tendency. Virginia Tech averaged 61,157 down 4% from 2013

Some takeaways:

-Ohio State, which averaged 106,296 fans, ended Michigan's 16-year run atop the attendance leaders. Michigan dropped to third at 104,909 behind No. 2 Texas A&M (105,123).

-The biggest increases among Power Five schools: Texas A&M (21 percent), Maryland (14 percent), LSU (11 percent), Mississippi State (10 percent), Rutgers (9 percent), Florida State (9 percent) and UCLA (nine percent). Texas A&M, LSU and Mississippi State expanded their stadiums this season. Maryland and Rutgers were new Big Ten members.

-The biggest decreases in the Power Five: Purdue (28 percent), Pittsburgh (17 percent), Virginia (15 percent


Kansas (10 percent), Arizona State (9 percent) and Oklahoma State (8 percent).

-Major college football home attendance in 2014 dipped to its lowest average in 14 years as many schools continue to struggle to fill seats.

Football Bowl Subdivision crowds for home games averaged 43,483 fans per game, down 4 percent from 2013 and the lowest since 42,631 in 2000, according to a CBSSports.com analysis of NCAA attendance data. This marked the sixth straight season crowds were below 46,000 since they peaked at 46,456 in 2008.


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So, VT attendance dropped exactly in line with national averages.

While I'd like it to be less than the national average it is good to know we are following the trend and not an outlier.

This is going to be great for the ACC.

CBS most like VT, I came to a 5% drop in attendance from VT Box Score reports.

The relief shouldn't be that VT is within the average of the NCAA but how a school so big on selling out now has 1 in 11 seats empty

Wish they (or someone that has more free time than me) compared all of these numbers to stadium capacity. That would be more interesting.

I had this thought, as well. A&M just renovated Kyle Field and added a bunch of seats, so the % increase is skewed. Then too, the fact that they can fill all those seats speaks to high demand among their fans, so it is still informative.

It is. I like looking at it as Tickets sold vs. Tickets available. The delta between the two is basically lost revenue that we should be getting. Sure you could sell more tickets with renovations that add more seats, but at some point you are in the red until you make back the construction costs.

The difference between VT and many of those other schools is that we purely rely on football to pay our bills, so a 5% drop in attendance really hurts our bottom line more than it would with a UNC, Kentucky, etc.

How do we fall in with the schools in the same or similar situation as that?

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i wonder what the impact of joining the BIG 10 was on the increase in attendance was or if that was just by chance. i did not sudenly say wow VT joined the ACC i should go to more games. nor would i feel that way if we suddendly joined the SEC. do you think maybe that is because of visiting teams purchasing tickets in the ammount more than visiting teams in the respected previous confrences each was in? just curious as to thoughts of why attendance would increase for teams like rutgers/ maryland just because they joined a new confrence? i guess maybe a chance to see some new games? i really dont know.

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Ehhhh...if we joined the SEC attendance would go way up. When you replace teams on our schedule with Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina etc. you will have much more interest. Likewise with Big10. It would be like having Clemson, FSU or Miami for 5-6 games every year.

I think that it's a combination of getting to play new teams and the other teams fans in the home teams area that get a shorter trip to see their team play.

For example: Let's say VT went to the SEC, I would guarantee that we'd have more of our fans in the stands when we play Alabama, LSU, UGA, Florida, etc... at home, and any fans of those teams in the state of Virginia would be after tickets to those games as well so that they could see their team. After the first round or two of playing those teams the luster will wear off and attendance should level out.

There is nothing in the world like Thursday night in Blacksburg!

Maryland attendance sucked in general. Now with a little bit of excitement in the program and some new faces coming to College Park, a few more people will want to come to the games.

Seriously, a 14% increase is likely around four thousand fans. I dated a UMD fan for a while and would go to some games (always with Tech clothes on) and this was the average turnout for the few games I went to
I can't get the image itself to load for some reason so theres the link to imgur. It was pathetic how little they supported their team unless it was vs Duke basketball

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There are a lot of Big 10 alums in DC-MD-VA metro and Northern NJ...

Penn state is number 4 in the DMV behind the Hokies, LOLUVA, and the Terps.

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Rutgers and Maryland were both given great home schedules, which is smart business by the Big Ten.

Wait, a 15% decrease from zero is still zero, right?