Photoshop fun

Some of the Hokie themed sports edits I've been playing with as of late.

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Awesome stuff! Do you sell prints of these? Preferably without the names on it

Tyrod did it, Mikey!

These are great! You should ignore NCAA rules and make these for recruits too (because what're they gonna do, give you a stern glance when they pass you on the street?).

Do you have any plans to make wallpapers or prints of these?

the NCAA rules DO NOT apply to us common folks. we can make whatever we want. I have seen MANY edits like this on instagram of recruits in whatever teams jersey and the recruits pretty much repost and shoutout the person who made the edit some of them have been pretty sweet. and while I don't think a kids going to go to a school because someone edited a picture of him into a new jersey it does plant a seed of what he will look like when hes out there playing for that team.

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the NCAA rules DO NOT apply to us common folks

False, but this is a black hole that has been discussed ad nauseum several times that we shouldn't go down again. In the end, do what you want, but it isn't allowed and there's not much they can do to enforce it.

you mean the black hole of logic where people think the NCAA has power to govern at will over everyone?

NCAA rules don't apply to people outside their administration, but trademark law does. Of course you could always claim it was for satire/parody purposes under fair use exception and try to bypass that, but seeing the Saminal like that is seriously no joke so I don't think that will fly.

A few years ago some student organization was selling "Ryan Williams for Heisman" shirts on the drill field, with a silhouette of Ru. I believe that Ryan William's likeness was property of NCAA, so they had to stop. Could be wrong - the google machine is not telling me anything useful today.

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well, multiple problems there:
a) it was a student organization. if you are a student at a university under NCAA you are under it's administration. This is compounded if you are a student organization.
b) they were selling it.
c) while the NCAA does not own the likeness they do forbid the likeness being used.
d) if it said Virginia Tech, VT or had a logo or mascot emblem or any likeness in terms of school colors, etc it is a trademark issue, therefore legal issue.

the biggest issue and why people shouldn't do this kind of stuff is because the NCAA could technically punish the school, or god forbid find the player at fault. But if you are not a student and not in any way under contract with the NCAA then their bylaws do not govern you.

Unfortunately the NCAA does not see it that way. Tweeting, emailing or communicating in any way with a recruit is prohibited. As a fan of VT you are considered a "booster", the Hokie Club newsletter had a whole article from VT compliance officer answering questions about this kind of topic. They also have a twitter account were they will answer questions.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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well, I am an architect. As someone that lives in a house you are considered a fan of mine and my company has bylaws that anyone that uses "unfortunately" in an online comment must pay me a fine of 10,000 dollars.

doesn't work that way. you can be prosecuted criminally for being a booster ala Nevin Shapiro but that involves crimes prosecuted by a DA and judge. Charges that are not called "breaking NCAA bylaws". The NCAA can't prosecute Shapiro only schools and players. I'm not saying there isn't consequences but being a fan does not mean you are under contract with NCAA no matter how much they want that.

there is a distinction.

meanwhile when Ryan Williams was in College "Jersey # 34" was being sold for $80+ but none of my business. ohh the NCAA scamming athlete's 1 jersey at a time.

I have one of those shirts and it's awesome.

There's one VT fan on twitter that is constantly posting photos to recruits. Very cringe worthy

I've actually seen a lot of pages with the title like HokieNation or something do just that. I follow one of them, and they're always tweeting edits and pics at recruits. Seemed a little iffy to me as well. I was trying to find the one I'm talking about, but that page has retweeted literally hundreds of other pages with similar titles that all do the exact same thing.

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i think one of them is kennyhokie who is no longer on here. dude does edits like crazy and always is tweeting ect.. I cringe at the image below. Not only is it to a HS recruit but he added his name to the back of our jersey...

I actually found the page that I was talking about before, but didn't think anyone really cared. But here are just a couple of examples. And all of them are really similar to the one you posted, but all done by this one page. Coming from a marketing major/communications minor, the Photoshop on the first one in particular is cringe-worthy

"It might be dark outside, but it's LeDay in here." - Jay Bilas

The only consolation is that some of the highly recruited kids must see some terrible edits from all schools...

Edit: why is the "P" in ESPN lobotomizing the poor kid?

It seriously looks like a pre-schooler cut that picture out of a newspaper, applied some Elmers to the back of it, smacked it in the middle of a photo-shopped generic ESPN the Magazine cover, all while chopping off part of the kid's head

"It might be dark outside, but it's LeDay in here." - Jay Bilas

i give him an A for effort and an F for following the rules and a WTF are you doing for overall concepts

I also don't get why the kid in the bottom edit is wearing our jerseys from like 10 years ago

"It might be dark outside, but it's LeDay in here." - Jay Bilas

Wasn't KennyHokie the original DDMPT guy?

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I am usually making these in 11x17 or 16x20 formats and, frankly, most of the recruit pics are pretty low res to be gentle. If I were to try and bump those up to this size they would look terrible. I've seen the edits that some have done of recruits and they are pretty rough. Now some of the pics from the bigger camps like the Nike one and others could work, but most of those are in shorts and 7 on 7 drills so that kind of takes away the fun of it.

These are really good. What font are you using? I've been looking for one like the athletic dept uses but haven't had any luck.

I'm here for the memes, I just stay for the football.

Athletic Dept. font is a modified Futura Extra Bold. Most people just use Futura Extra Bold or Futura Extra Bold Condensed.

Nice pictures. Also not trying to nitpick but in case you just missed it, "Dash" is missing the first quotation mark.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

I noticed that too, but maybe the implication is that it's hidden behind his foot?

If a tree falls in Scott Stadium does it make a sound?

Look close and you can tell that it is in fact hidden by his foot. That's a layering issue where the text would normally be in the foreground, but instead JC is there.

That was intentional, I wanted it to look like JC was hurdling (or stepping over) his own name.

Absolutely fantastic work.

And on an unrelated note, went the hell is JCC holding the ball like that?

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It was a TD scoring play...he's just holding it out like that pre-celebration, I think

That makes me feel much better. I thought that was during a run.

"I liked you guys a lot better when everybody told you you were terrible." -Justin Fuente

I only see red x's? Have the pictures been taken down already???

They're showing up for me. Might be your browser.

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

Nice work! I played with your last one a little bit.

This is magical. Dork magical, even.

I think it will be PERFECT once it's fully dipped.

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You forgot the wings on his feet!

I don't want to seem ungrateful because this is awesome, but is there anyway you could easily make the background wider and make it 16:9 or at least 16:9ish? I understand if you don't want to though.

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Gayle Edit

Topaz PS filters didn't really give it that smooth, almost painting/airbrush look as much on this one as it did with the others. Might go back and tweak the filters a little bit.

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I made this in Illustrator and the effect came out pretty awesome. Hopefully I can place this in my man cave one day.

Since that was pretty expensive, I got it on my card!:

I was watching one of our old games today and when the team was running onto the field something bothered me about the colors on the state flag:

But don't worry, I fixed it: