OT: New River - suitable for fishing this weekend?

Me and a couple of friends are going to the game Friday night and had planned on staying in town to do some fishing on the New River Saturday morning. We were planning on doing a float trip, and I was just wondering if anyone has looked at the river and if so what their thoughts were. The projected flow from the NWS for Saturday is a bit below 4500 cfs which is doable, however I'm not sure if the water is still stained or what. Obviously last weekend when I looked at it it was pretty crappy (could have been the tears in my eyes from the game), but looking at the flows and the good weather this week I would think we'd be ok. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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The river is still up and muddy. You can float it but the current is going to be strong. It's fishable but not ideal conditions.

If you go, be careful. Fish the eddies and any slack water you can find. Fish slow, small tubes, Senkos, give 'em time to find your bait. Again, if the New's up and muddy, be careful.

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Thanks for the input guys. Gonna take it real easy and hopefully pull some fish. I know the float pretty good and the spots where we could have trouble will have some extra care taken. Thanks again for the input, hope we have a good trip.

Good luck. Let us know how you do.

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Conditions were miserable, but fishing was pretty good. Caught a good number of smallies, some on tubes but most on cranks around shallow structure. Had a good musky break off while bass fishing so we switched to the big rigs but couldn't move any more fish. Overall a pretty good day on the river, plus the game Friday was awesome. Thanks for the info.