2018-2019 Buzzketball Roster Posted

A few notables: https://hokiesports.com/roster.aspx?roster=284&path=mbball

-Nick Fullard is no longer with the team. Not significant, but some had presumed he'd be taking a scholarship since he earned one last year.
-A pair of guards have come in, presumably, as walk-ons. Tyrese Radford (247 bio)), Brendan Palmer. Any contributions from one of them would be a welcomed addition. Radford looks like an athletic type that can get to the rim. Think he has the better chance than Palmer to contribute, but it will be a crowded backcourt.
-Landers Nolley is going to be a stud. If you liked NAW, wait till you see this kid.
-I have no idea what to expect from either of the other freshmen. Kabango, I haven't seen enough film of, so I'll leave it until the season. Wilkins is intriguing. He has some great intangibles and can really shoot the rock, but he isn't the most athletic. May struggle on the defensive end and might be too slow to break down ACC defenders.

I think we see a heavy rotation of the below:

G - Robinson, NAW, Med, Bede
F - Clarke, Nolley, Outlaw, Horne
Big - Blackshear

My gosh, if this team stays healthy, we can be serious players come March.

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I can't wait to see Blackshear REALLY break out if he can stop picking up 3 fouls in the first 8 seconds of the game.

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Man, no relief for Blackshear besides going small ball with Horne is going to be a test. If he picks up fouls or worse gets hurt, I think that takes us from a Top 15 team to maybe a top 40 team.

I feel like Blackshear avoiding foul trouble and being our only legit big has been the case for 10 years


Made a 20 dollar bet with a UVA grad classmate that VT would not get swept in bball this year.

Easiest money of my life.

Maybe not the easiest, but I think you'll get paid.

Hadn't seen this. Good shout.

Always choose joy.

no bibbs makes me sad. I really enjoyed watching him shoot.

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Meh, he seemed to really regress last year. Or at least, he certainly didn't seem to grow at all as a player when we needed him. He had some fun moments, but really his time will be better used this year.

I feel you but disagree. Kid shot the rock lights out for 4 years and his on ball defense will be missed. NAW needs to step in to knock down the big shots

There's something about having NAW, Bede, Clarke, Nolley and Blackshear on the court at the same time that just won't be fair to opposing teams. The basketball gods are warming up to VT.

That means Robinson is on the bench catching a breather, so that's what makes it fair.

I called it at the end of last year and I'm sticking to it: Justin Robinson will be ACC Player of the Year.

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I really thought Med had graduated. Feels like he has been on this team for 8 years. I think this team has the athleticism to outpace any team they play, but like the DL on the football team, I really wish we had some depth behind Blackshear.

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We might not feel it this season, but next season we gonna really be missing Pig.

Is it basketball season yet?

The way Buzz builds his roster, I doubt it.

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I really hope Med doesn't do that thing where he shoots 50% from the three point in non-conference play and then like 20% in ACC play. That has really hurt the last two seasons.

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Yeah but luckily we have Outlaw to pick up the slack, kid is gonna shoot 50% from 3 this year.

More likely to be Nolley doing that. I still don't think Outlaw gives us a ton of min, he can't guard anyone on the perimeter and knee injuries aren't known for increasing quickness. While he shoots the absolute ish out of the ball, he gives a lot of it back at the other end of the floor.

Agreed, Outlaw will have a few games where he fits defensively but most games, it's hard to see a lot of time.

Outlaw is as stretch four in our system, he will be guarding a forward, probably in the post

Defense is always needed but we might need rebounds from Outlaw more than his D.


How many teams in the ACC play 2 true posts? UNC maybe? I'll admit that I'm not super familiar with what everyone is bringing back so I could be wrong but pretty much everyone last year played a stretch 4 or 4 guards.

Oho, but he will

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...lets out a sigh.

I didn't sy his name on the roster

Let me Sy if I have this straight...
He is
He isn't
He is
Oh wait, no he isn't

Now ya Sy 'im, now ya don't.

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After this season in a way it'll be kinda sad to see the pillars that have built this basketball program back to relevance in Ahmed Hill, Justin Robinson, Justin Bibbs and Chris Clarke gone. They've all given so much and despite their imperfections have played the bulk of the minutes over the past 3-4 yes and in our 2 runs making it to he NCAA tournament. Allen and Leday are important too, but these 4 are the ones that started as and will end their careers as Hokies and are part of the reason we now have players like NAW and Nolley.


We're going to be fucked next year.

I see you trying to reverse psychology us into the 2020 Final Four.

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If NAW stays and Nolley is as good as I think he is and KJB continues to evolve and Bedes athleticism is controlled and Horne does his best CClarke impersonation......

.....then we will have five good players!

Cmon recruits, good minutes available.

How? Med, Outlaw, J-Rob, CC will be gone and NAW if he plays good enough. We bring in a recruiting class of 4 or 5. Bede takes over for J-Rob with Kabongo as backup, Nolley and Wilkins/NAW on the wings, KJ and PJ in the frontcourt. You only really need 2 maybe 3 more players for an 8 man rotation, which you can get from Freshman. Bede (Jr.) is a defensive stud who studied under a great, Nolley's (So.) a 6-7 wing, KJ(R-Sr.) could be All-ACC by then, and PJ (Jr.) is a dump truck. Seems pretty good to me.

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Landers Nolley was 195 in high school (Rivals profile) and now listed as 230 on the depth chart (Roster profile). That is an insane weight gain over a year but hopefully its good weight if the roster weights are correct.

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Thinking its a typo- Wilkins also listed at 6-3 230 but he's 180 or so.

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You have to believe Buzz needs/planning to land AT LEAST 1 big, preferably 2 in the 2019 class. We are HURTING for size once KB graduates.

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Pshh, we've been hurting for size since KB got here.

It's a perennial theme in Buzzketball.

Kabongo at 6-4 195... nice... thought he would be around 6-2 175

'Its easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you've got the stock market beat,
but the man worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the seat'

It's weird to only be in week 4 of football and already be excited for basketball.

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Cancelled games will get after ya

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I was excited for next season by the time I was done booing the refs off the court in Pittsburgh.

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