Kerry Blackshear Weighing Options via Transfer Portal or NBA Draft

I know it was posted in the other thread, but I think he's a big enough name for the program to deserve his own thread.

He can still come back, so he isn't completely gone, but this isn't the best news for Tech, even if expected.

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You knew he'd tip-toe around this decision

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Sooner or later he'll put his foot down and make the decision one way or the other

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While technically possible he could come back, the fact that he waited this long is a good indicator imo he's moving on. He's had time to assess if VT with Mike Young is something he'd be interested in. There's going to be significant interest from contenders for him in the college ranks if he wants to stay in college and while his draft status for the NBA might not be high, he can definitely make some money as a pro somewhere.

Our Hoops Wiz ItrePeter said it best, and it explains how I feel about it.

I hope Blackshear finds whats best for him. No need to waste next season in a rebuild if he can get attention on a contender to brighten his chances of making the NBA.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

This was something Blackshear would have been doing regardless of Buzz leaving or not. He is graduating so why not explore all options, going pro or playing for an immediate contender, over a rebuild year in Blacksburg no matter who the coach is.

I'm reasonably sure if Buzz hadn't left, Blackshear would be coming back for his last year.

I have to think Texas A&M is his most likely landing spot, but of course I could be wrong about that.

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I do not think that this upcoming season makes Texas A&M the most likely destination. I expect Buzz will do better next year then year 1 with Tech but thats mainly due to a more skilled recruiting class following him there then followed him here. That said I still expect A&M to struggle next season.

Blackshear is better served going to a known commodity like Kentucky or UNC that will need bigs next season. Gets him the greatest media coverage and most likely path deep in the tournament again. Blackshear moved to a class by himself in the portal above everyone else available. He is going to have a ton of coaches after him.

Could he go to UNC. I know he can grad transfer but does the ACC still make you sit out transferring in conference.

That thought makes me vomit.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

He can go to an ACC school and play next season. Adam Smith grad transferred to Georgia Tech a few years ago and played immediately

He's a wonderful player, and I really feel like he's an underrated NBA prospect considering his height and shooting range. And then throw in his passing, and I feel like he'd do great on the Rockets, Spurs, Bucks, Warriors, Blazers, etc... And if no one wanted to take him 25-30, there's no way I'd pass him up in the late 2nd round.

But at his age, if he goes to UNC or UK and is overshadowed, his draft stock evaporates. I think his best bet is going to a solid program that will feature him. If he plays like he did this season, he's a decent NBA selection (top 40) wherever he's at, including VT.

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At this point he would have a clear picture of any potential overshadowing at a Blue Blood and would avoid those situations. I said Kentucky amd UNC because they are losing the majority of their top bigs and dont necessarily have ready talent for next year to replace them. He would find a starting job waiting for him at either school and is not likely to be overshadowed with how each school runs their offense.

I actually think tamu will be pretty good next year. They lost a bunch before this last season, but have a lot of solid pieces leftover if Buzz doesn't run them all off. With the transfers expected and the recruits coming in I see them as a tourney team and probably a top 4 sec team.

Well, won't exactly be a rebuild if KBJ returns, along with some of the other pieces (Nolley, Bede) staying, and keeping the recruiting class strong. However, if KBJ departs, I'd consider it a rebuild.

Got one year of eligibility left, so if he isn't going pro, why not stay at the place that made you what you are, especially if you have confidence in the new coaching staff? To uproot your relationships and transfer for your last year, with so many uncertainties, seems a little risky to me. I would think the comfort level of staying put would outweigh the uncertainties associated with the transfer for 1 year, but maybe that's just me.

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Because he can literally go play immediately for a team that will contend for a championship. He's most likely the top guy in the transfer portal and teams like Kentucky need guys his size and skill set.

Even if he stays there are a ton of uncertainties, as the only returning players he would have spent significant time in a game with would be Wilkins for sure and Bede if he returns. Then there is the uncertainty of how Young and the two new assistants coach both during games and behind the scenes. You would be looking at a roster of a majority freshmen and sophomores depending on transfers so just the learning process for those players lends itself to this being a rebuild year. Then there is the chance to be on national television. This isnt saying that the Hokies may win consistently or not, that likely largely depends on who else Coach Young pulls out of the Portal beyond our current entrants. One thing is certain, tne OOC schedule is going to be tougher since the Hokies play in the Maui Invitational this season against quite a few Blue Bloods. If the Hokies manage to get ranked then they are more likely to be on TV but the blue blood programs that are pursuing him will have an almost guaranteed television schedule that will keep him top news all season. As long as those programs win like they normally do then he also will be more featured in broadcasts come tournament time. Constantly being on Sportscenter is a major advantage to someone looking to make it in the NBA.

a&m starting 5 next year: Blackshear, Bede, Clarke, Nolley, + one of our former commits

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Bede's not getting a waiver to play immediately if he does end up leaving, he'll have to sit a year.

I expect Nolley will also have to sit a year too, regardless of the situation where he sat for eligibility questions.

Buzz leaving for a&m and the player not wanting to be part of a rebuild is infinitely more of a hardship than whatever Tate Martell argued to get his!

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ESPN has a list of top transfers who can play right away and top players who cant. Bede and Nolley were listed as players who would need to sit. I thought with the coaching change they could play right away. Would they just need to apply for a waiver?

Yes, they would need a waiver to get immediate eligibility

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Yes, they'll need the waiver.

With the precedent that Tate Martell set, that waiver is pretty much just a rubberstamp going forward when it comes to transferring after a coaching change.

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

I could end up being wrong, but I don't see the NCAA handling things the same way in college basketball.

Considering there's way more opportunity for coaching turnover in D-1 basketball versus FBS football , I don't think the waiver process will be as easy in CBB.

I havent been too butt hurt about Buzz doing Buzz things... but man will it suck to see guys I cheered for winning a ton of games at another school.

Leg for cutting right to the heart of what has made all this so painful.

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I haven't been too butt hurt about Buzz doing Buzz things... but man will it suck to see guys I cheered for winning a ton of games at another ACC school.

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It would be kind of funny in a sadistic way if the NCAA granted Nolley a waiver to become immediately eligible at TAMU.

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I know you're half joking, but if that actually happened then I would say college basketball needs some major fixin'.

I think there would be a national discussion about how fucked up that would be. You can't have any legitimacy in a sport that allows an entire program to just up and move to another school.

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I don't think anyone is going to care. VT isn't big enough for it to matter nationally

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

So, Tom Brand at Iowa has no legitimacy?

It's not a big a sport as basketball, but there was no national discussion or outcry then.

Agreed, but I do think most within wrestling circles knew how F-ed up what Brands did to us really was. It still comes up sometimes with commentators. Sadly, the more time passes, it seems like Buzz really did try to set himself up similarly. All his talk of family and community was just lip-service. You aren't allowed to use those words when you are secretly working behind the scenes to take a whole program with you on the way out the door. National acknowledgment or not, he's dead to me.

Brands was a dick about leaving. I don't think Buzz has reached his level.

Does make you think about how amazing it was when Huggy Bear left for WVU, he told every recruit at KState that they should play for KState. I can never fault anyone who says that their alma mater is their dream job and then takes that job.

I mean no disrespect to wrestling at all, it's a great sport.

But the average sports fan really isn't going to be too plugged in to what is going on in college wrestling like they would be for college basketball.

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Well fuck

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Putting my O&M glasses on. Maybe he is just not sure, yet and wants to see what his options are before he decides. Or maybe he knows where he wants to go; and he has to enter the portal to see if Buzz wants him to come to A&M. 757's comment is pretty scary. That would be a pretty good starting five.

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No way he leaves Tech to go to A&M...might as well stay with players that will definitely bow down.....

He has NBA aspirations.

If he's playing college ball next year it won't be with a rebuilding (read: BAD) Virginia Tech squad. It'll be with a team where he'll be able to showcase his abilities on the big stage.

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

On the bright side, we have an amazing recruiting pitch now....Literally just sign up and you're an ACC starter from day 1! We got minutes to hand out like Oprah's got cars.

Might have to dust off my old basketball shoes, I got eligibility left...sure, I'm older than Lebron, but last time I played, I could still handle my own in my adult league

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Wouldn't be shocked to see Blackshear on Kentucky given Reid Travis and PJ Washington are both gone.

I doubt Sestina (the Bucknell grad transfer) will be a starter for Kentucky, so KJ could get lots of minutes for a legit blue blood.

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This is just downright depressing, it seems like nothing will ever go our way.

Touchdown Tech!!!

Had a feeling this would happen. Probably UF bound.


No ill will to Blackshear, the epitome of a Hokie! He's spent four years here, gotten a degree and deserves to see what's out there. Even with him, the NIT was the only realistic possibility.

Though if he goes to A&M that would just be more salt in the wound.

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Everyone saying he'll transfer, but he is entering his name in the NBA draft. He could go pro too

yeah he edited that IG post realllllll quick lol. he did originally say transferring though.

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How I imagine everyone's reaction is to this news:

Ok which one of you MFs sold your soul to beat UVA in the 4th qrt?????

You must have turned off the game with 12 seconds left because I'm pretty sure the answer is no one. Or they got a really bad deal (which, fair enough, is probably what you should expect if making deals with some sort of malevalent supernatural being).

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The b-ball ride ends after 3 tournament appearances but both streaks live on, and a great finish to a horrible football season. I did it and I do it again.

His official statement:

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More options than fans at UVA's spring game

I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016

That's pretty straight up. All options are on the table. He's being smart. can't blame him. This is a "not all negative" announcement to me.

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The Les Claypool / Whitney Houston remix?

Love it...

"It's always great to beat UVA, that makes us all smarter and better looking for a couple days".

Seeing this all unfold is like your divorce being finalized: You've seen the writing on the wall for a long time, the kids have been forced to pick sides, and even though you've done everything you can to emotionally prepare yourself for what's happening it still hurts like hell.

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Also I just need somebody to edit the portal logo so it's maroon and orange so we can post that whenever one of our players enters the portal

Edit: well I hand colored it because I couldn't wait that long. Eh hope you guys enjoy.

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This is awesome, but I think it needs to be orange and maroon on the outgoing half and the colors of everywhere else on the incoming, for accuracy :(

How about we make it ODU colors?

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

Congratulations to Isaiah Wilkins on being the leading scorer of the returning players!

(And second leading rebounder...and second leading in assists...and top 3 pt shooter...)

for now...

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Well thats good news.....prorate the numbers to 80 minutes per game, (which he will have to play on a 3 man roster)and he will average a triple double.
Naismith award winner....mark it down.



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Thanks Buzz.

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All of these suggestions of which Blue Blood he will transfer to are nonsense. He's going to follow Cunningham and Kumah and whoever else transfers from the football team to ODU.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

It just better not be Miami, right?

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UNC or UVA would really upset me way more than Miami.

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Not sure on UNC, but I really doubt he would go to UVA because of their system alone. Based on some of the great breakdowns on TKP, UVA pretty much just uses their bigs to set screens for shooters. That system doesn't feature KJB or cater to his strengths

That's not entirely true. In the blocker-mover offense, Hunter & Salt were often the screeners while the guards continually cycled around. Hunter still got buckets out of the blocker-mover.

This year UVA mixed it up a lot more often and used continuity ball screen offense (which VT heavily used), plus some triangle sets and straight up spread-iso (usually with Jerome triggering).

I agree that it wouldn't be necessarily the best fit though, mostly because I can't ever recall UVA using a big man to trigger their offense like KJ is able to do. But Tony Bennett is an excellent coach and would figure out how to use him if it came down to it.

It'll be very interesting to see where KJ goes if he ends up elsewhere. One of the reasons he worked so well as the focal point of the offense after J-Rob went out is because we could still put out 4 guys around him capable of making threes. That's pretty rare in college basketball, and even though a place like Kentucky might be a big draw for him, they don't typically have a roster full of shooters.

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Someone needs to change the Thread Title.


To? Is there news?

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Look up a few comments. He is entering the NBA draft.


He is weighing a ton of options, including the draft but also coming back. Nothing in this thread means any particular path is set. His own instagram post about the draft says he may come back.

Edit: I see what you mean. The title should say "KBJ weighing all options and enters NBA draft, transfer portal, but considering returning as well"

Danny is always open
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Yah I would also add my gut tells me he's as good as gone. New article posted on the athletic makes it sound like he's got high hopes Kentucky picks him up.

If that's what happens, good for him. I will just be bitter if he goes to TAMU. Loved cheering for him. Wish him the best.

Yeah something other then Enters the Transfer Portal, since the NBA is an option on the table.


At least if he is entering the portal, it is good the world acknowledges he is the #1 player in the portal.

He'll come back to college next year, but entering the draft and going through the process is the smartest thing he could've done. Even if Buzz was still here he should've declared for the draft. I wish NAW had done this last year. Getting the training and the feedback from the NBA really improves you as a player.

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We got Nolley, if we can keep the others...wonder how that would impact his decision

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If we could get Cone to commit and keep Bede and maybe even Harris back that would be nice but dunno if thats an option

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I don't see why Cone would commit to us (at least in this cycle) if we keep Harris, but I wouldn't hate it.

Eh. He may or may not want to, but you could definitely use Harris and Cone interchangeably, with Cone as the more pure PG, and Harris largely as an off ball guard who can attack off the pass or shoot. Schools like Villanova have done the multiple guards thing very successfully.

I read an article today. Blackshear is the number one listed player in the TP. We had two total in the top 20 I believe.

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I dont believe that....


I just cant believe you read an article.....