VT Football All Access videos

Have not seen these posted but in my opinion are pretty fantastic. Great look at the younger coaches JHam and Jafar. Good inside glance at how the team interacts.

VT All Access pt 1

VT All Access pt 2

Outside of Caleb Gelsomino's (had to Google him) Gruden impressions, highlight to me was Jafar chatting with Payoute.

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Vance had the censor working hard.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Love the quote by JHam where he said "do you wanna get done, or do you wanna get better?" Unless our next DC has a world beater safeties coach waiting for the call, it should be non-negotiable as to whether or not Hamilton is retained.

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Or promoted?


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He's got the duckface down

great stuff! thanks for bringing to our attention

Hokie in West Africa...sadly, I can't jump up and down hard enough for it to be felt in Lane

Cant be the only one thinking spider 2 y banana is a penis joke...

I hate rude behavior in a man. Won't tolerate it.

Nah I think its from when Grudden was talking to Andrew Luck on NFL network a while a go and it became a sensation.

Vice speaking to the O line...

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Im guessing they are doing what they are doing on purpose... as an untrained eye, I like yours better, but the ones they are releasing have an old school feel, which I can understand why they would want to give that feeling.

It would be one thing if they were going for an old-school feel, but I can tell that they literally did nothing to the footage and what you see is straight out of the camera. It's a picture profile designed to be color graded, which is why it looks so desaturated and washed out.

If you take a look at schools doing it well, like Clemson, UofSC, and (gasp) WVU, you can tell a difference:

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Have they responded to you? perhaps the intern that is posting these videos has googled color grading and will fix it.

Ha, not yet. I don't mean to be trashing them, I just really want better quality.

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Yea, this is on par with Hokie Club level of effort.

I will note I got an appreciation call from them yesterday for my donations and ticket purchases, so that was nice.
They're still woefully lacking in all things related to this new fangled thing called the 'internet', however.

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I loved how Jafar was like "if that DB is not out of his back peddle within 6 yards that is disrespectful" (paraphrasing)

Yeah, that was one hell of a way to tell the kid, "You're damn fast and you better run like it. Don't let them disrespect your speed and don't let me see you slacking."

That and how much speed can open up the shorter routes. The sooner you get the corner's hips to turn, the better as they can't sit and attack down hill on your break. This is why every route needs to look the same as a Go route off the LOS, get on your stem, and attack the corner full speed - once they turn their hips, they're beat. Payoute's speed will pay dividends if he doesn't slack off coming off the ball on any play. Having a corner turns his hips, even on runs plays, takes them out of the play.


If you weren't already, you should be pissing your pants with excitement for Jafar and JHam as coaches.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

I'll piss my pants whenever and to whatever I please thank you very much.


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New video out today, with a hypnosis session.

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Lol I feel like Wiles and Shibest could be best friends.

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