Most Anticipated Bowl Games

aside from the obvious (Belk) and CFP, which games are getting your interest this season?

I have a short list and some of these are because of the timings of these games, but I still have my reasons.

  • Boca Raton Bowl (SMU vs FAU) - Its a matchup of 2 10-win teams... If these teams were associated with different universities this would be getting a lot more attention
  • RL Carriers Bowl (Appy State vs. UAB) - Want to watch this since I havent seen either in action this year, and want to see how good Appy really is.
  • Independence Bowl (La. Tech vs. Miami) - Is Miami really this bad?
  • Quick Lane Bowl (Pitt vs. Eastern Michigan) - Tuning in to see how much progress Narduzzi is making on turning Pitt in to an ACC championship team.
  • Holiday Bowl (USC vs. Iowa) - I think one of these teams runs off with the game and finishes the year strong to jumpstart their conference championship ambitions for next year.
  • Camping World Bowl (Memphis vs. PSU) - Same reasons for the holiday bowl
  • Orange Bowl (UVA vs. Florida)- I want to watch it rain Cavalier tears
  • Outback (Minnesota vs. Auburn)- Can Goldie finish strong, or was this season all an illusion?
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Belk Bowl

edit: Just saw your first line. I hold firm

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Celebration Bowl, would love to see NCAT up against the top of the FCS, but beating Alcorn St again is cool too

With Hooker's emergence, I'm interested in seeing what this program is all about.

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I can't wait to see how the Hokies matchup with Mississippi State.


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I love that Miami (FL) plays Lousiana Tech and Miami (OH) plays Louisiana. You can't tell me the bowl organizers didn't do that on purpose.

Also, Western Michigan vs Western Kentucky

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A list that doesnt inclued the belk bowl?
*reads it again to see the first sentence

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Independence Bowl (La. Tech vs. Miami) - Is Miami really this bad?


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You sure? I heard next year FIU is going to make the CFP

Gasparilla Bowl, Marshall vs. UCF. Old MAC rivalry, chance for Marshall to test themselves against another great G5 program (played Boise earlier this year on the road and lost by 7), should be a good crowd considering UCF is from Florida and half of Marshall's team is from Florida, etc. Lots of excitement in Huntington.

I'm very excited for the UVA-Florida game. I'd love to watch those idiots get murdered again to further prove they sold their souls for one win over their rival in 16 seasons.

Clemson-Ohio State should be awesome. There's a decent concentration of OSU fans in the Huntington area given the close proximity to Ohio, and they have been so annoying this season, saying they should be #1 and they're the best team in the last decade and blah blah blah. I would love to see them lose before the National Championship.

Aside from the fact that it's Tech playing, I am very excited for the Belk Bowl. My sister goes to Kentucky, so we're going to the game. They lost their do-everything starting quarterback at the beginning of the season, and the backup was horrible, so they went with a wide receiver at quarterback and have run mostly wildcat. It has worked very well for them. It would be a good opportunity for the defense to show that they actually can stop an offense when they literally only have one good player.

I would be more excited for FAU vs. SMU if Kiffin was coaching. I'm hoping Taggart can bring his "lethal simplicity" or whatever to CUSA and have it blow up in his face again.

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Clemson-Ohio State should be awesome.

Should be a good one. Ohio State is gunning for revenge after being humiliated by the eventual national champ Clemson team.

Citrus Bowl - Alabama vs. Michigan. It's almost like a 7th NY6 bowl. It'll be interesting to see if Saban can get his team up for a non-championship/playoff bowl game.

Man I'd love to see Alabama lose but fuck it would kill me to see Michigan win one

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Sort of like me watching UVa play Florida.

They can't BOTH lose, so Later, Hoos, and it's not even close.

Camping World Bowl (Memphis vs. PSU) - Same reasons for the holiday bowl

That's the Cotton Bowl.

Penn State is going to dust Memphis. Total mis-match there.