🚨 THIS IS NOT A DRILL ONE OF THE Fullers has a son!! 🚨


"During the season we rarely all are able to get together, so being able to get the whole fam out the Chicago and just chill, see our nephew and just relax, it will definitely be fun," Kendall Fuller said.

Which Fuller has a kid and what year will they enroll at Tech?

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2038 I'm guessing based on where we are in the year

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Prob Vinny, right?

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My guess too, how old is he now?

We bak?

The first 6-star recruit in history?

Get an offer out. NOW.

No way. He's much too small, no real proven talent, no offers from any other big schools, and we know that at Va. Tech, we don't just offer schollies to legacy sons of brilliant and proven professional level talent without those qualifications. Everybody knows that.

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VT evaluates our own talent, Paawwwl.

Who does that remind me of??? Suddenly I'm hungry for curry?

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Not anymore, apparently these days all we want to do is be the first P5, or even FBS, offer to a guy. I say make the call!

but hes not from VA? are we sure we want him?

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Someone needs to pay to relocate that family to the 757

Or TX.

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2038 is gonna be a special year in recruiting

That's the year it finally all comes together and we make a serious run.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Unfortunately half the fan base will still have a meltdown at the sight of a jet sweep!

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I certainly will be if Corny is still calling them when we should be running fade routes against a bad UVA secondary

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Anyone else think it's kinda creepy sticking our noses under the blankies of a baby for our football fix?

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

Good idea. Let's send him a VT blankie.


A onesie is in order as well, who's for the Amazon Prime account?????

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Naw, I already did that. Just didn't want to be the only stalker, so I was deflecting.

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Next time, on a very special episode of Fuller House.

My 2019 Season Challenge: only comment with Star Wars memes. (completed as of Nov. 29)


Fuller Crib


Found this a while back and thought this would be a good place to put it.

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Have we tried to recruit the dog yet?

Good point. Might make a great wide receiver with good jump ball skills. 😊

For a new revamped "dog chases and catches frisbee" halftime show?

Damn. He'll just miss the game at Ole Miss...

Maybe in time for Wisconsin though

Will we ever get to play Wisconsin!?!

Christmas Miracles!

Where's the beef?

I'm pretty sure MV5 has a son that should be a senior this year....played Pee Wee football with my son when they were 6/7yr old.....

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Sorry to be a wet blanket, but that is NOT the prophecy.

When a son of the Edmundi, being of linebacker build and running back speed, falls in love and weds a daughter of the Fulleri, of most lethal agility and cunning, they will beget a son that will become the rightful Captain of the Hokie Horde. He will be Fullermundi of the Houses of Edmunds and Fuller, First of His Name, The Unburnt by Wide Receivers and Mobile QBs, King of Worsham Field, Lane Stadium and the Techmen, Khal of Blacksburg and the New River Valley, Protector of the North Endzone and the Terror Dome, King Regent of the Five Kingdoms of Power, Breaker of Records, Spines and Ankles, Father of the Hokies.

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