Would VT being chosen over UVa for the Orange Bowl be the biggest "eff you" to their football program?

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Would this be even possible? Seriously curious and too lazy to look it up.

Only possible if LOLUVA isn't ranked in the final CFP standings. The OB has to take the highest ranked ACC team in this situation. If none are ranked they can pick (within the number of wins rule).

We put the K in Kwality

Some reports flying around earlier stated that the "# of wins rule" didn't apply to the Orange Bowl, so they'd even be allowed to pick Miami if they wanted to (but they wouldn't want to).

Oh god yes please. Would make up for the Orange Bowl snub from nearly 20 years ago when Oregon State was selected over us. I still haven't gotten over that.

That was Fiesta.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Shit...you're right. My memory sucks...how about bowl alliance snub...REPARATIONS!

That year the Oregon St. pick wasn't the part that was a snub, it was Notre Dame getting the other spot. Oregon State was #5, ND was #10. Our poll average was the exact same as Oregon St.

Did we deserve getting in over either of those teams? IMO yes, but Oregon getting in there really wasn't that egregious. Then they went and absolutely murdered Notre Dame.

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Cue Bluehokie saying something about how it's impossible because the committee doesn't care enough to drop UVA from the top 25 on short notice.

Apparently they are only releasing the top 4 now and the rest at 3. So I don't think they're just going to lazily keep everyone else the same and call it a day as has been hinted.

Actually, I think it's more that they wouldn't care about moving someone up.

They lost by 45.

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

I don't think anyone cares as much as we do.

UVa is the easy decision. Not much reason to go into more depth there.

If it needles UVA I'm for it. I don't know how this isn't everyone's position.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

I'd rather see uva get obliterated one more time while we win a bowl game.

Same. Bonus if it's a bowl we can travel to without having to go to Miami.

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If I'm in charge of selecting teams for a he Orange Bowl, I'd be nervous about taking UVA after that debacle last night. That was a complete shellacking. Clemson's second string scored multiple times on UVAs starters. Not that Tech wouldn't have gotten crushed as well, but no one is going to watch the Orange Bowl if it's 28-3 after the first quarter with UVA playing an SEC heavyweight. It's really a no win situation for the Orange Bowl

They're just looking for someone to play an SEC team. Unfortunately, a good number of ACC teams are interchangeable at this point.

The number of people on here that think we'd fare significantly better than UVA are surprising. That said, the Orange Bowl is also concerned with ticket sales, and there's one clear choice between those two programs in that respect.

It would be up there, but seems unlikely.

To be fair, wouldn't he still go to South Florida if we went to the Orange Bowl?

Don't mind me, just hanging onto every shred of hope I can find.

It would be funny

It's also not happening

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I sure hope not, dont really want to get murdered on national tv again this season I am not sure my liver will survive that...

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Whoever gets in will be labeled as an undeserving team who will get slapped by a better team so just let them deal with that.

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Final prediction: I have money on UVA falling out of the top 25 but still playing Florida in the Orange.

Lol the committee didn't even watch the game

Most people did not.

Even Hokies flipped over to the Ohio State game.

Or we started with OSU (with occasional look ins to ACC).

Even Hokies Hoos flipped over to the Ohio State game.


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Judging from the ratings, Hoos were watching Bull.

uvanus vs the gators

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Official: Hoos vs Gators.

Tough when I hate both teams, and now I know they can't both lose.

But I know hoo I want to lose.

I guarantee that the blue and orange team will win, though.


I think the blue and orange team is going to lose.

Geez, give it a rest. Let the Hoos enjoy their brief moment in the sunshine before they lose Perkins etc and go back to being loluva, the little brother who is gonna take a whooping from big brother for yet another fifteen years. I don't think for a minute that UofF can also beat them by 45, so hey, enjoy that sunshine loluva.....

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Now is not not the time to get soft, you must remember the hate from before 15 year streak! Humiliation and annihilation are the only appropriate states for uva football!

In all seriousness I hope Bronco sticks around and keeps them competitive. Rivalries are more fun when they are competitive and have stakes to them. Even OSU v Mich is losing its thunder with OSU rolling them every year. The years where uva thinks they have a shot are the best because we get to see genuine disappointment on their smug faces.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

Seasonal Brew means High ABV for football season and standard the rest of the year.

The Orange would be crazy to not take UVA. This is possibly the biggest bowl they have seen in 2 decades, their fans will travel in droves.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

Seasonal Brew means High ABV for football season and standard the rest of the year.

I don't know about this.

1. It's on a Monday after Christmas when Christmas is on a Wednesday and people will be using a lot of vacation time to have off most of, if not the whole week.

2. Hoos don't even travel to their own stadium.

3. Just my experience here in Roanoke, I've not seen/heard a lot of excitement yet from fans interested in attending this game. They know they might/should be embarrassed again.

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I haven't checked their athletic schedule either, there could a water polo match that day as well.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

Seasonal Brew means High ABV for football season and standard the rest of the year.

Hopefully Florida has a better performance than they did against Miami if we want to see an embarrassment. Florida has one elite win... be it very elite.

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It's true.

The "any given Sunday" argument, college version.

I'd be surprised, but Florida could be Hoo-milliated.

Part of me thinks UVa winning the OBowl could be good for us, because it would rock the 'we're just better' foundation of VT football to its core and possibly rejuvenate it to take that next step to succeed. I think there's a certain mindset of being complacent that no matter what happens, we'll always have dominance over the Hoos in football to fall back on, so its helping to neuter our drive and determination to continually get better, so having them have some success over us could be a nice jolt going forward.

On the other hand, fuck them I hope they lose by 90

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Good point. I'm thinking we got that when we lost the streak.

So yeah, I'm in the "hope they lose by 90" camp.

I think we got the rejuvenation we needed when we got butt-blasted by Duke at home and I think it showed. We were a different team from that point on.

If anything, UVA remaining ranked could be a bad thing optically for them as anyone casually watching would expect UVA to be a decent team and then see the highlights of the ACCCG during the Orange bowl of them getting butt-blasted by Clemson. Then, actually watching UVA get butt-blasted vs. Florida. And to top things off, the country will be reminded of the previously mentioned two butt-blastings when Clemson plays in their CFP game plays and they mention/show more highlights of Clemson dismantling them with their 2nd string.

Not to mention a 3rd butt-blasting taking place Game 1 next season.

That might cement them as a joke in football for a long time.

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Plus, for next year, they lose Perkins. And Reed. That's 90% of their offense from this year.

Thats a lot of use of the term "butt blasted"

They also have to play Clemson again next year... without perkins...

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Boom, another butt-blasting.

Next year, it might be as much fun watching them shrivel up and die on the football field and we can all claim when talking to Hoo fans:

"But UVA was so good last year! Being an above football program is hard to sustain huh?"

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If anyone in Merryman associated with the VT football program is complacent with where things stand now after watching Clemson win 5 straight conference titles with little to no resistance then they are not going to be swayed by what a UVA team may do to a UF team in the Orange Bowl.

Yeah screw UVA and all, but if the long-term focus of this program hasn't been how we can somehow remotely compete with Clemson then we are already doomed.

He's right you know

I'm pretty sure the long term focus of Fuente is to compete with Clemson. Probably closer than long term at this point.

He's said as much.

Florida is a quality team and some argue the best 2 loss team in the country. They lost a one score game to UGA and a game at LSU which is nothing to be ashamed of.

Outside the close game to Miami (Which was "Week 0" of the season), they've handled everyone else pretty handily. They beat Auburn and then their closest margin of victory was 8 points.

I expect they win by 21+.

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I think UGA is slightly overrated but still an elite team. Good to hear a prediction of a 21+ Win... I hope uvah gets smoked.

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Plus the game's in Florida...a poorly traveled UVA with what might be a home game for UF.

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Good point

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Yeah I'm gonna go ahead and say it was right to assume that UF had that SEC overrated luster

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Thats funny that you believe that. At the acccg, the announcers were basically dunking on them for not bringing any fans. So, no, you won't see as many traveling down to Miami as you do to Bburg every other year.

I been here since day 0.

FWIW, ACCCG in Charlotte on one weeks notice =/= Orange Bowl in Miami at New Years.

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*4 weeks notice.

They knew the entire month of November that if they beat us they would go. I'm pretty sure any good fan would plan accordingly knowing this information.

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But didn't know they were actually going until the clock read zeros.

For that matter, we knew if we won out after ND that we had a chance of going as well...

But you said "good fan." Please find me one of them in C'ville.....

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we knew if we won out after ND that we had a chance of going as well

Yes, and we also know that if we'd made it, we would've likely sold out our allotment without tossing in vouchers, and had much better representation in Charlotte overall.

I mean, who cares?

Considering the logistics of driving vs. flying, that's not as different as you might expect, especially if you start considering possibilities with a few weeks to go. UVA knew they were in a "win and you're in" situation for Charlotte pretty much their entire season, and as of November 10th they knew they only needed one more win to get there. At that point it's easy enough to start making preliminary plans if you're within driving distance, and yet hardly any Hoos ended up going.

If they aren't going to make the effort to go to their first ACCCG, when many of them live within driving distance, I fail to see how significantly more will make the effort to fly to Miami on less than one month's notice for their first Orange Bowl.

No offense to the OP, but these types of posts make me cringe. Just let it happen if it does at all. Because now it's just fodder for loluva douche army to point to and laugh at.

"They actually think they're going to the Orange Bowl! Fucking hillbilly losers don't know when they're beat."

real post a "friend" from loluva showed me the other day.

This guy not happy about Virginia

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He's right, though.

Playing UVa in a bowl is like getting a broccoli sandwich.

Don't sleep on Perkins, though. That guy will scat back right past you and get a TD.

He's Gumby, dammit.

I was with him until he said "I don't know what Virginia's known for... Washington DC's in Virginia, right, so y'all known for the monuments".


This guy is opening himself up to all sorts of Florida stereotypes.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

I wonder if the Hoos would start a Hatin' On Florida Man thread

Hot take here: UVA played much better than I expected in the bowl game. I think Florida played a little worse than I expected and had sloppy throws but UVA held their own and made it a decent game.


Unfortunately Bronco is a competent P5 level coach. Fortunately, he recruits in the 60-70's. I was impressed at how un-athletic they are, yet he had them in position to make plays- that is good coaching. Florida has much better athletes, but was in a dog fight. If Bronco starts recruiting in the Top 25, they will be a huge problem for VT every year.

They are well-coached, but Perkins and a handful of gifted players made that offense special.

Without Perkins, that's not a close game last night.

Without Perkins, they're not in the game last night.

Without Perkins, I'm not sure they're in a bowl.

I would easily vote him Offensive MVP of the ACC, because he is the Swiss Army Knife that makes that offense work. Without him, I'm seriously curious on how they would have an offense that worked. He's pretty much their only star talent on offense, and it won them a division title. If we had him here, we'd have been a top 10 team this year, no question in my mind.

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Agreed. Yet, at the same time, Perkins' poor passing last night is the reason UVA didn't get any closer to victory. The two misses on deep balls in the 4th, where he had a receiver 5 yards behind a defender, weren't even close. Then, the 50/50 ball at the end that was INT'd was a really bad decision. Looked like he was just forcing it to his favorite WR (8). I was surprised at how poorly he threw the ball last night.

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#8 made some incredible catches that made some atrocious passes look competent

I would root for the Russians before I would root for Virginia.

I think Perkins is Bronco's Jerod Evans, and some tough times are ahead for UVA, much like happened to VT. In the modern era, it's hard to win consistently with G5 level recruiting classes stacked on top of each other. He would truly need to be an elite coach, which he is not, IMO. He's pretty good- not elite.

Yes, but they also have a lot of other injuries including key defensive players. I think with a fully healthy team they would have had a good chance of winning that game. I don't think it should be written off so easily. A handful of gifted players and a good coach that knows how to use them is dangerous.


And therein is the problem. UVA has a small handful of good players surrounded by G-5 talent. Any injury looms LARGE for UVA - even more so than many other ACC teams.

Is coronavirus over yet?

I haven't watched UVA play much, outside of the VT game. I was struck last night by how small UVA's defense was -- especially at linebacker. They played well and showed good effort, but those were some seriously small LBs. Looked like D2 players.

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