Louisville Pre-Game Discussion/Banter

My apologies if this is stealing someone's thunder on a regularly scheduled post.

I'm sitting at work and there's not much to talk about regarding last night's Super Bowl so I was hoping to kill some time with some chit chat regarding the Louisville game tonight.

I haven't seen Louisville play much this year so I'm not sure what to expect, but I noticed on ESPN we're -3.5 favorites without J-Rob... How?

I want to be an eternal optimist, but part of me knows that without 5 on the court, our offense just isn't efficient enough to win vs the top ACC teams.

Lastly, I wish Pitino was still coaching... I have a lot of vampire jokes I'd like to utilize.

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As KJ said after NCSU they want to make the games a street fight. Going to be ugly until 5 comes back. But team is filled with Buzz OKGs who are exceptionally well prepared

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I'm down for some gritty dog fights...so long as he can contain himself and doesn't foul unnecessarily....

Speaking of KJ's interview, did it remind anyone else of this interview as he sweat all over himself and the reporter?

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Old School Big East Pittsburgh style.

Is it basketball season yet?

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That video was 2 legit 2 quit. Solid. LOL

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I'm guessing we are favored because we have not lost at home, and looked good winning there, and we just beat a ranked team on the road. But I would not have us favored because of the way we played the first half at state, and we have 3 players that are coming off 40 minute games on short rest. It took me several ACC games to believe we were a top 15 team with J-Rob. It will take a few more to believe we are top 20 without him.

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While I agree with your reservation, I don't think we can take much of anything from that NCS game, really. There was a strange mojo workin' out there Saturday. I really thought we'd drop that game for several reasons even with 5 playing, so I'm believing that we can get our home thing on and deal with the 'Ville. Wouldn't bet on it, mind you, but I would have bet we'd have lost the State game, so I guess it's more on hope than conviction. No, we're not the same team without 5, but we're still a team who ended up dominating (eventually) a ranked team on the road, so I think we can (repeat, ad nauseum)...

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Well, I thought we could but we couldn't. Kville was spot on.

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Should be a tight game. Louisville the last two years has shot 56% and 54% on 3's in two close games. Both of those games were the 3rd best % Louisville shot that particular season in any game.

If we can defend the 3 better, we may be able to squeak it out. They are the 5th best 3point shooting team in the league, need them to have an off night

And for us to have an "On" night

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A lot of guys on Louisville like to play that James Harden type game where they will flop incessantly at any hint of contact. They've been rewarded in most of their games for their flailing. That's going to be a big key to the game tonight.

they are also the best FT shooting team in the conference.

Hoping they draw technicals for flopping.

Will be interesting to see if we get any home cooking with the refs tonight. Could be a big factor.

We are favored because our results, thus far, have not reflected missing JRob. We all know that NCSU shot themselves in the foot and we can't expect everyone to do the same. I honestly would not feel comfortable taking us to win this one. I may make a small bet on the under, though.

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That was about the only shot they made all game.

NCSU shot themselves in the foot

Yeah, but they were aiming for the other one.

Click here to destroy wall.

Didn't hit what I was aiming for..

Guess I missed.

Then I fired again. I missed

-3.5 faves=Cassell bump and nothing else

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I don't think Buzz has beaten Louisville once since he has been in Blacksburg. Would be nice to change that.

I believe Louisville is the only team in the ACC that have never defeated.

Come to Blacksburg and see what the Hokie Pokie is really all about

But just like Syracuse, where Buzz' record was not good since he had been at VT, he had pulled together a couple of really good game plans for SU.

Against Louisville, the last two years, we had a really nice gameplan twice. They beat us in Cassell in 2017 when Donoan Mitchell (who I hear has become a pretty good player) hit 5 of 7 3's. He shot 32% from 3 in college. They won by 4.

Last year, Deng Adel had 27 points (a career high by 5 points) and hit 4 of 6 3's. They won by 8.

We're close on Louisville. Maybe with Rob out, we lose, but Buzz is close.

(Of course, new coach. No idea how Buzz matches up with Chris Mack)

Louisville and Florida State always seem to have really tall, long, athletic guys which seems to have been the recipe to beat Buzz's smaller, quicker guys more often than not.

Line has shifted to -4.5 or -5 depending on where you look.

Didn't really expect it to go up.

stick it in, stick it in, stick it in!

Playing Louisville 2 days after that NCSU game... We played ok for not having 5, but NCSU would have lost to any team in the country Saturday. I doubt we get that lucky again. I would feel mildly comfortable betting my 401k on Louisville winning this game if I were a betting man.

Not gonna lie, placed a lot of money on the Louisville +5 line.

Still hope the Hokies pull off the win of course but I think Louisville is winning and/or keeping it close.

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If I was a gambling man, I would've done the same. It's win/win in my opinion...

Tech wins and covers = more than happy
Tech loses as anticipated = Not really upset hedged with money winnings

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Or best case scenario... Tech wins by 4 or less points

But I agree, that's what I usually do for the teams I root for... win/win situation. Did it for every Caps/Pens game

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Pro Caps I hope....

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Would always bet on Pens in elimination games, so 2016 and 2017 treated me right... not so much 2018, but as a Caps fan, I was okay with it lol

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McMahon can shoot the lights out if he's on. Enoch is the first legit post threat UL has had since Deng or Harrell, dude is good. Guard play is pretty solid.

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You think Pitino backdoored some payments to Harrell? The pay-for-play scandal has me thinking on who else got paid over the years. Per the internet, it was actually Kevin Keatts that put him on Louisville's radar, back when he was an assistant for slick Rick. Sounds like Harrell had plenty of scholarship opportunities after tearing it up in a year at Hargrave.

He wanted out of his NLI to the Hokies after Jim Weaver canned Seth Greenberg. Watching him play always made me bitter that he was in the wrong uniform.

With my connections to Louisville I still got to very much enjoy his career there lol like a more polished Deron Washington.

But on that subject...I don't have a clue man. The lack of concrete evidence tying anything directly to Rick is odd, so I'm torn on how to feel about it. We loved him during his tenure, but no doubt we all felt like something was always waiting around the corner, and once that shoe dropped: "yeahhh...that makes sense."

Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

It's not just the line has us favored -4.5, ESPN's BPI index has us at an 81% chance to win the game.

I know we're undefeated at home this season and historically play well at home, but really? 81%? They do know Justin Robinson is hurt, right? For whatever reason, we usually struggle against Louisville to begin with and not having Robinson is gonna make that even tougher. We're going to need a hot shooting night from multiple people to pick up a W here. It's possible, but 81% is far too high.

I think the issue is that the BPI is a mathematical formula that doesn't include qualitative inputs. There is only one data point this year without J-rob and none at home. And that data point was a 23 point win.

I agree, this seems like easy money for the sharps to take UL and the five, but then again I would have taken NCSU and given the 3 at tip on Saturday and would have lost. This is also why I keep my money in my pocket.

And that data point was a 23 point win.

Against #23. Since Louisville is #16, we should win by 16. I'd say 81% is about right. #science

I just hope we get the monkey off our back and beat Louisville. It would be an epic win for our program especially without Robinson.

I just hope the team is exponentially more confident in their ability to win the game than most on this thread 😊

'Its easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you've got the stock market beat,
but the man worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the seat'

I suspect they are. Buzz has them believing in the system at a very high level. They played a completely different style on Saturday and everybody did what they had to do, even if it looked a little rough at times.

So Vegas always wins, we know that. So what do they know that we don't? Right now sitting at VT -5.5

And yes, I understand Vegas wins most of the time and lines are to encourage betting as much as what they think will happen, but we opened at VT -3.5 and now at -5.5

Vegas has us favored by a #5?

Am I reading too far into that....?

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Side note: if you're going to the game, don't forget it's the annual Black Out game.

Buy the shirt at the official University Bookstores or in Cassell - 2019 Black Out Shirt

....yay not being able to go because hospital tours for having a baby..... /s

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Damn! Will your bro not be able to make it either?

He's a toss up....

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i see what you did there

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Oops, I have on my orange Cassell Guard shirt and don't think I can make it home before the game after work to change. One of Louisville's colors is black, who scheduled a black out for that?

It's probably safe to wear orange... f there's one thing we learned over the weekend....don't dress up in black...

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I think my heart just stopped. I saw Blackshear and "OUT" next to him, missing the heading and almost lost my gobbles.

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Same thing happened to me!

Don't worry, I'll be blackout.

My prediction is we have a rough night on defense and win 78-31

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Side note: we moved up one spot in the AP poll past 5-loss Kansas. Despite the poor offensive showing Saturday, we beat two ACC teams on the road by double digits, one of them ranked. I'll take it.

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Dang you, Monday night games! Ugh....cub scouts every Monday night. And, tonight is the much anticipated Pinewood Derby. The inaugural for the boy and me. Oh well, looks like I'll set the DVR for this one.

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Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Scheduling Pro Tip...

Our Pack always scheduled it's derby for Friday Night, and we brought in Papa John's and snacks and made a party out of it. Kids always had a blast. Maybe a suggestion for next year.

Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Car Design Pro Tip...

Don't ever be that extreme dad that goes to the High Speed Aerodynamics Lab and builds their son's car for him. Let him do it. He'll take more pride and have more fun designing his own car. I mean, you know... do it together... don't turn your 6 yr old loose with power tools... but let him have creative license.

Leonard. Duh.

Yeah, it is always fun watching the home built cars beat the dad made cars. Especially if they shaved the wheels and get disqualified before the event begins.

I always got a kick out of them putting my son's car on the scale, and it weighing like 10x over the limit.

The Council guy doing the weigh-in had a great "You guys are fucking with me, right?" look.

Leonard. Duh.

I don't know what to expect from the game, but it's a beautiful evening to sip a pre-game rail on the balcony. I'll take that in early February.