Buzzketball Opponent Metrics (Jan 29 Update)

Below is an update through Jan 29 of a table summarizing Ken Pomeroy and NET rankings for the Hokies' opponents. The orange highlighted values indicate a top 25 ranking.

Some notes for this snapshot in time:

  • Since the last update on Jan 17, the Hokies have had home wins over Wake Forest and Syracuse and a lopsided loss at UNC. The Hokies have dropped slightly to #11 and #10 respectively in the KenPom and NET rankings while the KenPom defensive ranking continues to fall (currently at #58). However, as expected, the strength of schedule rank continues to rise (currently at # 114)
  • The neutral site win over Purdue is the Hokie's only top 25 win
  • Quadrant 1 wins include Purdue and Washington while Quadrant 2 wins include Ball State, Georgia Tech, and Syracuse. The Hokies have two losses to Q1 teams (UVA and UNC) and one Q2 loss (Penn State)
  • Tonight's game is at Miami (Q2), Saturday's game is at NC State (Q1), and Monday's game is Louisville (Q1) at home

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Thanks for compiling this and sharing it with the community.

This is quickly becoming one of new favorite weekly posts. Thanks!

I updated the table and highlights through Jan 29

This is all great work and I would say each new data update is worthy of its own post. Appreciate it!

Virginia's numbers are very annoying

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Judging by this, we need to lay it on thick on Miami who itself is struggling, and then gear up for a long stretch of Q1 games. If we can go 1-1 with UNC/UVA and play Duke well we should be in line for a great seeding come March

The away games at NC State, Clemson, and Pitt look like our best chance to grab some Q1 wins. All of those teams are tough enough to rank as Q1, but each is completely beatable. Having home games against Duke and UVa are nice opportunities, but will be a major challenge, as will the road game at FSU. I don't have high hopes for these.

Come to Blacksburg and see what the Hokie Pokie is really all about

As much as a loss to any of the next 3 opponents would be disappointing, at the same time it would be very impressive to go 3-0.

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