Rumors: Horne possibly out for the year

Per rumblings on 247, Horne is out for at least four weeks, and possibly the year. That's a disastrous result for a team that doesn't have any depth left in the front court.

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Edit: was unaware source was 247 writer, as I dont frequent the site. Nvm.

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The person who posted the information is Chris Arvin, who is considered to be very connected to the basketball program. I wouldn't call this unsubstantiated or without sources.

Word, I retract my criticism then. I did not know this, cheers

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Well that sucks.

Good thing we have Clark and Nolley!... wait

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Suspended or hurt?

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Got hurt against Wake

Hurt. MCL sprain and possible torn meniscus

Really? I thought for sure it was an ankle the way he walked off.

Damn, I saw him hobble to the locker room and not come back, but that really sucks. He was improving as the year went on.

Well that certainly adjusts the expectations for this season. What's Sy up to these days?

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Well Outlaw is now a 30+ min player as the next biggest player.
I wonder if Buzz starts to get Kabongo 5-7 min per game. Seems pretty hard nosed kid who can hit a 3 and burn some time.

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I wish Kabongo had gotten some more minutes in the non-conference games. There were several blowouts in which he still only got in for the final 4-5 minutes. He's got good size for a guard. Hopefully he can provide quality minutes.

From my memory he looked athletic, but he was having trouble with the game speed. Looked sped up and frantic with the ball. Although as pointed out, that was all in very limited minutes.


Can we suit up Nijman to play basketball?

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We've got precedent. Jeff King filled out a roster spot back in the day. Just give us someone with some size that can stay out there long enough for Blackshear to catch his breath

Bryan Randall too I believe.

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King more than filled a roster spot. He was a solid contributor.

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Bring on Tre Turner. Word is he has a serious hoops game, and he's definitely got hops. Not the size we need and not gonna happen, but thinking wishfully.

I thought Dax beats Tre in 1 on 1? I say bring in Dax. He's good for 5 fouls a game to put the fear of God into the other team, right?

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I could see dax be a sam rogers type on the hardwood floor

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this is one of my favorite pictures of all time

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Outlaw will get a little more burn now. Hurts us defensively, but might create a bit more spark in the offense than we've seen in ACC play. Not overly worried, but if he cannot come back, our chances to make an extended run in March decrease.

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So what are we going to do if KJ is in foul trouble or needs a rest? We will be playing 5 exclusively perimeter guys. On offense, how does that work. Outlaw, HIll, Robinson, and Bede are basically exclusively perimeter players. Do we use NAW in the post? I assume KJ will play 35 minutes a game if not in foul trouble though

We'll play small. It'll force teams with bigs to either play us in zone or go like for like in small ball. It's what we do defensively that'll be the biggest question mark, if they decided to go big and play us in a zone.

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I feel like if they play a zone against us and KJ is off the floor, you just put NAW at the free throw line, Outlaw & Hill in the corners, and Robinson & Bede up top. Run the offense thru NAW and find the shooter.

Defensively, Outlaw can guard big and we gotta hope NAW or Hill can hold his own with a 6'9" ish guy

We've been here before with Buzz and we've won games.

Is it basketball season yet?

When? Even when we were really depleted at the end of 2016-17, we had Sy as a contingency/backup for LeDay to keep him out of foul trouble. And keep in mind we were only a 9 seed in the tourney that year. I think the expectation this year is much higher.

I believe we beat a UVA squad in OT with outlaw playing at 5. We still had Chris Clarke, but the lineup still looked crazy.

That was the Clarke ACL game too. Buzz said after the game that once LeDay fouled out and Sy went to the bench with an ankle all of our lineups were just 'scrambled eggs'.

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I really wish I had that level of confidence. We are 98th in the country in rebound margin, contrast that with UNC at 5th. When I also see that NC State is 10th, Duke is 16th and UVA is 30th I do start to wonder if you can really compete with the top of the ACC with only one big guy.

You can't.

Buzz knew this when he took the job. He came and spoke to the Hokie Club here in Raleigh about 2 weeks after he was hired and he stressed the need to get bigger players to compete in this league.

Losing Clark and Nolley pretty much killed our ability to compete at a high level in ACC play this year. What should have been our best year in a very long time is going to end up as another in a long list of 'what ifs' with VT sports.

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And losing to Sy to unknown circumstances. The pieces were all here but it sort of fell apart for reasons mostly outside of Buzz's control.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

I agree with you that losing Clarke and Nolley (a travesty in my humble opinion) was a huge hit to the prospects on the season.

I don't agree with you on the context of Buzz'a comment though. Buzz wants bigger players at all positions, but he does believe you can win with one true big if (this is the condition) you have good size at all the other positions.

What should have been our best year in a very long time

ESPN still "projects" us to end up with about 12.4 ACC wins. Even if we underperform a bit and only go 11-7, it'll be the most ACC wins in program history, and our 22-8 regular season record would be the best in Blacksburg since 2009-10, when we finished the regular season 23-7 with a 10-6 ACC record, which was apparently not enough for an NCAAT berth after losing our first game in the ACCT to last-place Miami. And if the final AP Poll of the season is an indicator of overall season quality, we still have a good shot at a "best ever" type of season, since the only time our basketball has finished the season in the top 25 was 1995-96, when we finished #22. Also, we have a grand total of one Sweet 16 berth in school history, which came in 1967, so by default a Sweet 16 appearance (far from guaranteed, but certainly a possibility for this team) would be our best season in over half a century.

I suppose a pessimist would look at all of that and say that we have one of the historically-worst programs in whatever the "Power 5" analogue is in basketball, so bad that even a year in which we get blown out by 20+ points in consecutive weeks could still easily be the best season in program history. In any case, Buzz is certainly leading the program in a positive direction, and there's no reason to think that we'll be back to struggling for NCAAT berths as long as he's in charge, which I'm going to accept as a net positive.

Definitely have to wonder how we are going to get defensive rebounds against ACC teams already having a big size advantage over us. Also, wonder how we keep playing inside D against teams with a 2nd and 3rd big man. Seems to be the way Buzz is comfortable rolling, so it will be interesting see. Hang tough and battle hard!!

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Jesus christ... We are a KBJ injury away from having the shortest starting 5 in the history of basketball.

That probably is still the case without Horne getting injured.

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Umm my youth bball-self would like a word with you. I was tied for the tallest player at 5'6" (when other teams had at least one kid over 6'). We introduced small ball to that league years before the NBA. One game we put up 78 points with 8 minute quarters and it is one of my proudest accomplishments to this day.

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I'm jealous. Hopefully your team had at least more depth than VT does.

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How dare she forget about Johnathan Kabongo

Buzz is a proven coach, with a proven system..but this is where his system of interchangeable stretch 3's and not having more than 1 legit Big on the roster hurts you. Horne was the next tallest rebounder/defender/system player. Now you have to play KBJ 40 minutes and hope he doesn't get in foul trouble, and you still have a mismatch at the 4 position against better teams. Wish we would sign more bigs...extend the margin of error a little please.

To which interchangeable stretch 3's are you referring? Last I checked we have a singular stretch 3, Outlaw, on the active roster.

The only issue here is that 3 of our 5 "forwards" are unable to play.

The only positive I can come up with is that we should see a lot more of Wilkins. You look at him and you expect Chuck Barkley type play, but instead get a real athlete who can shoot. I think in the long run he will be a great Hokie.


.and Whit puts on his batting gloves and steps up to the plate....

Yep, needs reps.

Reps that should have been gained in non conference games next year will instead be in conference games this year.

Luckily we still have nearly half the season remaining, so that experience will be gained against top quality opponents.

There will be times they're overwhelmed, but they'll learn at a greater pace with a greater sense of urgency. Additionally, they'll get firsthand experience on things not going according to plan.

This year may just be in doubt now, but the future may not, if the players develop well against the better competition.

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I am not sure how this year is in doubt. Unless the bottom drops out, we will make the NCAAs with a decent seed and we will be a threat to everyone we play. We outplayed UNC until 5 picked up his second foul and had to sit.

We are a good team. UNC will not lose many at home (same for LOLUVA).