Buzzketball drops a spot to #10 in AP Poll

North Carolina is ranked #11, get ready for a great game tonight!

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Is this the AP, or Andy Katz take?

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"New AP Poll"

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If only I read the headline...smh. I was on the AP webpage when this thread was started, and it was still showing the rankings from the 14th. I clicked on the link, and Andy Katz's name was appended to the article.

"...I'm getting a little tired of hearing how good everybody else is..." -Coach Fu [This week: 1-0]

Big game tonight. Pretty much shows whether we are ACC contenders or pretenders in my eyes. Definitely think we will come out and play much better than we did against UVA.

The poll voters showed their confidence in us. Now we need to back them up and beat UNC and Syracuse this week.

Any word on Horne?

What else were they going to do? It was a bloodbath week with losses all over the Top 15. Wasn't really anyone able to jump up.

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We're STILL a Top 10 ranked team.

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Kansas lost to WVU two days ago who was 0-5 in Big 12 play. Oh well.

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Time to lace up and justify we deserve being in the Top-10 with a big boy win at UNCheat.

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I don't get this. How does duke slide from number one to number two after beating the number 4 team in the country. Tenn played Bama who i don't think is even ranked. And uva moves up because of a quality loss or something I don't know.

New to basketball stats and stuff so who knows.

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uva moves up because of a quality loss or something I don't know.

Between the last ranking and this one they massacred the #9 (hint it was us) team in the country and lost to the at time #1 team.

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Just goes to show how complicated basketball rankings are compared to football.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Duke lost to Syracuse

#8 in the Coaches' Poll

After tonight, I don't know if we really deserve this ranking. It's one thing if we lost hard fought games against Virginia and UNC but we got run out of the gym by both. And we still haven't beaten anyone that good, as Purdue has turned out to be mediocre at best.

Hopefully we can get some big wins at home, but this team is starting to worry me with their play in big games.

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We aren't a top 10 team.

Our ceiling is a four seed and floor is an 8 seed.

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probably not a top 20 team. I love Buzz and our players, but the early cupcake schedule is an issue. The players are playing hard and tough, but we don't have the subs to go through the ACC schedule without getting roughed up, especially later in games. Losing Nolley and Clarke were devastating to the team- probably would have been a top 10 with them in the lineup.

I don't think we're a top 10 team, maybe if we had Nolley and/or Clarke.

I'm honestly okay with that. Buzz's teams seems to play better as underdogs. I still think we're a top 25 team and an absolute nightmare to face. It's concerning yes, but UVA is an amazing team and UNC is UNC. I think we'll play the Hoos much closer in the rematch.

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I'd rather us be unranked until we've earned it simply being good enough on paper doesn't count you've gotta win big games and show how good you can be over an entire game not just the first ten minutes

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I believe we are good enough to earn a ranking because we definitely are a top 25 team with our much improved defense this year, the improved scoring by NAW and improved play by Hill in ACC games. There is not a world where you can convince me that we are not top 25 in the nation when I think we are solidly 4th or 5th in the ACC. It's just that the ACC is extremely top heavy this year.

I'd rather us be ranked as many consecutive weeks as possible.

And the team has certainly "earned it" in relation to the other teams in NCAABB this season. Whether they can defend/maintain that rank is obviously unlikely, but it does not mean they didn't earn the ranking in the first place.

Hopefully we keep our status as ranking conundrum after we whoop Syracuse by 15 at home this weekend. If it weren't for the other teams in the Top 15 dropping games like hot potatoes, I think we would have slid down to around the 14-15 mark.

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Question: how many weeks were we ranked in the top 10??

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The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Thanks. This is impressive. I don't think we've ever had this staying power as long with Greenberg. We may not have deserved it, but fuck it. I'll take it and milk that shit for all it's worth. Fuck yeah!

Waho's suck
Uva swallows

How My Mind Thinks About Rankings in College Basketball:

Me at the start of basketball season seeing our rank:

After we lose some games and accompanying rank and I remember it's college hoops:

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Waho's suck
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