2019 Football Make Your Own Mini Plan and Flex Tickets on Sale

Anybody else planning on taking advantage of either of these options this year?

I know the schedule is pretty bad, but the prices are pretty good.


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Yeah I got the 4 game plan this year.

I can't help but also rant. Called yesterday and was told that only season ticket holders could purchase at 10 a.m. and that we can choose our own seats. Well luckily I read the emails that were sent out this morning about the plan because I noticed that Hokie Club members could purchase at 10 a.m. The website is honestly awful (server is down so it's not working) and you can't choose your own seats but the page where you order gives you two options "best available" or something else that was hard to understand but implied you could choose. But then the two buttons you click on to select your tickets are the same so there's no way to know and in the end you're randomly assigned seats anyway. I would share a screenshot but the server is down.

Am going to email the ticketing department once server is up because honestly our website is one of the worst I have used for purchases.

Edit: Here is a screenshot with the buttons at bottom (that give you wildly different seat results). Good luck knowing which is what.

I'm shocked. Well not that shocked.

I'm curious for cost comparison...what are season tickets going for this year? I'm not talking about the per seat donation, just the total face value.

They are $400. I don't think we have the individual game face value info is up to know how that compares to adding up all the face values.