OT: Angry Short Man Goes Off at Bagel Shop

An angry little man goes into Bagel Boss on Long Island to get his bagel then proceeds to...well, lose his shit.

Lesson to be learned here, women on dating apps probably aren't looking for guys under 5'.

Better video and story in the link.

Angry short man goes on bizarre bagel shop rant about women hating 5ft men on dating apps before another customer tackles him

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Mike Imoh really let himself go, huh?

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Lesson to be learned here, women on dating apps probably aren't looking for guys under 5'.

Pretty sure it has more to do with being the kind of person who berates strangers with tangents about his dating site experiences.

Also for fans of this genre of video might I suggest Trumpet Fight

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might I suggest Trumpet Fight

I forgot all about that shit!

Douglas Levinson

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Whang has a great video about the Trumpet Fight video and Douglas Levinson himself.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

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Kinda feel bad for the guy and all his insecurities. Still not a valid excuse for being an ass in public. Glad he just got tackled and tall bro didn't start pummeling his face or something that could cause long-term harm.

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dcwilson40, did those APL interns really get to you that much?

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LOL well played Bud

I was already feeling dirty for eating french fries at breakfast this morning, so what the hell... I watched this video.

The real lesson to be learned here is not to tackle little guys in public. That's a lose/lose right there. Let him rant... he'll either get tired from being ignored, or the cops can break it up.

Leonard. Duh.

I've had 2 problems in my life both were short guys. Like 5'5" or so. One backed off and that was cool. The other did not end up so well for him. I was minding my own biz both times.

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

As a short person (5'6"), I also get annoyed with girls who feel the need to share their 'minimum height.' If I told everyone I had a maximum weight for girls I date, everyone would think I'm an asshole (rightfully so). For some reason, the former is considered more socially acceptable. Anyways, I got over it about the time I graduated college. This guy has some issues beyond just his height.

But, I get it, I once got set up on a blind date once with a girl who was 6' and wore heals and that was awkward (it was a gay friend who set us up and I'm kind of assuming he was just very unaware of straight dating norms).

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As usual, I'd like to see the 5 minutes leading up to this. Just for sociological study purposes.

The guy was unhinged and being ridiculous, but I'll bet someone was poking their finger in his chest to redline him before the filming started. Though in this case, it looks like the fuse may have been lit before he showed up at the bagel shop. Like when he was 15.

I do think it's interesting that the article is saying that he's misogynistic for pointing out that women don't tend to go for shorter guys, which most of us have probably observed.

The lore of Bagel Boss deepens.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

That is one angry bagel-eating little person.

is it bad that I thought this was Mark Berman before clicking

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Everyone in that video just sucks. The guy ranting is an ass and has some serious issues. You don't just go off like that for not reason if all the puzzle pieces are connected upstairs.

He probably goes off because he has been mocked, rejected, ridiculed, and ostracized his entire life and this whole thread just proves it.

The big guy tackles him white knighting some chicks who probably stirred the pot. If anyone had the right to swing, it was the guy he bellied up to.

It's sad this dude hasn't made peace with the cards he was dealt, but everyone here kind of sucks. Just let the dude get a bagel in peace without starting drama. This dude also needs to seek serious help.

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I mean, give the guy an extra smear and let him go.

He's never going to be any taller, and not likely to be relieved of that giant chip on his shoulder.

It's not about your height but how you carry yourself...if he was in shape and took up MMA or something like that...he prob wouldn't have this issue...

He probably goes off because he has been mocked, rejected, ridiculed, and ostracized his entire life and this whole thread just proves it.

This is almost a certainty given his height. I've watched this happen to others my whole life. Like Bar1990 said above, I bet almost everyone in here has heard a girl IRL or seen a girl online give their "minimum height" requirement. That is simply an unnecessary proclamation to make that offers no benefit to the girl saying it or anyone around her. It only creates the opportunity to hurt someone's feelings and make them feel bad about something they have zero control over.

Why are we defending the dude who flipped his lid at the bagel shop? Context from the video seems to say that the person behind the counter smirked at him. He then proceeds to flip out about how all women are garbage. This isn't the ground to die on defending short dudes.

And obviously giving a minimum height is a dick move. There are plenty of dudes who do give maximum weights, minimum cup sizes, whatever other nonsense. Dating is a gross, shallow, shitty world. That doesn't give even the slightest excuse for someone flipping out on employees and other customers at a bagel shop. I'm sympathetic to the argument that we shouldn't be reveling in someone's breakdown, but the idea that this is an unavoidable outcome because some woman shut this guy down starts down a road with some pretty gross logical endpoints.

Hmm, surprised they didn't call the police or felt threatened..

Lol title reads like an Onion article from the"Local News" section

He called into Hot 97 the New York Radio Station for his side of the story can be found here:

Go to the 8 Minute Mark


This thread's VORT is about 0. classic mlb all-star break day

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