OT: Advice for attending GT game

My old roommate and her husband relocated to Atlanta earlier this summer, so I'm planning on meeting them down there in November to go to the GT game together. None of us have been in Bobby Dodd before, any advice on the best section for seats around fellow Hokies? Best parking/tailgating options?

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My normal advice to find Chinballs and stomp on his knee no longer applies, so I've got nothing. Have fun!

As far as tailgating goes, you can get pretty good parking near the stadium and just pay cash somewhere along Howell Mill Road. The fans are nice, not like UGA fans, as they will tell you.

Are you looking for food recommendations or anything like that?


We have had different experiences. Their fans were rude and delusional. Took my wife and I got threaten at least 3 times just trying to get to the seats. Their stadium is horrible as well.

Food wise, do not go to the Varsity unless you really hate yourself.

I really can't wait for GSU to be better than them.

The varsity is extremely overrated, however everyone should go to see the shit show it is.

Always open to food recommendations (we all eat/drink anything and everything), though they lived in Atlanta previously a few years ago so they're not totally new to the area

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I only remember one restaurant from the 'bama game in '09, but I would definitely go back: Fat Matt's Rib Shack.

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So this changed when Paul Johnson left but the all 22 view was the best. Great view of the skyline and good for seeing holes for motion game. The stadium is disjointed, so I looks like crap, but has an amazing view at night. Hope for a night game.

+1 for GT night game view. All the skyscrapers and buildings lit up along the skyline (especially from the GT side).

Try going to visit johnnys hideaway. That's a fun little hidden gem in Atlanta.

For food I always enjoyed fox brothers bbq. No mas cantina was always my favorite Mexican.

There's a lot of fun things to do around Atlanta but while your down there I think the aquarium is world class, like nowhere else in the world.

Other than that have fun!

I liked trying all the flavors at the Coke factory, just come thirsty.

No no, I take that back, fuck Beverly, absolutely disgusting.

Local here, +1 for Johnny's Hideaway, that place is epic. If you like Johnny's Hideaway, you'll probably also like the Clermont Lounge. Both are... one of a kind.

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At johnnys one time I was getting wrekt by cougars until around midnight when the Georgia tech and gsu coed girls rolled in and finished out the night with a bunch of 21 year olds. That place is wild lmao never been anywhere else like it

game day atmosphere sucks.

Atlanta Hokie Alumni usually do a tailgate.

Antico pizza for lunch is great.

Fox Bros (as mentioned) is good.

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