Rothstein picks Hokies Hoops last in his offseason ACC power rankings

Not saying I necessarily agree with him, but this should be a reality check on expectations for those that have talked about tournament hopes (specifically in the non-conference schedule thread).

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I mean yeah, Young certainly has his work cut out for him, but we can't be this bad right? Veteran head coach, SOME returning talent from an NCAA tournament team, Nolley enters the fold, and a couple pretty good recruits. This has to be better than what Wake Forest, Pitt, and GT have going on.

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SOME returning talent from an NCAA tournament team

Hardly any. Here is the minutes played by returning players in our tourney games:

vs St. Louis: Bede (23), Wilkins (12), Horne (7)
vs Liberty: Bede (18), Wilkins (6), Horne (1)
vs Duke: Bede (25), Wilkins (10), Horne (6)

We have 3 guys who are supposed to be high school seniors, 3 returning players who played meaningful minutes + Kabongo who occasionally did, the redshirts (Nolley & Radford), and the "others" (Johnson, Cattoor, Palmer). I might've forgotten someone, but we don't have the type of roster where we can expect immediate results.

Again, not saying we'll finish 15th, but we really need to keep expectations down and just watch this young team grow

Who is Jon Rothstein, and what has he done to show he knows what he's talking about?

Probably one of the most connected people in CBB. Kind of Brent McMurphy-ish but a little more focused on the opinion side of things. I think of him as a pretty reputable member of the CBB media.

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Agreed. He is one of my favorites. He also has a decent history of being optimistic about the Hokies. So this is kinda telling tbh.

He is a national guy who knows his stuff. But he might be basing this a little too much off a love affair with Buzz. Last year he was extremely high on us, to an extreme degree.

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Rothstein is a Buzz shill, he constantly overrated us while Buzz was here and he will now constantly underrate us probably until 2-3 years from now when we are completely removed from the Buzz era.

Or maybe he was right then and maybe he's right now. A little early for the conspiracy stuff.

Hell, we don't even know what we got, how does he? I'll let this one play out and I doubt seriously if we'll come in last.

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Agreed. I assumed putting us last in a July power ranking is about the same as saying "who knows if any of these guys are any good"

Rothstein is just grumpy that he doesn't get to tweet "Palpable Buzz Williams" about an ACC team anymore.

Jon is March.

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friendly reminder that "power rankings" are meant to be a snapshot and not necessarily based on hindsight or foresight. it's hard to argue that the roster and coaching turnover doesn't leave us as a total blank slate

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Wear that chip on our shoulder all season and fight to prove him wrong. I'm sure we all have tempered expectations for this season, but I'm hoping we can elevate above the floor.

That's a bad take. Nolley alone puts us above Wake and I think continued improvement from Bede, Wilkins, and Horne along with decent first year play from Cone and the freshman could have us in the NIT. Waiting to hear more about the transfer Johnson, but heard he could be a solid veteran presence on a real young (no pun intended) team.

I'd peg us 10th, personally. If we get like 6 conference wins plus our soft af OOC schedule, we'll have inflated wins but a lot of them.

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I don't know what to think. I'm still tripping on locker room sleep pods.

Leonard. Duh.

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Well...we can only go up from there. If Nolley is the stud we've all heard about and Cone can play point better than his age we may have a shot at being at least competitive and more in the 8-11 spot. Honestly after buzz left along with the recruits and kbj I thought we had no shot at being competitive this year...but I'm much more optimistic now...especially if as another smart hokie said "kabongo becomes a coach/player"πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚..go Hokies!


I mean, it won't be pretty. But this is not a last place basketball team.

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We're likely not last, but realistically finishing above 12th in the league would be a pretty successful season in my eyes. I think we're going to struggle to get past 7 or so conference wins.

From a talent standpoint, I think this team is comparable to the 2015-16 team. They were picked 14th in the preseason polls.

If we go .500+ in conference, that would wildly exceed my expectations.

Idk about that. Seth Allen alone had more experience than most of our current team combined. Not to mention he was a better player than anyone on our current team. I think we're maybe in between 14-15 and 15-16.

Eh I disagree. I think Bede's ability has been somewhat muted playing alongside NAW and 5. I think he's poised to have a better season than Allen did in 2015/16 (Bede last year was roughly as efficient as Allen's first VT year per advanced stats).

Cone is a higher rated recruit than 5. Nolley was just as strong as a recruit as Clarke. I'm very high on Wilkins. IMHO, Cone/Bede/Wilkins/Nolley/Johnson is just as strong as 2015 version of 5/Bibbs/Hudson/Leday/Clarke (assuming recruiting rankings hold).

But TBH, Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―.

yay!! We are now guaranteed to meet or exceed conference expectations!

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Not sure what is realistic for our power ranking (hoops aren't my strong suite), but next year is going to be a hurdle for the team no matter how you slice it - new coach and high player attrition are both a big deal each on their own (in any team sport). We've got both. IMHO hope for the best, but temper expectations...and hope Coach Fu finds his groove this year.


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Dammit we are a football school again?

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We'll have to wait to see how the fall plays out before we can think about claiming that title lol

I'm not expecting a lot for a couple years. Young did a great job throwing a team together, but it's still a patchwork team of leftover role/bench players (Bede, Wilkins, Horne, Kabongo), transfers (Johnson, Aluma*) and freshman/newly elgible (Cone, Cattoor, Nolley), and in Cone's case he will be extra green given he reclassified to 2019 as a 2020 recruit.

It's a very unproven, new squad that hasn't played with each other and will lack the chemistry Buzz's teams have had in recent years. We're undersized and yet lack the firepower in our guards/forwards to compensate for that like we could before.

It'll be a long first season with a lot of growing pains and ugly performances, and fans should start bracing themselves for that. I do really like what Young did this offseason given the circumstances, and I feel like if he knocks it out of the park in recruiting in 2020 we could be set up real nice moving forward.