Lakeem Rudolph Picks the Hokies

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His profile says WR but I see he's a safety prospect - welcome either way

Rudolph with your future so bright,
Won't you guide our D? Enter night.

"It's always great to beat UVA, that makes us all smarter and better looking for a couple days".

Are we not phrasing anymore?

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What? With Lakeem guiding our D we just need a commit to command our O. With a good command of our O and Lakeem guiding our D, I think we could penetrate the playoffs!

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Welcome home, Lakeem!

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The rest of the Top 6 is like a Greatest Hits of teams I never want to play again.

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Did he just commit by grabbing a VT hat out of a bag while in the back of a truck? That's 8000% committed.

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Damn right he did and the guy filming it is a '21 DT with a Hokie offer. 4 star.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Like the low key announcement and seems like he has a lot of room to grow.
Wonder if his rating will jump this season.

6-4 202 uh yes please

6'4... This was our backup DE recruit since Powell went to Florida.


Is it basketball season yet?

Skinny for a running back

Good pick up

Recruit Prosim

Welcome Home Lakeem!

At 6'4" already, there's a legit chance he'll be over 6'6" by his senior year.

Just hope he gets to stay on one side of the ball his whole time here.

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i like the hits

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Sooooo. 6'4" NOW and could grow? 200+ pounds NOW without any Hilgerfication? Fast and hits like a train!!!

Hmmm.... what if he comes in, redshirts, grows an inch or two and puts on 40-60 pounds of muscle??? Can anyone say 6'5", 260lb FAST AND PUNISHING DE???

Or he could be the next Brandon Jacobs!

Hmmm, what if he grows 6 inches, adds 40 lbs and plays basketball? Can he reclassify?

Maybe play both?