OT: James Madison reportedly interested in moving up to FBS to take UConn's spot in AAC


Officially, JMU is in a wait-and-see mode. It's a safe bet the school has already made it known they'd be interested in replacing UConn. On last October's visit, some boosters in Harrisonburg said they believed the athletic administration had been calling the AAC just to let the league know JMU would like to join if the opportunity became available.

Asked via email for a response to UConn leaving, a Dukes athletic spokesman replied: "JMU Athletics has been fortunate to enjoy success across a wide span of sports in recent years with competitive excellence in the Colonial Athletic Association and at a national level while continuing to emphasize a holistic student-athlete experience. Our outlook on conference membership has not changed with recent events this summer. We have not received an invitation from another conference. Should an invitation be received, we will evaluate it according to key criteria and make the best decision for James Madison University.

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Nothing like going from a big fish in a small pond to a tiny fish in an ocean

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Take JMU out of FCS and that basically leaves NDSU as the only big fish in FCS left.

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You could probably count Eastern Washington as well but that's it

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I would except their budget is less than 15 million for all sports. JMU's 50 million. Hell VCU which doesn't support football is over 30 million.

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RIP to all the students subsidizing VCU sports with their athletic fees

They continue to pour a ton of money into the campus and facilities, so there is only one way for them to really go.
I thought they would make the jump before ODU or Liberty and feel that they are much better suited.

if this happens Whit should schedule a long term series with them to replace ECU.../s

1-0 every week

It needs to be App State. The Mountaineers are a perfect fit for the AAC, and you get a bonus in-conference/in-state rivalry as well with ECU and ASU.

Leonard. Duh.

Would this mean we can claim to have not lost to a 1-AA school? If so I support this.

Probably not since people around here acted like ODU was 1-AA even though they aren't anymore

when did we lose to a 1-AA school?

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Probably back in the 30's.

The Big East does not sponsor football, so it leaves the football program in a weird spot. It may mean that they will become an independent. But just about any school would be an upgrade from UConn.

I'm sure the AAC really wants that Harrisonburg TV market.

Probably more VT fans around here than JMU.

They have a strong and proud, surprisingly loud and obnoxious fan base. Alumni numbers are carrying their growth. They could potentially pull in eyeballs from Cville, DC, and Richmond. Undefeated UCF and undefeated JMU would draw a lot of attention in Virginia, and nationally.

But lets not forget that while TV markets drove realignment 10 years ago, TV has changed over the last ten years. A quality school can change the makeup of the conference for subscriptions, merchandise, attention, etc. AAC doesn't see quality, they won't bring another school on board. Hence why UCONN football is a no-go.

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Kevin Durant was a worldwide phenomenon playing in Oklahoma City...times have changed my man. In this day of social media, if you have marketable talent, the world will find you.

This is sort of off topic, but I truly believe that JMU is going to beat WVU in the season opener. After getting non stop shit when Tech lost to JMU from WVU fans, I'll enjoy every second of it.

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Just know that if that happens, we'll get brought up too

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I'm over it. It was 9 years ago.

Plus, they always use the "Marshall is an FCS school" joke. From a Marshall fan's angle, it would be great to throw this at them if it occurs.

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What was 9 years ago?

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

We know how this ends.... JMU moves up to FBS/AAC, Whit promptly schedules an 8 game home and home series with JMU, and VT promptly loses to them again.

Cue appropriate "don't you put that evil on me" gif.

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