Why Kerry Blackshear Jr. to Florida made perfect sense in the end (From the Athletic)

The Athletic did an excellent article on KBJ's rationale to transfer to Florida. The article is behind a paywall but here's a small snippet (Link Here):

"I never definitively said that a school was over another one until probably the last week or two because I wanted to narrow it down and allow schools to make adjustments if they wanted to or recruit somebody else," Blackshear said. "But it was really close between all the schools at the end, even, especially, say Virginia Tech or Texas A&M ... just having those relationships with people that I've been bonding with for the last four years was hard to move forward from, but I realize it maybe wasn't the same situation as before ... so leaving those situations behind was hard.

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Tell my liver how much sense it made.

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Hey IfishVTIam's liver, UF just made sense for Kerry

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Just making a joke about the drama leading up to the decision. I'm not giving Junior shit over it. I wish him nothing but the best, just wish it had worked out for us as well as for him.
My liver doesn't care either way, it just deals with what my warped brain does to it.

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It's crazy how the some people interpreted KBJ's recruitment as "attention seeking behavior" (not you obviously) and this article completely shuts them down.

You're right, that thought never crossed my mind. He doesn't seem like that kind of a guy anyway.

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I hated this article. I hurt knowing UF was really the best situation for him. He's such a good kid and a true Hokie. I wish him well and will cheer for him throughout his career.

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Also, I listened to One Shining Podcast and they said several ACC schools (including UNC & Duke) reached out to KBJ and he shut them down out of loyalty to Virginia Tech. He's the anti-Trevon Hill, if you will.

KBJ's a good guy and I wish him well. Would have been nice to see him finish as a Hokie, but he earned the right to play in what should be a great situation to showcase his talents, and play close to his family in FLA. It also seems like Coach Young and his staff made a strong effort to keep KBJ in Blacksburg, so hopefully this departure won't be viewed entirely as a negative for our staff, and if anything, they probably should be lauded for making it tough for him to leave.

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Well if we couldn't have him I'm just glad Buzz couldn't either.

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You talking about Brent Snake?

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Yeah, that bald headed carrion eating buzzard of a guy. Him.

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This clicked in my head when I saw his instagram post hanging in florida for the 4th (with I assume his family)

Danny is always open
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While I'd have liked to keep him in Blacksburg, I can't fault his decision or why he did it. Best of luck to him.

isn't this whole thread a CG violation

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