CWS Thread.

Haven't seen any thread for this, its a fun time of year for College baseball.

Super Regionals are coming to a close....very quickly in UNC's case who just let up 13 runs in the top of the first.

ACC Teams currently participating: FSU (advanced), Louisville (advanced), and UNC (likely eliminated today).

Story to watch: FSU. They shouldn't have made it this far, Mike Martin in pursuit of his first CWS in his last season with 40 straight years of 40+ wins as head coach. They just eliminated LSU. The past 3 CWS champions are teams that eliminated LSU.

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Hoping Michigan can keep up their momentum, first time in the CWS in years. Always nice to have a shake up from the usual suspects.

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Another good story.

I'm not gonna lie I'm pulling for FSU here its hard not to respect Mike Martin's success there think he deserves a championship.

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Yeah given the fact UNC is down 13-3 in the 5th inning, I'm not sure they're going to be moving on

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When I turned the stream on it was the top of the third and they were on their 4th pitcher. Generally a bad sign. Also one of their pitchers managed to walk 4 batters in his first 20 pitches....that followed by 12 other runs in the first inning really hurts their chances of winning.

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Didn't realize that about the past winners taking down LSU, and hoping for it here again too. Hate seeing the SEC dominating baseball too.

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Did anyone see what WVU managed to do last week against Texas A&M? They held a 9-1 lead in the 7th inning and then lost 11-10 off a walkoff grand slam in the 9th. All of this in Morgantown too. Couldn't have happened to a nicer fan base.

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The field now settled, try as the might UNC couldn't shake the 13 run 1st. Arkansas also won their rubber match.

Texas Tech v Michigan
Arkansas v Florida St
Vanderbilt v Louisville
Miss St v Auburn

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Weekend 1 over. Gotta feel for Auburn. A routine out to end the game and 3B over throws. Miss St advances. Other winners from Weekend 1. Michigan, FSU, Vandy.

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This was just brutal to see happen. Great job by Mississippi St taking advantage though.


Arkansas got eliminated and Michigan won the game of stories to give FSU their first loss.

And in keeping theme with embedding tweets in the updates:

Quality Slide:

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I love that this is in slow motion and you can clearly see his face bouncing off the dirt.

Oh sorry, spoiler alert.

I thought he was going to end up short of the bag after the first few seconds.

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FSU season is over and Martin retires without a CWS title. TT stays alive.

Vandy's pitching is lights out right now, they advance. Miss St takes their first loss.

Auburn and Louisville finished up after a rain delay and Auburn goes from 1 out from a win to back to back losses.

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