Dabo Swinney refers to himself as "Osama bin Dabo"

Umm what?

"I think it was all fun and games early on. It was, 'Awww, isn't that sweet?' and all that stuff. I don't know about walls, but I am kinda like Osama Bin Dabo," Swinney said with a laugh. "I have to navigate my way through the caves and back channels to make my way through Alabama these days. They aren't as happy to see me. But it's all good. It's a good problem."


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This is why you never give yourself a nickname.

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It's weird but I get it with context of the point he was trying to make

Oh boy, this isn't going to end well



OP you might want to go in and fix the title though... I read "Davi Swinney" and got slightly confused thinking it was some relative of Dabo.

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id change my name too if i called myself osoma bin anything. i probably wouldnt do with something so itialian as davi probably more meta world peace-ish but thats just me, you know try and save my image from the terrorist nickname i previously gave myself.

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Not my first choice but alright.

Time to swat Dabo

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All I can do is imagine Will Ferrell doing his Bush impression and saying something like that.
"Just call me Osama bin Bush ... hehehehe".

Not a big deal at all. If this is the worst report out of the offseason, then CFB is in a good place.

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The best part of this is that he catches the helmet behind his back

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I don't give a sh*6. Slow news day.

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

I don't think people understood the analogy or didn't actually read the article. All he was saying is that he has to sneak around Alabama like he is on Americas Most Wanted.

And Finebaum is a joke

"You don't stare into a rearview mirror"

"this IS a story." ...it's really not, lady.

I get the analogy, it's pretty simple and straight forward. Non-news if you were to ask me.

This was a waste of a few minutes of my life. Any vitriol towards Dabo for this is ridiculous. This thread should go to the "delete me" bin to save others from wasting their time

Victor Cruz's daughter also likes the Hokies. It really is the off season.


read that thread...

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This was on the First Team this morning on SiriusXM 84 College Sports-

Its not new, it's the damn offseason and people are searching for news. Let's move on.

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Probably not a smart thing to say.

But, I'm all for any kind of outrage that might knock Clemson back a peg or two. Their continued dominance is a hard blocker to our success.

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This is one advantage of Fuente not being very outgoing with the press.

If you had a loved one involved in 9/11, my guess is that this comment didn't set very well (understandably).

Great example of a higher standard of a public figure. You or I make this crack over breakfast at IHOP, nobody cares.

Dabo is a great "Everyman" as an individual. I'm certain his intent was pure. But, as the head coach of the National Champion, he's gotta be smarter than that.

Bottom line: The risk of the comment was FAR greater than the potential return (humor).

The real problem here is that he called himself "Osama bin Dabo" when clearly the correct nomenclature would be "Dabo bin Laden" or "Osama bin Swinney".

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Dabo bin Ervil, if we wanna get technical.

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Ok I don't want to hire him as a new coach anymore

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Osama bin Dabo anagrams to Boob Mania Ads

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Osama bin Dabo anagrams to Boob Mania Ads

I would turn my pop up blocker off for that

I've always disliked Dabo for two reasons. I think he's a actually a dick and I also don't think he's that smart. I'm not outraged by his statements at all but I think it helps prove my 2nd point.

That being said, Clempson has a hell of a program.

Dabo Sweeney does his makeup in rush hour traffic from the left lane.

This is a Hatin' On thread right? Nobody would give themselves such a stupid nickname.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

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What a joke!!

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