2019 ACC Football Recruiting Breakdown: Miami

'The U', for all their shortcomings on the field, have been a recruiting powerhouse since entering the ACC. Miami has been ranked in the top 4 of ACC recruiting classes every year except 2011 since joining the league. Granted, it's a pretty easy place to recruit to. It's a gorgeous campus and top-notch private university, nestled in one of the most football talent rich regions in America. (They also have hammocks everywhere on campus, it's actually really awesome.)

In terms of the 2019 class, new head coach Manny Diaz had quite the task. Maybe not so much in building up a roster, but in getting guys who could contribute to win now. Miami will have a top 2 defense in the ACC, most likely. And with a talented WR corps, the pressure for Miami to trot out some quarterback talent is as high as it's ever been.

2019 Class:
ACC Rank: 4

Top Recruit: Jeremiah Payton, WR, Neptune Beach FL (0.9730)

Payton is a really interesting prospect for a 2019 guy. He doesn't fit the mold that most 4-star WR's nowadays conform to. He's 6'0" tall, weighs only about 190lb, and was most recently tested at a 4.74 second 40-yard dash. That being said, he's a beast.

Payton was impressive in Miami's spring game. His route running is beyond his years, and he can come into the 5-6 deep at WR and contribute immediately.

Biggest Need: Culture Guys

It's a vague need but hear me out. 'The U' hasn't exactly been the dominating force of a team that they used to be. They don't exactly strike fear into opponents like those early 2000's teams with Sean Taylor and Ray Lewis did. There's a major between having a team full of guys that play with swagger and relentlessness and having a turnover chain, and Miami hasn't quite been able to find that for an entire season.

In 2017-18 Miami butchered their chance at a Playoff berth by losing to a bad Pitt team, then got crushed by Clemson, then lost by 10 to Wisconsin in the bowl game. In 2018-19, Miami ended the season 2-5 after starting 5-1. In the Mark Richt era (2016-2018), Miami averaged over 6 penalties a game, not finishing in the top 60 in the country in any of the three seasons.

That's what Manny Diaz is trying to fix in Coral Gables. It's not a lack of talent, it's a lack of culture. The last time I, or Diaz checked, they don't give you trophies for what your team did 20 years ago.

Most Exciting Recruit: Jaelen Phillips, DE/LB, UCLA transfer (0.9600)

Manny Diaz hit the Portal hard, and this was his biggest pickup in a transfer class that's taking full advantage of the system. Phillips was the number one recruit in the nation coming out of high school in 2017. Injuries plagued his freshman and sophomore seasons at UCLA. Due to only playing in 4 games last season, Phillips will be a r-Sophomore next season and his appeal with the NCAA is currently pending.
On the field, Phillips had 4.5 sacks in just 10 games played at UCLA. At 6'5", he's big enough to play on the line, but fast enough to play linebacker as well. If Manny Diaz can find a way to use him correctly, he can be a game changing player for Miami.

Early Contributor: Zion Nelson, OT, Sumter SC (0.8395)

Nelson has been getting work with the one's all spring and looks like a major contender for the left tackle spot. A true freshman starting at arguably the second most important position on the offense may be a scary thought for Canes fans, but Nelson's hard work in the offseason has paid off and he's developed quicker than Diaz's staff could've dreamt. (There's a great article on Nelson on Miami's 247 page "StateOfTheU" and on The Athletic.)

Sam's Grade: A
Miami took full advantage of the transfer portal. I haven't even touched on Tate Martell, who very well could be the starting QB in the fall. Guys like Bubba Bolden (S, USC, 0.9500) and K.J. Osborn (WR, Buffalo, 0.9100) will contribute immediately and were some of the most fought after transfers. Miami is not in the mood for rebuilding after Richt's retirement, and their ability to attract talent is second to none. Like it or not, Miami is clearly the second most talented team in the ACC behind Clemson. Whether or not that talent can actually DO something at Miami is yet to be seen. But for now, Miami wins the championship for "Sexiest Transfer Portal Destination"!

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Will be interesting to see how the QB situation plays out. Tate Martell didn't light it up during the spring, and I don't think N'kosi Perry scares anyone

Perry has reportedly made strides on and off the field this offseason, for what it's worth.

Evidently N'kosi Perry is an entitled millennial who cares more about video games than football.

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

If he could see himself on an NCAA game...dear goodness. (also he's Gen Z, not millennial)

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Man I don't like Diaz at all but he sure did use the portal to his advantage. Well he should considering recruiting kids to Miami, FL should be like asking me if I want ice cream.

If Miami keeps this up, it will be interesting to see how the NCAA reacts to it. I understand some new rules may be coming in the future, but having one of your most high profile programs become a free agent destination has got to ruffle some feathers.

Miami recruiting is always interesting. Their classes are usually a roller coaster until signing day given the meme-inducing frequency with which South Florida prospects decommit from schools.

Just had a 4* WR decommit as well...like literally 10 minutes ago.

And a 2021 DE decommitted earlier this week and reclassified to 2020. The funkiest stuff happens down there.

I believe that one was because the player wouldn't be eligible to enroll at Miami a year early. Miami is pretty strict with AP/dual-enrollment credits and it's a relatively tough school to get into without football. My guess is the desire to reclassify outweighed wanting to go to Miami.

Miami always seems like a paper tiger. Every other season they rake in Top 10-15 class and every season they fall short of expectations. So while they are pulling in glitzy recruits and transfers, they still do not seem to have a solid QB option (which seems to have been their same issue for 10 yrs now), and they will fall apart after their first disappointment. I won't be scared of them until they prove they can pick up a bounce-back win.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

Seasonal Brew means High ABV for football season and standard the rest of the year.

It all comes down to the game against Tech, in which Miami has won 3/4 by a margin of +31 points in those 4 games. I think they're a much better team on paper than on the field, but they've had Tech's number recently.