RB Jordan Brunson commits to the Hokies

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Watched his film. He doesn't look like a 4.4-40 back. But, he gets yards after contact. We haven't had a back do that, consistently, in a while. Newspaper articles about him describe his performance in games as either dominating the other team, or being what turned the games around. As a complementary back, he'll have a niche.
If he actually has the claimed speed, then he can go out on the field and be a threat in other ways than just as a bruiser. The last thing we need is the running back predictability of the later years in Beamer's tenure. When one back came in, you knew what sort of play it was going to be.

I chuckle. Man, you guys would've loved the Dooley years.

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Someone else here was raised on tailback-up-the-middle, three-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust offense, too? That being said, it would be nice to have a Cyrus Lawrence again, wouldn't it?

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What a dude that guy was. Pitch wide or inside trap, that guy could run.

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Yeah the old "Hey diddle diddle, run it up the middle, hey diddle diddle, run it up the other middle" days. Lawrence was a real back for sure. There were some fine players in those days, just not enough of 'em.

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Even then, defense ruled the field. Padro Phillips doing his windup before big plays would always get the crowd going. And getting to watch Bruce live was something else.

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Phillips lived next to me. The other players would go crazy when he would order 2 large pizzas and eat them by himself. He was a crowd favorite on the field.

Remember watching them both, but Bruce was a real trip. He was about as close to unblockable as you can get.

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I always loved the sweep-style plays run by Kenny Lewis, Sr.

Also watched his "tape" (can we call it that anymore?). Feet keep moving after contact - I don't know if he breaks a lot of those tackles against better competition, but that's really good to see. Seems to have decent vision and burst once he hits the hole. Pretty interesting prospect.

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A 4.4 at 240? Jeez.

I knew it'll slow him down a little bit, but that will still be a lot of speed to tackle at 240.

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I played Georgia football growing up. There's two classes. Suburb football and real Georgia football which includes inner city and farms. Alpharetta in my best estimation is suburb football. Hope I'm wrong but I grew up around there.

I thought while watching the tape that the level if competition didnt exactly seem like standard GA football

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Should be interesting to see how things go for him this year. He was at South Forsyth. They've built a new school, Denmark to alleviate overcrowding at South and West Forsyth. I don't know what the population of the Denmark school is. South Forsyth was a 6A school. He might be dropping down a division or two.

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Ya know what I really want in a back? I want another Darren Evans, I want someone who runs down hill with reckless abandonment and just clobbers anybody in his path.

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That's the kind of guy we need!!


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Your film assessment needs work. I watched the tape and he looks pretty dang fast (I don't know whether <4.4 on the tape or not - not sure how you are so confident based on a Hudl highlight reel).

I didn't see a clip where he got caught from behind in a pure sprint scenario - angles and cut-backs maybe. He runs extremely hard and has great size. He is the type of developmental guy that could blow up in his senior year (not saying he will - just that there is potential based on combination of size and speed as well as coming from a football state).

He is the type of developmental guy that could blow up in his senior year (not saying he will - just that there is potential based on combination of size and speed as well as coming from a football state).

And unfortunately outside of WR, our roster is becoming more and more full of these type of guys. I'd say we shouldn't be taking them with numbers so tight, but it's just turning into the caliber of player we land.

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It's also possible he has gotten faster. 1 thing I will say is as precious as scholarship s are this year, and the fact we already have a RB commit this class, these coaches must really want this kid.

My understanding is that we were always planning to take two RB's. Probably expecting some attrition (extra important in this new portal age). This moreso signals that we did like this kid enough to take his commitment, AND felt like Marvin Scott was trending elsewhere and we didn't want to finish 2nd/3rd/whatever, again. So we were proactive in locking down a guy who wanted to be here.

I agree as kids at this age can improve significant from year to year. He has the " measurables" so hopefully he has the"it" factor as well. I find it laughable that people are assessing 40 times via a Hudl video.

On a related note, found out that Cole Beck's dad is a regular on this site and others and a lot of the shit people have said about Beck made its way back to him. So everyone stop being assholes and just be excited that we landed a RB that the coaches want.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Any news on Beck or the RB depth chart?

Whatever. It was one bad year.

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I just hope he understands that opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and most of them stink.

This and also, typically with anything, the unhappy portions tend to be more vocal than the happy ones. If everyone who was excited posted a "yay another commit he looks like a good player!" Then we'd have 1,000s of the same comments. Unfortunately in this event that message couldn't be conveyed bc I know a ton of people were ecstatic he joined VT as was I.

Cole Beck the guy killing it on track? Most comments have been about track.

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Not really remembering a lot of bad talk about Beck. A lot of us were wondering if he was going to play football especially when it seemed like we didn't have a real back. I am glad he is tearing it up in track if that is what he wants to do.

Same. I hope this isn't taken as a slight to Cole, but I don't quite recall who he is or what was talked about pertaining to him.

He could have been looking at the 247 crowd conversation . That group sinks to crap-hole status
and the board host sets over there and does nothing . They think if a guy is not a 4* he should not
be allowed to breath air and coaches should be terminated on the spot for signing one .

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It absolutely happened on this board as well. I remember Henry Skutt, who is a friend/acquaintance of Beck's, getting fairly miffed at some of the discourse on this board during the mid-late stages of his recruitment. There were a lot of people saying he wasn't P5 level etc, being upset that we let him commit. That exact same stuff happened here. Of course the average person might not remember it, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Oh yeah, it definitely happened here too haha. That was the one recruit that I had a lot of knowledge on. He's obviously killing it in track, and I'm looking forward to what he can do on the field.

Yeah, it was more in the recruiting phase wherein some people wanted to know why we weren't offering the blazing fast kid in our own backyard and others rebutting with "well because he's just not that good or else we would have offered". And then the tune changed to "well he's just not that good or else everyone else would have offered too" when we did offer and he did commit. Probably mostly because he wasn't Ricky Slade

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I also seem to remember some rumors going around about him going to Pitt or ECU and some people being miffed that either of those were even in consideration. But yeah, not the finest moment in TKP history for sure

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Cole Beck was a local Blacksburg RB who tore things up and helped BB win the VA high school title. He has elite straight line speed.

Does taking another RB for such a small class indicate that we're not in good standing for Feaster?

EDIT: got class of 2019/2020 mixed up. Thanks all.

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Why? Feaster would be here for a year and this recruit will redshirt. It has nothing to do with Feaster.

i'd say no. feaster would just play this season, i believe. this guy will still be high school, and likely redshirt for the 2020 season anyways.

I'm not worried about this affecting numbers for Feaster. He occupies a scholarship from August to January, essentially.

I'm worried about Feaster because of how close SCar is to his hometown. Straight line down 26 essentially to Columbia in less than an hour and a half. The proximity is a factor, and SCar has been flexing a bit on the recruiting front as Muschamp is starting to really generate a buzz down there. He probably has multiple friends/acquaintances on their roster as well.

That said, I think as a business decision racking up numbers and looking like a superstar against our schedule is a MUCH better option and more a sure thing than trying to do it against SCar's schedule which is up there with A&M's as possibly the toughest in the country.

Why would it ? Feaster is done before they ever set foot on campus .This is more about the RB room in 2020
and the attrition that they expect to occur after 2019 and if some earlier guys pan out or not . Also some guys
could move to slot or HB . That might be a better fit than RB for some

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Def not a 4.4 guy but he's a truck load to bring down and has great vision! One thing we sorely lacked these past few years is vision. I'm hoping he's got that in spades.

He just looks like one of those guys you'd be scared to go against in an oklahoma drill. One of them Bama backs who isolates your MLB and you know is just going to win and get another 3-5 yards after contact if not more.

I think he's a great pickup

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I'm all for an elite RB, but I'm also of the opinion that we're going to have a much better running game over the next few years, regardless of who's in the backfield, because of the improved recruiting of offensive linemen.

Emmitt Smith didn't have elite speed and he wasn't incredibly shifty, but he ran hard, behind an all-time great offensive line, and produced. Different offensive systems, but there's no question that a better o-line creates a better environment for the running game.

This kid behind a really good offensive line will be a really good running back. If he's not getting blocks he's not going to produce. What he does after contact (at least in his tape) looks promising.

Oh thank goodness. I was starting to worry we wouldn't have a replacement for Caleb Steward.

Anyone else concerned at this point, we're sitting at 81st in the country for the 2020 class (5 commits)? According to the Rivals average, we have the the 4th lowest rated class so far of the Power 5.

I am unconcerned about class rating, that tends to work itself out as the year goes along. I am concerned with not landing targets in positions of need in this class so far.

It's a little bit related I think between targets / rankings: We've got a long way to go to get in the Top 50 at this point, and landing our targets would help us get there