KBJ, NAW make All-ACC


Second team for KBJ, third team for NAW

In addition, Buzz got 12 votes for ACC COY, placing second behind Tony Bennett.


First Team
Zion Williamson, Fr., Duke, 350*
RJ Barrett, Fr., Duke, 346
De'Andre Hunter, So., Virginia, 302
Cameron Johnson, Sr., North Carolina, 277
Kyle Guy, Jr., Virginia, 231

Second Team
Luke Maye, Sr., North Carolina, 221
Ky Bowman, Jr., Boston College, 188
Ty Jerome, Jr., Virginia, 177
Coby White, Fr., North Carolina, 171
Kerry Blackshear Jr., Jr., Virginia Tech, 170

Third Team
Jordan Nwora, So., Louisville, 135
Marcquise Reed, Sr., Clemson, 129
Tyus Battle, Jr., Syracuse, 128
Nickeil Alexander-Walker, So., Virginia Tech, 72
John Mooney, Jr., Notre Dame, 71

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Blackshear also 5th in voting for most improved, with 2

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As mentioned in another post, Buzz came in second for ACC COY:

I'm OK with KBJ as 2nd team and NAW at 3rd team. I'm more upset with with Buzz not getting COY. Bennett "met" preseason expectations by winning the conference without having to deal with any real adversity. Buzz "met" preseason expectations by ending up 5th despite three major setbacks. Objectively, Buzz was more impressive but I understand why Bennett won.

If we had beaten FSU and split the series with UVa, Buzz runs away with it.

I don't disagree with the Bennett winning. I wouldn't have disagreed with Buzz winning. The ACC was full of coaches that could have won this year. Watching UVA come out with a team that can score the points as well as stop the points was pretty impressive. Watching our team play crazy defense was also impressive. We also go ran out of the gym in a couple of games we weren't supposed to win but were supposed to compete. Lots of arguments to be made but no shame in losing to Bennett who's an incredibly good coach .

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Zion missing 7 games obviously didn't matter at all to voters

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Zion was a unanimous 1st team All-ACC before the Maui Invitational was over.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Didn't matter for a few games for Bagley last year either

I hate ESPN's love affair with Zion, but even with those 7 missed games, he is still deserving.

#2 in scoring
#3 in rebounding
#4 in blocks
#1 in FG%
#2 in steals

Could they fluctuate with 7 more games? Sure, maybe higher or lower, but if it remained the same... that is a REALLY good season. He is definitely still worthy of 1st team All-ACC

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I think the committee got this one correct

Congrats KBJ and NAW.

I feel bad for jrob who may have been in contention for this list if he didn't get hurt.

I feel bad for jrob who may have been in contention for would have been on this list if he didn't get hurt.


A bit criminal that 5 didn't get all-ACC consideration having dished 109 assists in 20 games (still good for 14th in the conference). His 5.45 apg would have been 1st overall and would have had around 10 more assists than Jerome or Jones. Scoring-wise he was equivalent to Jerome and averaged almost double what Jones was doing. On defense he out-stole Jerome 1.65 to 1.45 spg.

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

While all these things are true 5 played less conference (read tougher opponents) than Jerome. Hate that he got injured and left out but these comparisons are hard to make. He definitely would have been deserving in my book as the best PG in the ACC.

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Ky Bowman >>> Kyle Guy. Bowman is one of the best players in the country as far as I'm concerned. Poor dude gets underrated just because his team isn't good

Man this list is as bad as the on about the marvel movies, I dont think the list makers know anything. Zion number 1 ?!?!?! He doesnt even know how to wear his shoes properly. KBJ is the obvious number 1 pick, only because 5 didnt play for a month so that other teams in the ACC wouldn't get upset at VT winning the ACC.

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